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Anyone beat the game?

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ok, if you have the game, pls play it and let me know if you can beat it.

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Any one help me?

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Hi Guys,

Pls help me, When I play PS3 version Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 space episode. I stuck in the pic, I'm supposed to continously eat the little blue ghosts for going up, but I can only eat one or two then stop. Pls help me Thanks!

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I feel sucked too.

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I can't add any game into stack any more.

I can not add any DLC into stack

I can not add the walking dead S02E02 into stack. only S02

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The stacks are ok just yesterday. I can view more than 100 games it was just fixed last time. but I open GS today, I find out I can not add any game into any stack. only following. How the hell am I going to use following to save the games I have finished. and I still can not add and rate and DLC into any stacks which GS promise to fix it before E3.

So the designer has to be fired. GS promises to fix all bugs before E3 but It sucks more and more. totally disappointed.

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Awesome. and expect GTA V too.

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Yes It doesn't make sense to be exclusive on X1, Capcom is very poor now.