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Diablo and Wall-E

Interesting combination huh? Well, that's what happens when you don't blog for an entire weekend.

Anyway, we all heard the news...Diablo 3 is indeed coming. I am a huge fan of the Diablo series, and it really is the only Blizzard franchise that I truly love. I'm not a big fan of Starcraft or Warcraft. I'm not sure why, I just never have been. Anyway, the demo looked pretty cool. I'm excited for the new Witch Doctor class, and to see what other new classes we are going to be getting. I'm a big fan of the magic, and I hope there's a badass sorcerer class.. I really interested to see what the story will be like, and what path it will follow as well. If you haven't gone to the movies, or taken your kids to see Wall-E, I would highly recommend it. It was such a great movie. It's amazing the creativity that some people have. The story was fantastic, the humor was well placed, and that was with hardly any voices. Go see it. It's worth the $8 and the gas to check it out in a theater. Get Smart wasn't bad either, but it's not as good as Wall-E. And, I'm back to normal working. The usual Mon-Fri, 8-5 stuff again. It's a routine that's for sure, but I like work better than I like class....especially graduate classes.

48 hours later....

I have made it safe and sound! It was a fun drive. First day I drove from Michigan to St. Louis, and stopped at a friends house and stayed the night. 2nd day, I drove from St. Louis to the Arizona-New Mexico border, stopped off for a little nap, and then continued on until I got to San Diego! Whoo....it's so nice out here, like 80, and sunny, I missed it! Thanks to all those who wished me well, and yes Jody, I did drive the whole thing alone. 2475 miles in less than 48 hours ;)

Road Trip!

So, I'll be driving back to California from Michigan the next few days, so I won't be around. Hope everyone has a good week, and I'll talk to everyone in a few days!

Halo game night!

So, I ended my 3 week gaming hiatus with some supurb Halo 3 action last night in the Community Game Night. To start out I was in Kevin's room, and we had a nice 16-person deathmatch on Sandtrap. It was insane. Vehicles, death, and overall destruction everywhere! I don't know what I was thinking, not gaming for 3 weeks! Anyway, I ended up with around 15-18 kills, and 3rd-5th, somewhere around there. Not too shabby.

After that game, I saw that Don was getting lonely, so I headed on over to his room. At first it was him, Sidburn, and myself, and we played a few matches. I did my fair share of thoroughly whooping on them. Once more people joined, we played some Tank Flag, some Zombies, some bomb matches, and so forth. One game on High Ground, I ran into Don about every 5 seconds it seemed like, and I definitely kicked his ass every 5 seconds! (Promise it wasn't intentional!) Him and his team made up for it during the bomb game, by shutting us out, but hey, I was taking names for a while! Overall, it was so much fun to grab the controller and have at it with GS folk. Even G013M was there! Everyone was pretty sweet in the room, and we had a great time. I wouldn't be against having another Halo 3 night soon! Thanks for playing everyone!

Rumor, or fact?

So, the rumor is that Steve Jobs is going to announce the new iPhone tomorrow. Think it's true? I'm certainly hoping so! I've been putting up with my piece of **** phone for the past 3 months, waiting for this day! If it is announced, hopefully they will be on shelves in the next few weeks so I can get one! Yay touchscreen :D

What's new with me?

Well, it's been like 3 weeks since I last updated you all on what was going on in my life. So, if you care to know, you can read further. If not, I'm sure Drac won't mind swinging some ban hammer around :P Anyway, my school experience has been going well. Current GPA is 4.0, with finals coming up here in 2 weeks. The past 3 weeks have been tests, papers, and random projects, and I have learned a ton. Getting a master's has been a good decision so far. Anyway, one project in particular that we have been working on is a power train for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) or EV. We are making one from scratch, and it has been a ton of fun. Working with 3-phase signal inputs, and translating that into motor controls has been the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. I may end up with my name on a patent for some of the algorithms used to generate the signal :) Work has been work. The same old stuff, different day. It's a bit harder being away, and working from home, but I could get used to it. I'm more of a people person though, and I like working with people. I don't think I could work from home everyday, it would get too boring. Now kind of a sin that I have to confess to you. I haven't touched a gaming device (other than the PC) in about 3 weeks. Now, I know what you are all thinking. I should be damned to hell for eternity. Well, sorry, I have just been that busy. It saddens me really. I think this is the longest I have gone without gaming ever. I do have some plans for gaming though, and MGS4 is right around the corner. I may hold off until then, just so I can spend all my time playing it :D Not playing games has allowed me to do more reading though. I have mowed through several books: A Painted House and An Innocent Man by John Grisham State of Fear by Michael Crichton
The Lucifer Effect by Paul Zimbardo All were pretty good reads, the last one is more a research book by a Dr. of psychology. I would suggest them all to everyone. Last thing before I leave. GO RED WINGS! I am excited to see if they will win the Stanley Cup tonight. I tried to get tickets to the game, but there is no way that I am going to pay $700 to go. I can buy way too many things with that money. Well, that's all for now. I hope you are all doing well!

When it rains, it pours...

Doesn't it seem that way? I can't just be moderately busy, I have to be like super-extra hugely busy. It does get quite annoying. So, if you haven't noticed, that has been the case with me. On top of school and work, last week was even more busy. I had 2 birthday parties, a wedding, mother's day, and all that jazz in like 4 days. My parents flew into town, so I had to have dinner with them. My grandparents were in from Canada....yes, that means another dinner. Anyway, I love hanging out with my family, so that's not a big deal, it just leaves no time for you guys! And with that, I is back! Also, Red Wings are rolling, they won 5-2, and I see a match-up with Pitt on the horizon. Sorry Crosby....no cup for you.

Playing games with someone you know is amazing!

I just got done with about 10 games of COD4 with Jody, and I must say....I had a hell of a time. It's been a while since I had that much fun playing games! I had just got home from the bar, and noticed she was playing, so I figured I'd join up. It's always adds more competitiveness and overall enjoyment when you play with someone you know! (You gotta watch out for her too, she's not just pretty...she's pretty darn good ;)) So ya, it's like 4am now, and I should definitely head to bed, since it's time for church in like 4 hours, but next time you see a friend online, join up and play, and have a good time! (Caddy....one of these days, I'll get in some COD4 with you...and by that I mean you will completely own me, but I'll still try!)