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V Things I do not want to see in GTA V

Although the wait seems endless, Grand Theft Auto V is slowly getting closer to release. Rockstar has finally revealed that the game will come to consoles in the second quarter of 2013, an announcement fans are undoubtedly excited about. After all, what's new that the company prepared to compensate the agony of those who can not wait to return to Los Santos? Unfortunately, we still have to wait a while longer to find out, as the publisher continues its silent policy regarding details on the fifth game in the franchise, releasing new information in small doses -- to our despair. On the other hand, this does not stop us from speculating. While no novel feature has been confirmed, our expectations lie in improvements around what already exists. For as grand and exciting as the games are, they are not perfect. There is always that edge that needs to be trimmed so that the result is even better. But instead of talking about what I want out of GTA V, I decided to just list the points that I dont want to see in GTA V. You know that one feature that made you twist your face in one of the previous games? Chances are theyre exactly what I want out of what is already touted as one of next years most anticipated games.


Girlfriends and inconvenient friends

We're obviously not talking about your social life outside of video games, but within them. One of GTAs notable features is focusing on a protagonists non-criminal life, showing that they are also people who come out to have fun and meet new people. The problem is when this game disrupts their "work". Who honestly didnt got angry on hearing the phone ring and discover that your friend wants to go bowling or your girlfriend wants to go to a new restaurant at the exact moment you're doing an important mission or engaged in a police chase? Exploring this social side was at times and brought many possibilities, but it was poorly executed. The phone calls that arose in the worst situations, forced the player into change his route to satisfy the character with whom he made a point. We want GTA, not Sims. This does not mean, however, that Im not up for any side-quests. They give life to the world and makes everything more interesting. In this case, Id rather do them any time I want, not when somebody calls me in a middle of a mission. Flirting and hanging out with friends are cool, as long as it does not break the rhythm of the game's central activity.

Exaggerated realism

One of Rockstars secrets on GTAs success is betting on a formula that combines extreme realism with fantastical elements that would never be possible in the streets of real cities. After all, who ever imagined taking a car would be easy regardless of any traffic law? In Los Santos, the police are unforgiving. That's exactly what we do not want to lose in the new game. Some of the rumors surrounding GTA V state that the police will be more attentive. Even "minor" crimes such as speeding or passing a red light will earn you a star on the meter pursuit. Actually, this is an issue that can potentially divide opinion. On one hand, it may be an interesting addition. That would put more realism, so long as the arrest is ordered only if you are caught red-handed. Under these conditions, I wont complain. However, if it happens automatically I still get caught regardless, it can turn frustrating fairly quickly. Much of the fun sandbox-type games is stepping on the gas and destroying everything that appears in front of you, despite what the DMV Los Santos has to say. Half of that charm dies if you are forced to stop in traffic or have to escape the car all the time.

Weapon customization

GTA is not primarily a shooter, even with its extensive list of available weapons. The essence of the series has always been something looser where the fun is you approach a particular situation. That's why customization and equipment evolution is risky. Improving your weapons can be quite useful in other games, but it does not always fit. Think about how often you actually cared about every single weapon used in previous games. Virtually none, right? That's because what makes the franchise so much fun is exactly the uncompromising freedom we have at our disposal. In the end, we do not care if that rifle because 12 or 15 damage, but if he is able to kill one opponent before the police arrive. Risking this approach can make GTA V to approach many third-person shooter games of out there - something that we do not want in any way.


One of the worst trends of this generation is that everything has to have multiplayer. Games that were heavily focused on the single player campaign received an extra mode so you can challenge or collaborate with others. Although some titles like Assassins Creed III have managed to bring something unique and deviate from shooting other people in the face others have not. Rockstar has put multiplayer modes in previous GTA games, but the results were never satisfactory. As much as the idea of putting everyone in town in a huge Deathmatch looks interesting, it is shallow and does not have a lasting impact. That's why, in GTA V, we want a multiplayer thats actually worth investing hours in. The idea of exploring Los Santos in online mode can even be reused, provided that we have different ways to explore the vastness of the map optimally. If Rockstar is able to create something different and implement creative ways to explore multiplayer, Im on board. Otherwise, Rockstar should stick with the single player, a fact that they do best.

Zombie mode

By all that is holy in this world, thats enough! Zombies are cool, but that's no excuse to put them in everything. see it as more of a joke, especially when games introduce "new" modes that arent exactly new. I kindly ask Rockstar to not do the same with GTA V. This basically started with Red Dead Redemption, but because the game entered in a context entirely consistent with the proposed theme.Moreover, killing hordes of zombies can get old fast. The whole infestation has lasted three years is no longer amusing to me., In fact, it is absurd youre to do something slightly different, let the dead out in their tombs and bet on another niche, like dinosaurs, aliens or anything else - but no more zombies!

I could go on about things I dont want in Grand Theft Auto V, but thats where Ill stop. Though I think Rockstar is an exceptional developer, it does not mean theyre exempt in making mistakes. Now that Ive gotten that out of the way, I want to know what features or elements you dont want to see in GTA V. Surely there must be some characteristic you think does not fit the games universe. Feel free to say it in the comments. But what if the studio decides to ignore us and put it all in the final product? As frustrating as it is to say, I'm sure that fact will matter little and we'll buy the game anyway.

Clash of Titans - The infinite war between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3

Comprising studios and executives may have been too good for journalists, but when it counts - with the players - the results seem one-sided. Preliminary sales data point to a sales winner in the struggle between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3: Activision, clearly triumphant with what is described as the biggest entertainment launch in history. the history of the whole entertainment area. Perhaps EA analyzed their first week sales and thought that the performance of Battlefield 3 should have been better, given the huge marketing done to the product. From a UK perspective, BF3 sold less than half of the copies of FIFA 12 for that same period of time, and is well behind the total collected by Call of Duty: Black Ops in itsthe first week of sales. The extent lifetime of sales of Modern Warfare 3 is yet to be knownhave yet to be released, but everything points to an even greater level of success than that of last year?s game.

Electronic Arts has managed to use the brand's marketing to sell within a different style - which may have always been planned. According to sources, BF3 managed to double sales in the first week compared to Medal of Honor and has sold more than all previous Battlefield games combined. This is very good, not to mention an excellent platform for future titles in the series. After all, it is worth remembering that COD did not become an imediate phenomenon - took four years, four games and a new generation of consoles before the series gain traction. Electronic Arts and DICE knows this and almost certainly planned it. Our argument is that the war between these two heavyweights in the FPS genre is not over yet - in fact the fight has only just begun - and gaming technology defines the conflict.

The gameplay offered by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is closely linked to the phenomenal technology at its core. The visual top gameplay combined with a game at 60 frames per second produced not only great aspect but also felt like no other: it was in its arcade aspect of command and response. The combination of this exceptional interface between player and game, along with the mechanical XP, created a great sensation. Infinity Ward and Treyarch spent four years to build and improve the underlying formula. However, the single force of Call of Duty is also a way of its greatest weakness. The changes made in MW3 are impressive - clearly incremental in nature. The performance level of the 360 and PS3 versions have been leveled to some extent, the audio greatly improved by a sound effects system that occur in context with concept similar to (but not as effective) "HDR" audio presented by DICE in its initial work in Frostbite. Lighting and particle effects have also been improved, although the room for improvement here has a set distance due to the tight budget for the rendering.

DICE's approach on consoles is strikingly different. Despite lowering Battlefield 3 to 30 frames on console, obviously affect the input lag, doubling the time available for rendering opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The scheme based deferred rendering lighting allows weaving at a level that is completely different from the IW engine, so hundreds of light sources can be generated at the same time - flashlights, sights, and all particles are genuine sources of dynamic light. Also, although COD still allow different materials to offer varying resistance levels to the bullets impact of, brands and generate over detail of the environments to mark damage, the destruction of the DICE system even allows a protection disappears with the shots, and that complete collapse structures, offering a more realistic and visceral experience - not to mention the opening of new gameplay strategies. At a more detailed level, the engine of DICE allows more players and bigger scenarios, thus opening the possibility for the use of vehicles.

In a way, MW3 plays as the best version of a game within a formula successfully found for the first time in Quake 3 Arena, while Battlefield 3 offers a complete experience. Visually the console versions may be inferior, but all the elements of the main range are there. Each game has its own strengths and weaknesses, essentially summing up to a higher frame rate and response commands against larger maps, more players, and a higher level of fidelity in graphics and sound. But of course, there are many similar points between the two single player campaigns and this is where the games can be compared. DICE chose to highlight the potential of new technology Frostbite 2 with a range of beautifully lit levels, cut-scenes with destruction and a small variety of expanding levels ? that is, maps which gradually grow, essentially, as the game goes on - that are common in the multiplayer portion of the game.

However, much of the campaign is based on the same type of linear gameplay, and pre-set to which COD pioneered and from which its studios are masters, and BF3 simply not compete. DICE also copied the exact concepts presented in COD to switch between different locations and different characters - although in this case the characters did not captivate and not even care about their stories, making their eventual outcomes rather insignificant. The end result is that until the last levels, the design of BF3 feels much like a COD game, but with the ultra-fast response exchanged by characters, and lighting effects in more detail - much less action.

Perhaps the biggest difference between BF3 and MW3 in their single-player campaigns is simply that Activision is much more exciting - the pace and plot is a completely different level. It is a game full of over-the-top action, a constant spectacle that consistently tries to outdo itself by endlessly upping the ante, not at all lending asingle moment of rest or downtime to recover the insanity of it all. So if the first clash between the Battlefield series and Call of Duty resulted in a sweeping sales victory from Activision, what proof exists to suggest that the battle is far from over? What prevents that the same can be repeated in the future? If the conflict of BF3 and MW3 tells us something its that we are dealing with studios and publishers with two very different agendas: the COD studios clearly has its focus at present, while DICE looks to the future. The Frostbite 2 works fine on current consoles, but is built to challenge the next generation. How can the talented Activision studios fight back? This is the battle that we're really anxious to see.

Assasssins Creed 3 Preview

Assassin's Creed 3 marks the first major change in the series since we were introduced to Ezio Auditore back in 2009. After three titles controlling the same protagonist, a new assassin is introduced whose history is set in the United States during the Independence War. You assume the role of Connor (or Ratohnhaké: ton), mixed between the British and American natives who fights the Templars that are disguised among the members of the English Army. A new trailer shows that Ubisoft is ready to change the rules of Assassin's Creed and respond to the criticisms of those who once said that the series was simply repeating itself.


Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

Unmissable, for the third time

Naughty Dog's commitment to Nathan Drake's adventures was a process that has developed in parallel with the accession of fans; driven by strong cinematics and narrative, as well as integrated action between exploration and puzzles. None of this was unheard of when the series walked its first steps, as the inspiration originated from other series such as Tomb Raider and Gears of War. The difference is that Naughty Dog dedicated its time in learning the Playstation 3's architecture, and it surely paid off. With Uncharted: Drake's Fortune released in 2007, in what would be the foundation for a more lively and reinforced series, then two years later with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, it is difficult to think of how Naughty Dog can actually raise the bar even higher with another Uncharted game. The question is: Did they?

The series as established itself as a graphical and interactive component, conjugations that are by themselves sufficient to make any fan of video games fascinated by what they experience on screen. For example, there was a moment we remember with immense satisfaction. It happens in the second game when Nathan arrives at a village in the Himalayas. The incredible sense of elevation in that space is fascinating. Nathan takes a slow pace as a tourist who eventually reaches the high point of the season and feels overwhelmed by the existence of human life in an extreme situation. And while everything seems to develop naturally, the little ones are playing, and among them utter words that you cannot understand. It is the first step that leads us to assess the notion of distance, watching these people work, carved into the mountain with their hardships. It's the sort of realism that makes for a convincing narrative.

If you haven't caught on already, Nathan Drake is the protagonist, an explorer/part treasure hunter. He carries with him the genes of the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake and takes on an adventure no matter how dangerous it is. The hardships, of course, come to him by way of the inevitable conflicts. Since there is the knowledge to secret treasures and artifacts, there are invariably secret organizations seeking the same thing. For the player, that's good. Confrontation means action and action leads to gameplay. Setting-wise it will take Nathan to leave the Himalayas, in favor of the Rub'al Kahli brutal desert heat (located on the border with Saudi Arabia, Yémen and even with the UAE in the Arabian Peninsula).

In Drake's Deception, Nathan Drake and his mentor, Victor Sullivan are up against a new villain, Katherine Marlowe and the organization she leads. Our reluctant hero gets a ring taken from him, a keepsake that once belonged to Sir Francis Drake. This ring actually opens the way to the Atlantis of the Desert, a secular city lost in the desert dunes of Rub'al Kahli. As we play Uncharted 3 for a few hours, we realize that there's not much of a difference between it and Uncharted 2. However, Uncharted 3 incorporates some new ideas in regard to the dynamics of the scenarios, improvements to the melee and gunplay, and also because of a much larger scale of elements like fire, water, and sand technology.

Despite its well-grounded gameplay, the effects caused by these elements are not always enough to mark the cinematic aspect that tends to follow the narrative. Nathan Drake can't choose alternative routes because there are none. It is a character who does not develop and that is constantly put at the mercy of events that seem too scripted and doesn't give the player the fear or dying. Drake is naturally transported to a series of events that inevitably happen, so the experience is roughly similar to its predecessor because that's how the producers wrote it.

Still, there is undeniable merit to what Naughty Dog has done; a full, engaging narrative divided by more than twenty chapters. It's sprinkled with plot twists, combining film and an interactive component to excellent results. It is a juggernaut that shows how effective it is in generating a sense of chaos in an overwhelming scale. The events are so interrelated and interspersed with moments that form a fascinating journey.

Some improvements in the combat aspect are worth noting. However, some simplicity is evident in the system structure. The triangle button allows you to avoid enemy attacks while the square and the circle is used to attack and grab opponents. The fights have varying degrees of difficulty and duration, depending on the thug's size. In some cases it is possible to deliver punches at opponents who are armed with firearms, but there will be other opponents in this category, much stronger and remain completely immune to physical attack, so the only way to defeat them is by another strategy; combination of bullets and grenades.

The environment plays a large role in the action as well. A good example of this dynamic is when Drake and Sully explore the Chateau, a feudal castle in an area covered with leaves and trees. With the building on fire at some point, some wooden walls crumble over time or when you reach a certain point in the level. Players will have to adapt to sudden changes in the environment to survive the outcome. Another example is when Nathan Drake gets thrown in the desert. Sand storms can make things complicated in trying to identify enemies. Your vision gets cloudy, and it's hard to tell where the shots are coming from, and forces the player to go on the defensive. These segments in the game are nothing short of impressive.

In terms of weaponry, Drake can still carry two guns and four hand grenades, which is enough to keep the action in **** There's never a scarcity for extra ammunition though, so you'll likely to get plenty from fallen enemies. Moreover, the walls and obstacles continue to function as safe places, although they are often temporary. There is also a fairly significant improvement to enemy AI. They no longer follow a pattern and work moving through space with some autonomy, sometimes more secure than others. The goal is to get close to Drake, so it's up to the player to use different strategies to progress.

The nature of the puzzles does not differ widely from the ****presented in the previous games. Some require the consultation of the guide that Drake uses, while others require an interaction with objects around the scenario. They do not seem complex though, and you're more than likely to solve them easily. If you want to remove the advantage of these puzzles is best to disable the tips, but it's disappointing they still point out some hints regardless.

It is in the graphics and visual dimension that Uncharted 3 shines most. It's not quite a qualitative leap from Uncharted 2--arguably the high point of the series--from the presentation, character development, and other things. Some facial animations are different; Drake's face is more labored, his face is deeper. Sullivan does not show large differences and Chloe and Elena continue to impress. In any case the locations of the game continue to demonstrate a high degree of fantastic detail. The backgrounds are punctuated by great color, and the transition between dark and light is remarkable to say the least. The description of the sites shows a remarkable work around the house made by Naughty Dog to make a very credible and a more realistic gaming environment possible.

The game's cinematic aspirations also carry over to its competitive multiplayer. The Chateau and Airstrip levels are built to allow different phases with dynamic structures in what is an approximation of what can be seen in the campaign. Among the new game modes, besides the traditional Deathmatch, we have Three Team Deathmatch, which is a variant of the previous game mode and consists of three teams of two players each competing against each other. The other modes are the Free-for-All, in which each player moves on the map against other players.

During online play, you can find collectibles and various challenges, all working to increase the currency to acquire new characters, equipment, perks, and skins. Uncharted 3 also has a buddy system, which is an ideal way for friends to get together and share each other's successes via Facebook integration. They can even donate their treasures to friends or join matches in order to help them rack up points. Uncharted 3 also offers cooperative mode, both online and offline. Hunter and Arena modes translate as a representation of what we saw in Uncharted 2 (horde mode), and can be played up to three players in one session.

With Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Naughty Dog returns to deliver an adventure that touches the quality standards already achieved in Uncharted 2. It returns to enhance the quality of cinematic storytelling, making a guiding element of realism to the entire experience. Sure, there's no significant change to the formula, but it is still a superb experience.



Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo Hands-On

A playable demo of the next game of the famous soccer franchise is now available for download via PlayStation Network, though it's only available so far in the European PSN Store. The Xbox 360 should also get its own demo version of the game, but Microsoft console owners will have to wait until September.

Those who download it to see how the series progresses may hold friendly matches between clubs Manchester United, F.C. Porto, Napoli and AC Milan, or relive the last final of the Libertadores Cup (Santos vs Peñarol). There also is a training mode enabled with small objectives. We tested this demo to pass on to you our views on the development, as well as all the changes and innovations presented in this issue, which has everything to serve as a warm up between sport simulators.

It is true that one player does not take a team to victory. Konami knows this, and with that they greatly enhance the artificial intelligence of the players in this new version. Thus, the chances of getting a goal through a free kick from a more tactical system formed by the computer AI decreases. Something that should only improve with the possibility to control two players simultaneously is a feature available only partially in this demo release. So while running with the ball we still cannot control a second player to pitch a move in dead ball situations (such as fouls and corners). You can, however, move to control a second player who will get the ball, thus facilitating the creation of played in these situations.

Obviously, after a habituation to PES 2012, curiosity has fallen on the brand new "Teammate Control", which allows us to control two players simultaneously. This can be done either manually or assisted. As you would imagine, manually controlling two players is a more difficult task but at the same time more rewarding, because we can enjoy full control of both players. Assisted mode can make it more automated, where you can only instruct a player to run to a particular direction.

After the start of the game, there is no doubt that what stands out is the graphics of PES 2012. Improving from previous versions, this will certainly not disappoint fans of Pro Evolution Soccer. The light effects are very well made and detailed player models, new animations that are glaring. The collisions between players, animations out of the game (referees, coaches, etc.) are far more realistic and give that spirit of a football game. Konami is definitely working well with the graphical representation of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. Continuing the tradition of the series, you can recognize the faces of the players, surprisingly faithful to reality. Thus, stars like Neymar and Alexandre Pato are all very well represented.

However, it's in the gameplay that the main differences compared with the previous versions really stand out. The introduction of Active AI has revolutionized the way PES 2012 is played. As the name implies, the artificial intelligence is always active, which means that something is always happening in the field. Players are now endowed with more intelligence and more informed decisions when it comes to attacking and defensive positions. But what else was even surprised by the positive feeling that the game sends the command when we have hands. The players finally are lightweight and versatile regarding ball control, or take longer to dominate the ball. This new Active AI makes the game faster, more fluid and, in turn, more fun.

Another novelty present in PES 2012 is the dead ball situations, thanks to the inclusion of a system called "Off the Ball Controls". This system offers the possibility of controlling a player of your choice and open space on a defense that can make the difference between a ball in the hands of a goalkeeper and a ball in the net. Other small touches were also added to give more grace to the game, as players seek to collect the ball before the defender. All this, coupled with improvements in artificial intelligence, physics and system impact, shows that Konami has decided that in 2012, the fight for the best soccer simulator will heat up.

After putting the demo through the test, we believe there are still things to tune just as there are more things to say about PES 2012. This, however, will be saved for when the final version is available and determine if PES 2012 will or will not be the best PES ever.


ApocaliPSN: The Great Digital War

A battle against invisible enemies...

What started as just a failure in the PlayStation 3 online services soon became one of the biggest digital crisis in recent times. Since April 20, no PS3 owner in the world can access their PSN account, therefore being unable to play multiplayer games or to purchase products on the PlayStation Store. The cause of everything? Hackers.

After a few days in silence, Sony confirmed what everyone already suspected: the reason for the blackout in the systems was the circumvented security and that someone broke into the company's servers. However, the damage was much greater than originally thought. More than simply ending the diversion of millions of people around the globe, the attack caused the data from all PSN users to leak out in public. According to Sony, personal information such as name, address, date of birth, email, passwords and purchase history were stolen and possibly credit cards were also enrolled into the dance. It was the beginning of an intense battle fought within and outside the digital world.

Hackers have become a major headache for companies and services that work within the virtual world. Banks, for example, have long suffered from fraud cases instigated by these individuals, as well as several other institutions have their privacy systems violated for many different purposes. It is the so-called "cyber-terrorism we have become so familiar with in these modern times, where attacks are made at long distance and hidden in the secrecy--and it's all done by the computer screen. Until now, nobody knows exactly who raided Sony's servers or why. However, there are still many questions to be answered by it; just look at recent events involving the company to realize that the battle was imminent.

The battle began with the hacking of the PlayStation 3. After keeping the pirates away from the console for years, the codes that were once thought to be impregnable were finally discovered. The responsible was George "GeoHot" Hotz, also famous for having broken the locks on the iPhone. Of course, Sony would not let this matter pass and then proceeded to take legal action against GeoHot. The company's legal decision was the trigger for the riot, as hackers around the world understand the move as an affront to freedom and GeoHot transformed into sort of a martyr to the cause. The reasons why the company embarked upon Hotz are obvious. Besides having exploited a flaw that allowed the use of pirated games on the PlayStation 3, he was the only one to show up in the whole story. This caused him to become the perfect target for Sony and if he were punished, it would be the perfect example showing that Sony isn't joking.

While the case against him was rolling in the courts, the fight was starting in the streets. Hackers have come together in groups and were preparing to attack. fail0verflow, for example, threw the bomb spread the methods for those who wanted to use them - an effective way to undermine the "adversary" in the pocket. Anonymous, the most emblematic warriors of the whole struggle--and also as the name suggests--they hide behind the mask to act and declare war against the PS3 manufacturer. Represented by the mask of Guy Fawkes, they began a series of attacks towards PSN.

As much as the service has not dropped any time during these assaults, they were perceived by those who tried to enjoy their time online, since the connection was unstable. However, even without achieving the desired success, attitude served to show that, if done well, these actions may go unpunished, trying to impose a will or thought on the basis of fear. To put it simply, this is the definition of terrorism. The term is already well known to us since a decade ago we've heard about bombings and other things which helped consolidate the idea that, for this type of attack, you cause physical harm.

However, there is no need for explosions and killings to actually define terrorism: Just stimulating fear to induce people to do exactly what you want. And what better way to do this with a business rather than exposing their security weaknesses and getting personal data of millions of people around the globe? As stated earlier in this article, what began as a simple failure proved to be something more serious and caught people's attention around the world. According todataloss DB, data leakage from Sony is already the 5th largest in history. The difficult part about it is that these hackers just have not had access to personal information of the PSN users, but also the number of all credit cards registered in the system - about 10 million, said the company's president, Kaz Hirai. The official announcement following that brought safety concerns and raised endless question, filling the internet in a short amount of time. With this, the PlayStation maker has created aFAQ pageto soothe the souls of desperate users.

Of course, soon after the statement that hackers broke into the database and stole millions of PSN data, the hunt for the culprits would start. The name of George Hotz returned again to be named. After many legal fights with Sony, GeoHot went public to swear innocence. According to him, to exploit flaws in a system is different to disrupt an entire community. Not to mention that after all the trouble he got into due to the release of the PS3, it would be illogical to find a new fight even more serious. On the other hand, he also hasn't lost the opportunity to snipe the internal adversary. After stating that he would boycott all products of the Japanese company, Hotz said that the real culprits of the current chaos came from company's own executives' faults--the ones who truly started this war. As for the hacker, they should have hired security experts rather than lawyers. A similar situation occurred with Anonymous, the group that had attacked the PlayStation Network earlier. In its official website, they immediately claimed they were not responsible for the attacks and say that Sony is trying to use the fame as a scapegoat for their internal problems.

Source:AnonOps Communication

It's not every day that more than 70 million users' personal information fall illegally on the Internet - mainly originated from a database invasion of a major electronics companies in the world. The various rumors that have arisen as a result found in the fertile ground for doubt has spread and increased the suspicion about the official announcements from Sony. One of the most terrifying rumors, for example, was that it was possible to find the stolen list for sale on the black market and that it was even offered to Sony, which has refused to buy it. However, the company issued a statement saying that this assertion is false.

However, this did not prevent the company to be the target of some criticism by consumers, press and even people from the United States government. This is the case of Senator Richard Blumenthal, who was keen to send a letter to Jack Tretton, president of the American division of the brand, to demand transparency and speed up the time to communicate users on matters of extreme importance.

Blumenthal was not alone in questioning the delay in informing the players.Gamers Voicealso showed dissatisfaction with the delay for new officers. In an interview with Eurogamer, they claim that the fall of PSN is something sad, but the leak is of concern and there should be a major concern in keeping customers inside of what is happening. Like any kind of negative news, the PSN's invasion had a connection in Sony's pockets. On the day that the announcement of the stolen information has been published, the company's shares fell nearly 5% in Tokyo stocks.

That was not the only damage caused by hackers. According to thePonemon Institute,an expert in digital privacy, Sony is expected to spend about $ 24 billion on professionals to investigate the case. In an interview with Forbes magazine, the institute's spokesman said the high price just happens through the large number of registered accounts.

Developers can also suffer financially from the problem, especially by the time the PSN is down. An anonymous developer toldVirgin Mediathat it expects a 5 to 10% drop on digital content sales. Not to mention the smaller devs, whose only way to offer their games is at the PlayStation Store. The schedules of many of these software houses had to be changed because of the blackout. As there was no update last week, several projects were postponed, including the alternate costumes pack for Super Street Fighter IV, which now has no date set to be released.

In addition, several less-known games will now have to compete for visibility with larger projects. It may seem irrelevant, but makes little difference in the marketplace, given that the struggle to draw consumer's attention will be even more intense. In contrast, Sony has said it will help spread some of these games to compensate the time offline.

Many players took advantage of the time that the PSN is down to play offline games. However, not all titles allow this option. Games like Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Final Fight 2: Double Impact requires that the user is online, which means that they are also unavailable since PSN is down.A situation that's even more critical is the MMO's from Sony Online Entertainment, who had their service suspended for the same reason. Free Realms and DC Universe Online are some examples. The question is about the sign up system: will there be some sort of compensation for those who paid the fee and cannot play? Even the comments in the official blog went into the PlayStation game, because you must use your own account details to express your opinion, and nobody else can log in to use this feature.


Sony CEO's Kaz Hirai gave apress releaseon Sunday to explain the situation and presented the plans to rebuild the network. He said the service should return soon with some bonuses: PlayStation Plus will be available to all users for a period of 30 days. Additionally, Hirai was keen to stress that the safety of the "new PSN" is further strengthened and ready to offer maximum privacy to its users. Not to mention the rumors that the company would be releasing new development kits for the studios to adapt to the software ribs designed by the Japanese giant.

Although we are close to the return of the PSN that does not mean that the battle against hackers is over. As previously mentioned, no service is completely invulnerable to attack, which forces companies to constantly invest in data security improvements for its users. Moreover, the hunt for those responsible for PSN's tragedy also expected to continue - especially with the intervention of U.S. federal agencies. Although the capture of these individuals can not represent the end of this practice, this does mean that large companies are aware and are struggling to protect the personal information of its users. On the other hand, it may simply create a new GeoHot and transform the invaders into martyrs for a cause, restarting the whole process from scratch.

How will be the next game in the GTA series?

Several people already know that the Grand Theft Auto franchise do damage to the world of video games. The last major title in the series, GTA IV, was regarded as one of the more expressive of the videogames entertainment and has sold over 17 million units around the globe. Remember that the latest game was released in April 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version appeared a few months later. Not to mention that Take-Two Interactive also successfully launched the two expansion packs for the fourth edition: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Thus, this effect has opened way for some clues regarding the emergence of a fifth game.Rockstar has already confirmed the development of a new title, but little is known about what will be shown in the next GTA.

* Where the game will be set?
* Who will be the main character?
* What is the release date and what are the target platforms?
* What are the news related to items, weapons and vehicles?
* In general, what the main changes compared to previous games?

Many critics made comments about a possible announcement of the fifth title. But there are clues that seem to point out the emergence of a new game in certain scenes of previous titles.SPOILER ALERT:Certain sections below may have compromising information about the expansion The Ballad of Gay Tony. If you do not want to spoil the game, do not read the next two paragraphs.

In TBGT, there is an advertisement - a part of Star Junction seems to indicate the future of the series. In addition to displaying the sentence "Liberty City, it's over!",comes the expression "Next Stop" ...

Moreover, the end credits of TBGT illustrate a scene in which Packie McReary arrives by taxi at the Francis International Airport. The character comes out of the vehicle and walk to the terminal with a bag over his shoulder. Does this indicate that McReary will appear in the fifth game?

The confirmation of a new GTA was made in November 2009 by reports of Dan Houser (Rockstar cofounder) with The Times. "We need to think of a city first, then the characters " said the developer.

In March 2010, the analyst Mike Hickey - Janco Partners - predicted that GTA V would be done before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2010. However, the prediction was not correct because Rockstar Games did not attended the event in Los Angeles due to "time constraints".In May, it was leaked in the web in the form of a list of games to be released during E3. Many were excited about the false set of games, since the name "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2" was among them.In June, an editor of site TheBitBag said having listened the words of one Rockstar's tester. According to the editor, was told that Red Dead Redemption was taking a long time and were already occurring practical experiences with GTA V. True or false? Nobody knows, but it is plausible the idea that certain parts of the new game are already in test phase.

One of the most intriguing rumors was a dialogue that appeared in VG247 on July 27, 2010. On occasion, it was understood that the scenario for the next game would be Hollywood, Los Angeles (or Los Santos, as appears in San Andreas).It is interesting to note that, shortly after, the folks at Eurogamer got curious information from the community through an independent source. Reports indicate that Rockstar definitely related sites are investigating the Hollywood area. The developer did not comment about that speculation.

There are some gamers and critics who still nourish hopes regarding a possible release date this year. Even Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan , said in 2009 that the fifth title would be released in 2010, but the year is coming to an end and no official announcement was made.Red Dead Redemption was a great project ... already ended. At the time Rockstar is working on Agent, an exclusive game for the PlayStation 3 users. Therefore, it is difficult to say that the developer is fully dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.Thus, it can be said that GTA V can appear before 2012, but there is no way to be more specific and indicate a precise date for the launch. As for the target platforms, common sense suggests that the game is available for the bearers of the current generation of consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and beyond, to PC users.

Many people make suggestions when a new edition of a well-known series is underway. Sometimes, certain proposals are somewhat absurd (such as the presence of aliens in a football game), but many concepts are valid and arouse the interest and fans curiosity.The following list includes some relevant ideas that could be part of the next title in the franchise. Curious proposals when applied by developers at Rockstar Games would leave the new GTA even more attractive, intriguing ... and fun, of course.

It is curious, though, in raising a surprise possibility. What do you think about participating in shootings, robberies and harassment in a steampunk setting? Participate in such contracts in a realistic city, but full of futuristic elements?This may hurt the purists, but it remains an idea, at least, interesting. Rockstar could attract more players with a mix of ideas in the next chapter of the franchise. Unleash your imagination and visualize the following scene: you're a young cop (around 20 years old) and your mission is to protect citizens. Contrasting with GTA? Sure, but it remains a curious alternative.There are fans who expect a plot transformation or at least the way with which this story would be portrayed. Rather than acting as an outlaw, the player could ensure justice in the streets chasing bad guys. It is clear that, to become an immersive experience, would require a good deal of violence, as happens in other titles of the franchise.Another distinguishing factor would be greater freedom in the plot direction. The ability to pick your destiny. For example if you fail a mission, a single path would be released, other than the path taken if success were achieved in that endeavor.

Finally, developers satisfy hundreds of fans to submit the return of the use of aircraft ... With more freedom, obviously. Destroy everything with powerful aircraft, causing spectacular explosions would not be a bad idea.Exotic Cars also consist of a respectable addition. There could be more fast cars existing in real life so that players could walk the streets and alleys with a lot of speed.Bizarre weaponry, personalization in weapon sets and other aspects, cycles of changes between seasons, new fight animations and shootings, the so popular quick time events, more options for buying / trading builings,stores,etc ...

Feel free to comment below about Grand Theft Auto V, a much-awaited promise worldwide.

Guinness lists the 50 most prestigious characters of all time

The Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition 2011 highlights the 50 most acclaimed figures in the history of video games. The list was compiled based on the votes of more than 13, 000 readers, in which the results included many famous characters – heroes and villains alike – that have spanned more than 30 years of gaming history.The list records the names of the characters, the franchises in which they appear in, the company that owns the particular franchise(s), and the year in which the character first appeared. As expected, the iconic, mustachioed plumber Mario topped the ranking. Another one of Nintendo's stars came in second place; Link. The full list can be viewed below:

Mario (Donkey Kong, Nintendo, 1981)
Link (The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, 1986)
Master Chief (Halo: Combat Evolved, Microsoft, 2001)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear, Konami, 1987)
Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII, Square, 1997)
Pac-Man (Pac-Man, NAMCO BANDAI, 1980)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider, Eidos Interactive, 1996)
Gordon Freeman (Half-Life, Valve, 1998 )
Kratos (God of War, Sony, 2005)
Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA, 1990)
Crash (Crash Bandicoot, Sony, 1996)
"Soap" MacTavish (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Activision, 2007)
Nico Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games, 2008 )
Samus Aran (Metroid, Nintendo 1986)
Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank, Sony, 2002)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Sony, 2007)
Captain Price (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Activision, 2007)
Kirby (Kirby's Dream Land, Nintendo, 1992)
Marcus Fenix (Gears of War, Microsoft, 2006)
Pikachu (Pokémon, Nintendo 1996)
Yoshi (Super Mario World, Nintendo, 1990)
"CJ" Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar Games, 2004)
Mega Man (Mega Man, Capcom, 1987)
Sam Fisher (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Ubisoft, 2002)
Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2, SEGA, 2001)
Jak (Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Sony, 2001)
Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem, Apogee, 1991)
Dante (Devil May Cry, NAMCO BANDAI, 2003)
Naruto (Naruto: Konoha Ninpoch, NAMCO BANDAI, 2003)
Altaïr (Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft, 2007)
Zelda (The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, 1986)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix, 1997)
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong, Nintendo, 1981)
The Prince (Prince of Persia, Broderbund, 1989)
Ezio (Assassin's Creed II, Ubisoft, 2009)
Leon Scott Kennedy (Biohazard/Resident Evil, Capcom, 1996)
Ash Ketchum (Pokémon, Nintendo, 1996)
Guybrush Threepwood (The Secret of Monkey Island, LucasArts, 1990)
Spyro (Spyro the Dragon, Universal, 1998 )
"Ghost" Riley (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Activision, 2009)
Goku (Dragon Daihikyoe, Epoch, 1987)
Max Payne (Max Payne, Rockstar, 2001)
Jill Valentine (Biohazard/Resident Evil, Capcom, 1996)
Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros., Nintendo, 1985)
Larry Laffer (Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Sierra, 1987)
Augustus Cole (Gears of War, Microsoft, 2006)
Bowser (Super Mario Bros., Nintendo, 1985)
Eddie Riggs (Brütal Legend, Electronic Arts, 2009)
Ryu (Street Fighter, Capcom, 1987)
Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet, Sony, 2008 )

It is also interesting (and surprising) to note that other notable characters like Luigi (Mario's brother), Scorpion (Mortal Kombat), Big Daddy (BioShock), and the titular Lemmings do not appear on the list. Nintendo dominates the ranking, hands down, simply because 11 of their characters (out of the possible 50) made the list. Other publishers such as Sony and Capcom came up with five characters each.

Gaz Deaves, editor of Guinness World Records Gaming, had this to say:

"The world has seen so many characters in the history of video games that asking for our readers to suggest only 50 has been a challenge. Some of the choices on the list are obvious, others are a surprise, but what is guaranteed is to make gamers talk about their favorite characters."


I was away? Not really...

It's been quite a while since my last blog and I thought it was a good idea to give you all an update about my recent activities. Played a few old games, bought a few new games and wrote some previews about a few upcoming games. Without further ado:

Games Purchased:

Dirt 2

NFS: Shift

WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Demon's Souls



Games on the waiting list (To be yet completed)

The Saboteur

Dead Space

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

...and probably a few more...


Tips and Tricks to become a good FPS player


LitleBigPlanet 2

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

As you can see, I am not dead. :)

DLCs: Extra packages or extensions for games?

DLC is a very expressive term when it comes to providing additional content through an online network. It stands for Downloadable Content and illustrates the package of extras that are released to players via the respective online channel of each console. There are cases, of course, in which the DLCs are also grouped with the original title and distributed in the form of physical disks, as in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Remember that distribution channels via the Internet are becoming increasingly ratified as the means of buying not only to DLCs, but full games, movies and other content. It is hard to deny that the "digital entertainment" is evolving in a frightening way. So the ideal way of releasing an extra game is via the internet. In some cases, additional content sets have so absurd sizes that are considered by many people as true expansion packs. Want an example? How about The taxidermist, Heavy Rain? This is actually an expansion available as a DLC as it offers many new features and covers a chapter of Heavy Rain Chronicles. Even short (20 minutes), this plot has five different endings.

Investment? Profit?

From a less consuming perspective, the story changes. Observing the DLCs on the side of developers and distributors, there are many factors that must be considered. Is it really worth it to offer new items, game modes, extra fans in general for a game? The cost / benefit analysis, some times, does not pay. Okay, there are occasions where the extras are ready, however, put them together perfectly in the context of the game without creating new problems is not an easy task. Bugs were always the main enemies of the developers, right? When it comes to one successful franchise, it is easier to trow extra attractive DLC and inviting newcomers to know about it. Just a few items or new challenging game modes? Whatever, because the success of the original title has been previously established donot depend on DLCs to advertise the series.

Guitar Hero, Rock Band ... franchises that typically offer extra content, usually new tracks from famous artists. Weekly, the staff at Harmonix offers diverse challenges in the form of various songs for those who have mastered practically all the original tracks of rhythm games. Mass Effect 2 and Cerberus Network are also great examples. The access code to the Cerberus Network comes together with a copy of the game and, once the player records the number in the game there are free updates when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Kasumi's Stolen Memory costs 560 Microsoft Points (560 BioWare Points on PC), all Alternate Appearance Pack costs 160 Microsoft Points (160 BioWare Points on PC) and packages Squad Picture Pack 1 and 2 (exclusive for Xbox 360) cost 80 Microsoft Points each. Interestingly, Cross Edge is a title that was so well received by critics and RPG fans, but the amount of additional items is impressive. Several packages of items can be purchased by those who approved the work of NIS America. Since ideas about extra features for a famous game began to grow wildly, a new possibility always comes in mind: A new game? In this case, developers must know how to work the ideas in an unique way in order to differentiate the new title from previous games of the series.

Always optional, thankfully

Few items and no significant addition? So low price, please. " But if there are new game modes and extras that really add surprising challenges to the formula already known, the financial value increases. Extra. Therefore, there is no need to stress and chasing the DLCs for fun. Just buy the original game, which in theory is enough. Except that, returning to the initial thought, it is important to seek additional content if you missed something during your time playing the game. The extras are increasingly large and attractive. Thus, companies end up poking people, and the player who is not fully satisfied with the game has the option of sending some money to the companies responsible for the title and have fun for more time or ... Be happy with the original content.

It is crucial that DLCs have a close connection with the original game. For several more that are the novelties presented, there can be no doubt as to the connection of extras with the initial formula. It is extremely annoying to spend money on additional content that have nothing to do with the game supposedly related to them. Worse still is burning money - virtually, in the case - with bonuses that add almost nothing to the experience. By purchasing a DLC, the gamer must always be aware of the contents of the package and not to be disappointed with new items, either in quantity or intensity. When spending becomes an investment, is a beauty to try the new content created by developers. This is the case of Episodes of Liberty City, a title that covers two DLCs (The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Tony Gay and can be played separately from Grand Theft Auto IV. Less in the pocket, but lots of fun ahead.

The Future?

There is no way of knowing, of course, as will be the future of DLCs. But reviews of major figures in the world of gaming trends show that there are alternatives for the distribution of extras. In an interview with, the president of Epic Games has made some interesting predictions. Michael Capps believes that the extras of the future may be conveyed to consumers that buy or rent used games. Capps said the main dealer of Epic games has a higher profit in the second hand market. Thus, he says that some developers are planning to charge $ 20 for those who buy an used game that consumers used to unlock the full game. The title would be reduced to a demo version if the release was not effected. The DLCs in this case would be mandatory for those who just want a demo. But this is only a possibility which focuses on the used and rented games. Only time will tell how the extras will be distributed and what new types of additional content that developers can create.