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I loved Watch Dogs

I dont understand the hate for this game. I dont understand why people say Aiden Pearce is a super boring character.

Personally I never bought into the hype for this game... this will sound crazy, but I've never enjoyed Ubisoft games much. In fact, the only one from last gen I enjoyed was the TMNT 2007 movie game they published. lol. So I wasnt expecting Watch Dogs to set the world on fire despite the hype. I figured this game would be a 7.5.

I just completed the game. The credits are literally rolling right now. What a game and an experience. I pretty much played the campaign only and didnt bother with too much side stuff. I enjoyed it, quite a bit. Aiden Pearce isnt the most stand out protagonist but I didnt think he was boring. I just felt like he was a bit of a broken man on a mission.

So anyway. After finishing Watch Dogs... I can say it exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Best game of the new generation so far I'd say. And definitely a better open world game than InFamous Second Son.

Games I own that I need to finish

Bioshock Infinte - Working on it.

Max Payne 3 - Great game but kind of lost interest after buying new games. Will finish.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - I cant stand not completing this lame ass campaign. I feel like I just need to. I really have no idea what the hell is going on with the story because frankly I dont care. Will finish, probably.

RAGE - Lost interest pretty early. Seemed ok, but kind of bland. Sick of FPS's. Probably wont finish.

Mass Effect 2 - Just feel like I dont have the time to dedicate myself to this game and play it the way it should be. To explore the world thoroughly and what not. From what I played it was great, but probably wont finish. 

Starhawk, Saints the Third, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, LBP2, Dead Nation - All PS Plus downloads, probably wont finish a single one.

Enslaved - Seemed good but slow as hell. Everytime you turn a corner the camera pans arounds to show you the next arena you're gonna be playing in. Annoying. Wont finish.

BF3 - Campaign sucked, wont finish.

Demon Souls - I'm a noob and it's too difficult. Wont finish.

There ya have it. Games I own I need to finish. Some I will, some I just cant make myself. I used to be sure to complete every game but damn, it's hard to sometimes. 

I cant get into Bioshock Infinite

I dunno what it is about the game, I cant get into it! At first I really enjoyed Columbia, before I had to draw my first gun... the world was very interesting to me. Then I started gun fights and I lost it. It doesnt seem as realized as Rapture IMO. I'm gonna keep playing it, but damn, kinda disappointed so far.

In other news, just bought Community Season 4 today and the original Batman movie on Blu Ray. Oh, and started Telltale's Walking Dead game and I LOVE it. 

Till next time, this is CJ3456 signing off....

WTF is with Activision's TMNT?



WTF are they thinking? That's the least appealing interpretation of Donatello I've ever seen. Hell, that goes for all the turtles in their upcoming game. I get they're trying to go for a more realistic look but geesh, they all look like Voldermort wearing a friggin head band. 

I'm dissapointed. Finally a NEW TMNT game in HD that can make the turtles look like they did in the old movies and we get.... this. 

I BOUGHT A PS ...p....

That's right. That little 8 or 9 year old handheld that Sony doesnt really support anymore. Why you ask? It was cheap, and I used to have one but sold it, but kept all my games for it. I also got the system and 5 games for 110 bucks. Not bad I thought. From a system standpoint, I dont think it's aged well. But from a games stand point, I really like the PSP. 

You might wonder why I didnt just drop the extra cash and get the Vita. Well, bascially, that's because I didnt want to drop the extra cash. Waiting on a price drop and hell, I got quite a few PSP games anyway. 


Oh yeah, also as you see from the pic, I got Bioshock Infinite. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into that one!

Until next time folks, this is CJ3456 signing off. 

Poor, poor, BF3.

Poor, poor BF3. Seems gamers are demanding perfection from the game, as evident by amount of criticism the game is receiving about it's graphics and gameplay from the beta. Maybe EA is to blame for hyping BF3 as a COD alternative... but I'm so tired of the BF3 vs MW3 argument. I raise my glass to BF3, and wish the game much luck. I had hopes that the MOH reboot would be a worthy adversary to COD, but of course, we all know how that ended... so here's hoping BF3 will do better.

If gamers really want a change from COD, they'll stop criticising BF3 for not being just like COD. You may think Activision is evil, yada, yada, but you should either acknowledge they own one of the funnest and most casual shooters out there, or do something about it and get your shooter fix from BF3 this winter. I personally plan on buying both... but I hate to see BF3 getting ripped to bits for no other reason than it's not COD.

Sorry if this sounds like I'm on a soap box, I dont mean to be. lol.

Resistance 3, my most anticipated game of the year!

Cant wait for this game. Resistance is a very special franchise to me... I couldnt get enough of Resistance Fall of Man, and I couldnt get enough Resistance 2. Resistance 3 is easily my most anticipated game of the year and now I have less than a MONTH to own it! Cant wait for MW3, BF3, Uncharted 3, and a few others... but I've been waiting for Resistance 3 ever since I whitnessed Nathan Hale eat a bullet in Resistance 2.

There's something about the Resistance universe that I'm fascinated by... and I'm thrilled the game seems to be going back to it's roots. A more dark atomosphere with a sense of hopelessness. Game is going to be wicked.


The State of TMNT

I really dont blog alot anymore, but there is something I am excited enough about that I will do so. That is, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles my friends.

Not sure if everybody knows, but TMNT was bought by Nickelodeon last year, with one last hoorah from the original creators being the "Turtles Forever" cartoon movie. Not sure if you missed this or not, but it was a truly great ending to the NEW turtle cartoons as well as a salute to the origins of the Turtles that made them a house hold name. If you havent watched this movie, then you should buy it or rent it.

Moving on, there is apparently a new TMNT movie in development for 2012 which is LIVE ACTION. I am super pumped, and from what I understand, it will be a bit of a darker take on the turtles than the CGI TMNT film released a few years ago. And if you're worrying about the clunky mouth acting of the turtles in this new film, dont be. Apparently the suits and everything will be live action, with the heads and mouths being CGI. Michael Bay is also rumored to be apart of this new film, which has me pumped. An "adult" TMNT would be wicked cool, the closest thing we have to that at the moment is the original 1990 TMNT film.

Also worth mentioning, Nickelodeon will be releasing a new TMNT CGI animated series this year. I'm not sure how close the series will be to the originals, but I cant wait. I am bummed that the original creators wont have any control on the direction of the new series, but I have a feeling Nickelodeon will bring the franchise back into the mainstream, which is a good thing. I cant wait to see what they have in store for the series.

Some might say the Turtles are for kids, yada, yada. But I grew up with the Turtles. Alot of you guys did too. Sure, we know it's fiction, the plot is ridiculous and what not... but the Turtles in my opinion are still bad ass. I still love the original series (although it's goofy) and the movies (the first 2 movies were great.. the third kinda sucked) and the comics. To me, the TMNT are up there with Batman, Spiderman, and Superman.

Anyway, that's all for now. Just a TMNT update. Yippee.

Black Ops Barrel Mission blows

Seriously, the worst level ever. The directions arent clear. They arent even subtitled. I just read online wtf you're supposed to do with the barrels. The respawning enemies are so lame, and it's super frustrating. To add salt in the wounds, everytime you die, you're restarted at the crappiest check point ever to where you have to freaking listen to crappy dialogue again...

Worst level I've played in awhile, and most frustrating too. Freaking Call of Duty.

TMNT: Turtles Forever... kicking it old school baby!

Does anybody watch Saturday morning cartoons? Dont be shy... just a show of hands... BAH! Alright, if no one will go first, I will say it straight out - when I am off - I will tune into a good Saturday morning cartoon here and there.

This past Saturday is the first one I've had off in awhile, so I turned on the TV and what did I see? The 1988 version of TMNT on my TV! Yes, the original turtles, with Krang, the original Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, the original Footclan... ALL THERE IN A NEW SITCOM! There's a catch though, it's just a storyline for the NEW TMNT series. I dont keep up with the new TMNT or anything, but wow, seeing the old turtles on there really showed how superior the old series is compared to the new series. If you wanna watch the trailer, here's the link. Epic indeed. I couldnt beleive it.

And, you might have noticed the old TMNT avatar, I figured I'd kick it old school... and I'm using the old mock HipHopGamer signature... I think I'll devote all my sigs to making fun of him for awhile, and pointing out his idiocy. He's such a moron, he deserves it.

Until next time folks, I'll see you on the forums!