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Unleash the beast!

O wait....I mean Force! Unleash the Force! Or was it Force Unleashed? :? In any case, I am definitely having fun with ridiculous Force powers and killing and lightsabering and all that stuff. I must have played like 7 hours of it today. So far I've only run into a little glitch like twice, so I'm pretty happy with that. That's about it. It's nice to get back to some real gaming, and it seems I'm over 5k on the achievement points! Lucas, you better start playing ASAP!

I didn't realize Palin was such an idiot!

So, I normally don't watch the news, but today was a special occasion. Charlie Gibson (who is good, but nothing compared to Peter Jennings) is in Alaska interviewing the Republican nominee for VP, Sarah Palin. The interview is in two parts, one tonight, and one tomorrow. Let's just say that Palin got owned so hard I'm not even going to bother watching tomorrow, and this doesn't do it justice:  No amount of facepalms can express how utterly disgusted I am with her. Palin is got to be the LAST person I would vote for. She avoided almost every question that Gibson threw at her. He even called her out, telling her he got lost in all the words, and just wanted a yes or no answer. She still didn't give him one. Not only that, but when he asked about the Bush Doctrine, SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS. HE HAD TO EXPLAIN IT TO HER!!!!! Give me a damn break, even I know what that is. McCain is way old, and he must be going senile to pick Palin. If he croaks, we'll be stuck with Palin, and that's not something this country is ready for. I certainly don't want someone with the intelligence of a 12-year old running the place. Guess I know where my vote is going now, although Obama isn't much better... Anyway, I know N3MO is with me....SAY NO TO PALIN!

Friends are badass

Especially those that work at game stores. I love it. Not only can they hook it up with scoops on when games are actually out, but they have wicked discounts. I picked up Orange Box yesterday for 360 for $20 brand new! It's still $30 most places, so that's pretty awesome. It's not like I have a chance to play it at the moment, but I will shortly, so I'm excited. She can't get discounts on new games, but I'll take what I can get! Also, I pre-ordered Force Unleashed and Lego Batman. Can't wait to get my hands on those! Gears 2 is already on pre-order from my birthday (first time anyone's gotten me a game), so that's a steady amount of game play coming up! I'm looking forward to it....it's been a while since I've had a ton of games to play :)

You know what really grinds my gears?!

Games that freeze. Nothing pisses me off more, especially games that don't save within a level. You get through the entire level, spend a good 20-30 minutes on it, are almost finished, and then BAM, progress gone, just like that. SO AGGRAVATING! So yea, that's all, needed to vent. +10 points to the first person who gets the blog title reference.

I can haz return?

I love using the random spellings of words for blog titles. It makes them seem like so much more fun. Anyway, if you can't tell already, I am back from work and the mini-vacation. The non-work portion was fun, and involved myself, my brother, a few friends, drinking, his 21st birthday, more drinking, a trip to San Francisco, more drinking, eating, and yet more drinking. Birthday celebrations are grand! Speaking of which, tomorrow, I actually get to celebrate my birthday. It's only a week late, but hey, it's better than not celebrating! In gaming news, I downloaded the demo of Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Amazing. I've played through at least 5 times, and I want more NOW! Still working on getting myself more time to game, but it seems that's not going to happen for a little while longer. I'm still not making any purchases in order to get ready for Star Wars and Lego Batman, both of which come out next month. So, I have returned, and I bring modlings! It seems we have some new mods running around, which is always nice. I shall do my best to haze them relentlessly, and teach them the ways of the force...Congrats to you guys and gals!

Ahh the wonders of work

We all will eventually have it, a job is needed to survive. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and they are extremely flexible, but today, it pissed me off. Just a little background on my job first. I am a Senior Network Admin, as well as Project Manager for a computer company here in San Diego. We do lots of work around the country as well, which is where some of our contracts take us. There's one in Phoenix that 2 of my people have been working on for about a year. Well, today, they ****ed up so incredibly bad that I have to fly there at 5am tomorrow and fix it. I'll be in Phoenix from tomorrow until Friday. Now, normally that wouldn't piss me off, BUT, Thursday is my birthday. We had the party bus set up, 27 of my friends confirmed for a night of celebration.....NOT! So much for that plan. I will now be spending my birthday with myself, in a hotel, in Phoenix, where I know noone. Yay.... /rant

Ahh the Ice theme...where have you gone?

So, I'm not one to complain usually, unless something really stands out and is worth mentioning. Well, as you all know, Gamespot rolled out their site update yesterday. I'd have to say that I like most of the changes. A few of them bug me, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. One thing that really stands out is the mini-feed. If they switched the tracked blogs with the mini-feed, and collapsed blogs like when the beta was first released, profiles would look way better. I'm more interested in reading blogs from people, not seeing who uploaded images. Anyway, the real reason for this blog is because well, looks like we aren't getting an ice theme. Mailer made this topic about ice, and Don has stated that there is not plans to roll out a theme for us. I accept all the changes they have made as part of the site update, and it will take some time to get used to, but not having an ice theme? Come on. I've used ice for the entire time I've been here, and it looks amazing. How can you get rid of such a great feature? It makes no sense to me. So, I ask you to go post in that thread, add links to your sigs, blog it, do whatever you like (no breaking the ToU :evil: ) to get people to notice that we would like the ice theme back!

There's nothing like riding a motorcycle...

Seriously, there's nothing like it. It's just plain amazing. My friend's birthday was this past weekend, and he wanted to take a ride. So, we met up a few days before and chose the ride we wanted to take, S6 to Palomar Mt. A friend had told us about the road, and we decided to check it out. I found this website that gave a description of the road. It said this: "Palomar Mountain is one of the most favored and challenging roads for motorcycles in Southern California." as well as " It features several very tight corners, lots of elevation changes, and a few decreasing radius corners. The S6 is a road you don't take for granted. It requires your full and complete attention for the entire 7 miles." My immediate reaction was, HELL YEA! So, on Sunday, we took our ride up said road. Let me tell you, it was something else. The first little bit was challenging, just getting the feel for the turns and curves, but after that, we were absolutely destroying that road. We were taking 15mph hair-pin turns at 35mph, and on the way down the mountain, we were killing 40mph turns at about 75mph. About half-way up the mountain there's a guy that takes pictures of bikers taking corners. You can find his website here, which is where I got this baby:  Now, I cropped it down so that it would fit in this tiny blog area, but the full picture is here. I'm looking pretty damn sexy, if I do say so myself! If you can't tell, I'm leaning hardcore right there. My right knee is about 4 inches from touching the ground, and I'm probably going about 50mph. I didn't know that they were taking pictures, or I would have dug in even farther, or tried to pose ;) But, anyway, if you have the time and the money, and don't have a family to provide for, get a motorcycle. I'm single, and I have to say that this is the best purchase I've made. And don't worry about thanking me, because I'll just say I told you so :P

I can haz review?!

So, I've been wanting to take a stab at the reviewing aspect of gaming for a while now, and I found my first victim. Lego Star Wars II, while an older game, is a game that I love, and recently played again. I had played the PSP version when it came out, but found the 360 version at EB for $10 and picked it up. And, without further delay.....here you go. Feel free to leave me feedback/criticism all you like. If you are going to say that it sucks, make sure to tell me why, so I can improve ;)

My Live E3 Gamespot Experience

So, for those of you that don't know, I had a chance to spend a couple days in the Gamespot studio for E3. I obviously jumped at the opportunity to see and meet the staff I've been watching and working with the past 2+ years. I was a little bit nervous going up to LA, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pretty sure I was going to be put somewhere in a corner, out of the way, so I didn't disturb anything. Boy, was I wrong! So, when I got there on Tuesday, the show was already going on. Don came out and got me, and took me inside to the studio they had in the conference rooms at the hotel. It was quite the set-up. They had bean-bags next to an HD Plasma, plus chairs and stuff for people to sit in. Everyone there was incredibly welcoming. The staff was busy all day, yet everyone stopped to say hi, and introduce themselves when they had the chance. The staff also busted their ass all week. Most everyone didn't see what goes on, but basically, people were pulling 12+ hour days. There were editors writing articles from like 7am until midnight, Lark and Dave were causing trouble (by that I mean making sure the E3 page and content was working and uploaded), others were rendering videos to be uploaded, and a whole bunch more stuff that no one sees. Kudos to everyone! I could go on, and on, and on, but I think I'll do this with a couple of lists. Games I will be getting, after seeing in HD: - Gears 2, Dead Space, Red Alert 3, RE5, Star Wars: Force Unleashed (Kevin and I were in awe, and didn't want to stop watching this demo!), Resistance Retribution, Fallout 3, Mercs 2. I have a list of games I want to get, but it just saddens me when I add up how much money it will cost. Things I got to do while at GS's studio: - Eat tons of food, including an ice cream bar :) - See copius amounts of gameplay in HD - Meet and hang out with fellow user Doug and his friend. - Meet and chat with Ted Price, a few wrestlers, Peter Molyneux, Chris Corry, Dennis Dyack, and others - Get a free 15-minute massage - Have Ryan surprise interview us on camera - Enjoy lots of chatroom action in room 1, although I said room 2 on camera. Shout out to Heather! (Damn you GS for starting with room 0!!) - Get owned by Don and his Bionic arm (picture forthcoming) Things I learned about Gamespot staff: - Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable about video games in general. It doesn't matter what platform, or what genre, he knows his stuff! - Homer is absolutely hilarious. His energy and enthusiasm makes all those taped segments that much better. He also swears more than anyone I've ever met :P - Justin has the best accent. - Don....well, he's the question master, what more do you want?! - Kristin has ridiculous stage presence. She was relaxing on the bean-bag next to me, almost asleep one second, and then I turned my head, and she was up interviewing someone like only she can. Simply amazing! (Yes, she is definitely beautiful....no, you do NOT need to keep posting about it) - Mechberg has the best shirts for live shows, there's no doubt about that. - Ryan's two favorite words are: Super Awesome! - Jody is still the queen of Gamespot. Try as they might, even with wigs, her red hair still rules! She also can stop traffic when she dresses up for a party ;) I really hope that I get invited to go again next year. It was a great experience, and I'll make sure to stay the entire time, and possibly even help with the show if I can...maybe....wink wink.... I have to end with a huge thank you to Jody and Don for your hospitality....I'm not even sure if I can say thank you enough. You both rock!