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Hey people....

Hey guys just to get things out of curiosity um people want to know how to contact me well you can contact me at

How i am the biggest reveiwer on the planet!!!

So people have been saying on gamspot that we need a new reiewer!!! So i think its me cuz i give my honest opinion bout games and i have them unlike other people. Like my profile pic i like gears of war so i put the picture on it.(oh and btw if u dont know how to change it just go on options and click on images:roll:) An dright now the biggest gamespot blogger is well gamespot becuz they give there review on every game they can find.

How gamespot is amazing!

Ok i heard of gamefaqs and but gamespot is the best.Gamespot is the best!So i was at the store deciding if i should buy ultimate alliance 2 for the psp.I was looking for the ratings online just browsing. then it sad gamespot.I clicked on it thinking it would help and it did. it sed 3.5 BAD so i thought they were lying. But when i bought it they werent lying sooo thats why i rented it. That gamespot had saved my psp. And me. so no wonder they rate things because its good for us. So thats when i decided gamespot was cool!8) Im guessing now i dont need the accounts for youtube. or maybe i kinda do.For funny vids.But i dont need the accounts for gamefaqs all i need it is for gamespot!