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I now see what the fuss is about

Halo Reach is awesome. I've played a whole 10 matches so far and I can say without a doubt that I like the multiplayer more than 1, 2, 3 combined on their best days. I think I'll play some campaign later tonight, but man this is going to suck all my free time away, and I love it :) EDIT: Damn they upped the game with Legendary. I'm constantly getting my ass whooped...


So, I'm sitting here playing Heartgold, and no sooner did I tell my Steelix to use Earthquake did the entire house start shaking. 6.9 Magnitude earthquake about 40 miles away. Coincidence? I think not... P.S. Nothing is broken, but my TV almost fell :?

Yes, I am still a mod...

Since I've been asked about 300 times, yes, I am still a mod ;) I'm just taking a nice break from the modding, which lets me post more, and do other things around the site I haven't done in a while. The ban-hammer does need some rest every once in a while ;) Anyway, besides that, I've been enjoying the 80 degree weather here. I love winter in San Diego :P Just picked up Mass Effect 2 finally, so that is on the table for my next adventure. I haven't been able to play any games since beating Assassin's Creed II in December. I feel kinda weird saying that, but I've just been too busy. Work has calmed down though, and I'm finally working into a routine! And with that, it's time to enjoy the weather some more! See ya around :)

Achivement Unlocked!!

  I'm pretty proud of both of them. This is officially the first game I've completed achievement wise, and I have to say that I enjoyed every second of it. Assassin's Creed 2 is just a great game. I still haven't gotten bored with it. I didn't look to see how many hours I logged, but it had to have been close to 20. For me, that's kind of crazy, because I rarely get enough time to sit down and play a game for more than an hour at a time. Luckily, we had a holiday not too long ago, and I was able to play for about 10 hours straight. I will say this about the story.....they know how to keep you wanting more! As expected with everything these days, they come in 3's. They best start working on it now, because I don't want to wait 2 years :evil: I never played the first one, until the 2nd one was almost out, so I didn't have the anticipation that I would have, but this time.....I want it NAO! 10,000 is pretty sweet too. I'm always behind on these things. I know a few people with over 100,000, but they better watch out, I'm catching up! ;) There's a few games coming out that I really want to get my hands on, so that will always help the gamescore.

Then there's Diablo 3.....I WANT! Just look at this trailer. Wow. I don't think I've been more excited for a game in a long while, but I hope they get it finished in 2010. I'm tired of waiting! Well that's all for now. Hope your weekend is great, and you get to do whatever it is that makes you happy!


Yea, it's about that time again. Seems like the years just keep rolling by faster and faster. Just yesterday I could have swore it was Halloween. Apparently time flies when you are having fun huh? In any case, I'd have to say that there are a number of things that I am grateful for. I think I'm going to just list my top 3 instead of spitting out a bunch of random stuff. 1) My family and friends 2) My health 3) My job/Computers It's easy to take any of those things for granted. I have friends who are my age (mid-twenties) who do not have jobs, yet they have a college degree just because of the economy. I have a few friends that lost a spouse/sibling/parent this year. I'm lucky that I have been fortunate enough to avoid any of those tragedies. You may also ask why computers is #3, and that one is simple. Without them, I would have no job, and I'd have no clue what I'd be doing with my life right now. We DEFINITELY take computers for granted nowadays. I dare you to not use one for a week. Probably can't do it huh? I know that I can't. So, even though this is a holiday only in the US today, it's nice to take some time to reflect every once in a while. It helps keep things in perspective for you. When you are complaining about that paper you have to write for school, be sure to remember that many many people don't have the opportunity to even go to school. In other news, I'm almost done with Assassin's Creed finally! I'm on the last mission right now. It's only taken me like 2 years since I've had the damn game, but hey, I'm just glad I'm getting to it. Mainly I want to finish it so that I can play 2, which I have bought, but have not opened yet. I've vowed to not wait 2 years to get to the 2nd game. First one is fun, but does get repetitive. No way I would spend all the time just to run around and find all the flags, so I won't get 1000/1000, but I refuse to do "busy gameplay."

You may have noticed my new theme here is red. That's because yesterday I was promoted to Master Moderator, which is a red emblem. Totally unexpected. When I joined this site back in 2006, I had no idea what a moderator even was. It's quite an honor, as it is the highest rank of moderator. With it comes a ban hammer which I will wield without prejudice. So don't piss me off :P Well, I think that's about it for now. If any of you are going shopping tomorrow morning, please be safe! Hope you get what you want. Happy Thanksgiving all in the US!!! :)

I promised a review of Windows 7...

....but I lied to you. Well, that's not totally true. I will post one, but I haven't had the time to really play around with it. Why you ask? I got myself a new toy!!!  She's a beauty! Now, I still have my XB9R, but this 1125R was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. I got half off the sticker price. Now for those of you that know motorcycles, that's cheap as hell. Anyway, I picked it up Saturday, and I've had to baby her for a while, but I finally got past that initial stage. She's running quite well, but I still have about 500 more miles to go before my first service. After that, I can really open it up and check out the power that she has. 146 horsepower and 82ft-lbs of torque.....mmmmmm......... Well, that's what I'll be spending most of my time on. When I get around to checking how Windows 7 is doing, I'll let you guys/gals know ;)

Windows 7

Being the nerd I am, I am installing it now.....took 1 hour to download..... Here we go!!! I'll let everyone know what I think soon ;)

It's time for my launch 360 to retire

That's right all, I still have a launch 360. Now, unlike most 360s I've known, mine has NOT gotten the RROD (insert appropriate prayer here). Granted I haven't played it like a maniac or anything, but I have done my fair share of gaming. For some reason the gaming gods have decided to shine down non-RRODy goodness all over my 360. Recently though, I've noticed that even on new games just out of the box, I've been getting disk read errors when in the middle of playing. Not only do I lose where I am in the game, but it's highly frustrating. I then saw that Dell had a sweet deal going on where you can get an Elite for $250 shipped to your door. Couple that with the fact that Microsoft is now offering $50 mail-in rebates, I just can't refuse. $200 for an Elite??? HELL YEA! So, about 5 minutes ago, I splurged and bought me one. What does this mean for me? 1) Hopefully no more disk read errors 2) LESS CABLES! I can finally get rid of my crap component cables and switch to the good 'ole HDMI. I'm sure that my 52" TV is going to love that :) 3) More gaming......I have an Elite now so I have to right?? I do consider myself a computer expert, and have been for a while. What I am not is a console expert. My question to you guys is does the Elite come with the transfer cable I'm going to need to move my stuff over? Or am I going to have to buy that separately? Here is the linky to the sale page. So yea, I'm actually excited, this is the first time I've bought anything decently pricey in a while! O, and you are wondering what's going to happen to my launch 360 I assume? Most likely it will go to my little brother, who will enjoy it until it decides it wants to fully retire on it's own ;)

I'm a big fan of sweet deals

You know, every once in a while there comes a deal that's just too good to pass up. I recently discovered this when taking a trip to Best Buy. Walking in the door, I immediately went to the games isle to see what kind of sale they had going on. To my amazement, they had buy one, get one 50% off video games. Seeing all the previews, and watching all the videos for the new Batman game, I knew I had to get that one. Snatching that up, it took me about 20 minutes to decide on RE5 for the next game. There were so many choices I could have made, but I've always been a fan of the RE series, so I had to get it. I tell you what though...I'm SOOOO glad to be getting back into gaming. I bet I haven't turned on my 360 in a few months, and it doesn't feel right. So, I'm off to enjoy me some Batman! I'll be sure to tell you what I think :)