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PSP troubles finally resolved after an all day affair

My psp had a few dead pixels which i was going to try to live with until another batch came in so i kept it since launch. I noticed my 90 day warranty at walmart was about to run dry so i decided to bring it back today since i also got my hori after a month wait. The first one i got had zero dead pixels so i was stoked.. applied the hori after i finally got the psp after 35 minutes of being in line at service desk and when i tried to charge and the sucker wouldnt even charge anymore... The charger input was way loose.. so after another blunt i decided to take that one back.. after 40 minutes in line at the service desk i grabbed another psp.. applied the hori again come to find out i had 4 dead pixels and when i tried to play a multiplayer session of untold legends the thing would loose connection then games wouldnt load up and if they did it was mad serious slow... the third time i went up there it was perfect minus a spec of dust under the screen but i can live with that. I own 10 games for psp.. invested a 199 on a gig duo.. 3 hori screen protectors and now i got a almost perfect psp.. its been a Looooong day..

4-27-05 school is almost up and i will finally be able to enjoy my psp

I read so many threads and articles about dead pixels and was litterally scared to cop a psp but in the end it had to be done. I've had serious bad luck with sony but suprisingly i got a psp witthout dead pixels and started off with ridge racer. I love the psp from the beginning then i had went out got wipeout and darkstalkers then nba then metal gear acid then lumines and now nba streets showdown. The psp is great and my only compalint is my 1 gig stick from sony wont be here to beginning of june thats right over a month from now. Only one more final and its on time for psp.. jade empire.. tekken 5, and all the fps i've been dying to play. i'm taking the summer terms off so i can save up for another term and some serious gaming and chilling with the ladies.

march 17, 2005 a truely sad day

Today was a very sad indded on my behalf for the simple fact last night i purchased Devil May Cry 3 not knowing how much longer my PoS2 was going to last. I bought Tekken 5 knowing that it would atleast read those games a few weeks ago without any doubt since it is one of my favorite series. I played and was addicted to dmc3 for 4 hours last night. I get up this morning and no such luck. It played tekken fine but later during the day i tried tekken and no longer did it read. I was in a dilemma whether on chancing on a third ps2 this gen or waiting for ps3. WIth tekken and dmc3 i couldnt do it not metioning the other 18 or so i games i had. I ended up getting a pstwo with warrany hope this works for awhile. ONe thing for sure no more ps2s in my life after this one i hope the ps3s bluray drives will be better.

march 3, 2006

I havent been playing very much video games in the past few weeks minus the exception of a few games that i havent beat snice i got my xbox. I've just been incredibly busy with school to the point where i havent had the time to bust games and after resident evil 4 came out i got kinda behind in some of my classes which i didnt need to be doing. But i got TEKKEN 5 the other day and wow my playstation hasnt gotten this much use in forever. i mean i recently bought jak2, castlevania lod, and devil may cry2 for 25 but all three of those games didnt get much usage. i did beat castevania lod since i started it when it came out with a rental at blockbuster. Tekken 5 is a great game and i didnt think the ps2 could handle it. When it got home from eb it wouldnt load up and i got the disc read error but i cleaned it with the a disc cleaner. IF my ps2 dies than i wont be buying a 4th ps2 but instead wait for the ps3 after i get a xbox2 on release day.

2-16-05 wed

i wasnt too sure about constantine till i played it and then i bough it. my boy mark was showing me constantine at ebgames today and i had to buy it. The graphics are better than i thought it would be but the art in this game is really nice. I mean how stuff gets thrown around and things pop up is creative. Ive been playing this game for awhile until i got stuck a few times but you just have to think to figure out the puzzles. Check out this game its worth atleast a rental since im not sure how long it is. I had to go ahead and add this good game so far to my collection im in the library of hell now. I fought a wierd boss that i had lots of trouble with but you just gotta hit the king of vermin instead of shoot him when he is in body form but when he disolves into rats and bugs bust out the gat. peep it out. ill be checking out this game for awhile then i'll go back to oddworld sw.

Fri jan 21 05

Its been two days since i've beaten RE4 and i'm utterly amazed by the quality of the game throughout and the challange level. That was the first time i sat there and was addicted to a video game since ninja gaiden or KOTOR for xbox. I dont even want to begin ada's mission or the merc mode yet knowing i wil be behind in college which im paying for this time if i do. I"ve been studying for the last two days. I played from 9 after i got out of my at nutrition and health till 7 the next morning with the satisfaction that i beat one of the tightest games of this gen. IF any you guys who havent peeped it out yet than do so even cop a gamecube if you have to its worth it.

wed, 01-12-05

i didnt have class today and the only i had to do was go help a friend solve some computer problems and go grab re4. I got all my stuff done for my classes tommorow and assisted my boy for a few hours. at the end of the night he threw me 50 bones for helping him out. I told him to keep it but he insisted immediatley i had the notion well lets go cop RE4. I tried to make it to ebgames before nine so i can get a discount on my game but didnt so decided to stop at hollywood video which was right on the way.. they didnt have any copies for sale so i dragged into wally world and bam there it was waiting for me. Im highly impressed with it and im glad i copped a gamcube almost a month ago. Enough of my blabbering its time to get back to the killing.