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Facial Feminization Surgery Follow-up

Hello, dear readers!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I'm currently in Thailand recovering from surgery. I've since posted a short follow-up sharing some of my feelings at this still relatively early point in the recovery process on my personal Tumblr. It's not game-related at all so I didn't feel like it made sense to post it here, but I also figured that a few of you might be curious to know how I'm feeling (and maybe how I'm looking). If you're interested, you can find that post here. Thanks!



i know this post is old. but keep in there. and don't worry. all the right people are cheering for you.

 we may be a stranger's on the internet. but just know, that your loyal fans on gamespot, are with you all the way. and remember, there may always be that group of people who shit hate your way..... but there is an army of people behind you.

 good luck, and best wishes.

                                               one of the many who support you. 

p.s. im sorry my grammar and spelling are terrible.