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New iPad!?

Yes or no? I've come to note over the years that you either love Apple, or you hate it. I can tell you from using a friend's iPad 2 that it is certainly fun. There's a game called Plants and Zombies that I absolutely love. It's one of those "tower defense" type games, but adds a new twist to it. If you have an iPad, I highly suggest checking it out. Anyway, new iPad (yes, that's what they called it) looks to be pretty legit. They are calling it a Retina display even though it's technically not. Still, the resolution on the 9.7" screen is better than any 17" laptop can produce currently, so I'm excited to see it in person. 5MP camera isn't bad for those that want to take pictures. I prefer a camera for taking picture, since that's what they are made for, but that's just me. Increased battery size for the new processor and graphics chip (Quad-core from what's reported) keeps battery life at the same times for the new iPad which is impressive considering the new processing power and the amount of energy a 4G antenna sucks. I'm thinking I'll get one, only because I can get no interest at Best Buy for 6 months and spread out my payments, and I've been waiting for the new display for a while.