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What I don't like about games.

I love games. However, there are bad ones out there. Here are some of the things I don't like about games. Platformers- now these games can be fun but the over use of falling as a game mechanic is frustrating and not fun. If some of you have played Ninja Gaiden for the nes or WII virtual console you know exactly what I mean. Bad controls Nothing can take you out of a game more than clumsy controls I just beat Tomb Raider Legend for the 360 and the controls were OK until you got to the part where you fight the giant snake. There are four levers you pull with your zip line to kill the snake by lowering four giant cages on its head. Every time I went to grab the far left cage trigger with the zip line it would select something else. Very annoying. Bad frame-rate. There was a glitch with Oblivion for the 360 where the frame rate on my console would go into the teens and sometime stop for minutes or crash. A later update seemed to fix it but I really could not get back into the game to know for sure. That brings me to the next point DEVELOPERS DON'T RELEASE A GAME UNTIL IT IS READY. Repatition; games like GTA get away with this one because Its not that bad, most of the time, to replay a mission in GTA because there are so many ways to get to the same goal. Linear games should stay away from the repeat mission or offer many saves with short checkpoints. Bad Story; unless you are playing a sports game the story is very important. Harry Potter and OotP the book has and excellent story. The game was about finding DA members for 80% of the time so the plot got lost.

Keeping an eye on some of these things can help people make better games. What don't you like.