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O hi!

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So, it's been quite a while since my last blog post, and I got tired of seeing those pictures there, so I figured I better update everyone on what's been going on. Since the time I was in Japan (which was waaaay back in Feb) things got a little crazy! Once I got back from Japan, I was then sent to Colorado, DC, South Carolina, and a few places in California. I counted the number of night that I spent on the road in the first 3 months of the year, and it was more than I was home. On top of all that traveling, I also moved. I'm not sure if any of you have ever had to move, but moving sucks. Sucks hard. I had a week to move, then I traveled, I was back for a weekend and traveled again. Needless to say, I had no time to be around here, and I wasn't for a little while. Things have finally calmed down though, the house is all settled, and traveling will continue shortly. In fact, shortly = Thursday. Luckily, I will only be gone for 5 days. That's been my life for the last little bit. I am back now, so look for me more often! On the gaming side of things, not being around has severely hampered my time to play anything. I started Bioshock 2 a while ago, and I'm probably half-way through it. I need to finish that soon. Next on my list is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. I bought that game before the craziness above started, but I am anxious to see where the story leads. I spent plenty of time with AC 2, so I'm looking forward to getting into it. After that, I want to sink my teeth into Mortal Kombat. That was one of those games that I always remember as a kid. When I was growing up, a Game Boy was the only system I was allowed to have until I was able to buy my own, and MK was probably my 2nd most played game series behind Zelda games. I hear great things about MK, and it'll probably look great when played in HD. Portal 2 is also on the list, but not very high up there currently with so much else on the plate. I'm sure that many of you know that I own a couple motorcycles. Well, during the insanity that was my life the last few months, I managed to sell one! Since I'm down to one, I figured I'd spend some money on it, so I ordered a custom exhaust, race ECM, and a few other little mods to make it look sexy. The thing is going to sound like a monster though. I plan on doing a speed-run video on the exhaust change, as well as before and after sounds. Look for that in the next few weeks. Also, California Highway Patrol sponsors a drag day down at Qualcomm Stadium and you can pay $30 to go down and drag race on a 1/8th mile track. You are allowed to race other bikes, and you can take as many runs as you want. A buddy of mine and I went on down and ended up doing about 15 runs. My best time was 1/8th mile in 7.504 seconds @ 103MPH. Completely awesome for my first time at the drag strip, plus the fact that my bike is completely stock currently. I plan on taking her down there again after all the mods are on to see how she does. I can tell you one thing...it's WAY hard to keep the front tire on the ground ;) If you haven't been watching any of the NHL playoffs, you need to be. Spectacular games so far. Comebacks, hitting, intense action, goalies robbing people...it's the best. Red Wings swept their first round opponents and are waiting on the result from tonight's Vancouver-Chicago game 7 to figure out how they play. I hope Chicago wins, because I'm going to be in Detroit this weekend, and they will host Nashville in round 2 if that happens. I will definitely be going to the game if that's the case!! What's that??? NBA playoffs you say? MLB is on too? BORING. Watch some hockey! I think that's enough rambling for now. Hope everyone had a nice Easter (if you celebrate it), and happy gaming!

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