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Worst Videogame Item - Blue Shell

Nintendo...who have brought us amazing games like Super Mario 64, Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country are also responsible for one of the worst items to ever be created in a videogame PERIOD.

Before the days when gamers flamed infinity ward for adding deathstreaks which 'aided' the weak.. was a period of gaming when nintendo decided to punish skill and talent so that the weak would stand a chance against the onslaught they would otherwise face.

This item is capable of turning the tides incredibly quickly in a race. About to cross the finish line in first place? See that blue shell coming for you? Well.. enjoy 7th position. This has happened heaps of times to every mario kart participant since the 64 era when the blue shell was first introduced, marking the decline in the series in only the second entry. Since then they have been in EVERY SINGLE entry, marking mario kart as one of the more recognized games where the F Bomb has been said in quick succession.

The rage which the blue shell brings could have been remedied if only there was ANY item which can counter/nullify it, like a shield of some sort. But the only 2 things you can do to not get his is either suck at mario kart or sacrifice yourself by purposely jumping out of the track and reseting yourself. Even a complete novice who is in last place with no chance of coming first has the opportunity to **** your race up by throwing a blue shell and still not get out of 8th place.

This item has no place in Mario Kart and has no place in video games.

Sony Smash Brothers

Proof that Sony has the franchises/characters has the ability to create a Super Smash Brothers Clone from a variety of games they have produced

1st Party combatants:



1 - wrench
2 - blaster
3 - suck cannon (Can shoot enemies out of ring)
4 - sheepinator



1 - the time key thing (see pic)
2 - time bomb (slows down section which bomb gets thrown)
3 - summon zoni
4 - transforms into mechClank

Spike (ape escape)


1 - stun club
2 - hollahoop (rebounds off walls?)
3 - Slingshot
4 - Sky Flyer

Monkey (ape escape)


1 - wild punching
2 - banana peel (throw it , or plant on ground to make opponent slip)
3 - rockets (long range)
4 - machine gun (short range)

Specter (ape escape)


1 - homing laser
2 - shield
3 - summon random monkey
4 - Fly



1 - use weapon
2 - change weapon (claws of hades etc...)
3 - use God power
4 - change God power (zeus bolt , poseidon rage etc..)
5 - golden fleece (rebounds projectiles)



1 - sword
2 - flames?
3 - summon mythical creatures
4 - Transformed Ares (different moveset)



1 - claws of hades
2 - Invisibility
3 - steals enemy "soul" , drains enemy health
4 - summon souls (attack enemy)



1 - thunderbolt
2 - levitation
3 - teleportation
4 - thunderstorm



1 - heavenly sword
2 - changes heavenly sword form
3 - shuriken
4 - bow and arrow



1 - slap
2 - paintinator
3 - jetpack
4 - copies enemy appearance and takes a move of theirs or two (similar to kirby) , we have all seen the different costumes sackboy has ;)



1 - throws spears/arrows
2 - charge attack
3 - prayer (heals patapon)
4 - summon pata...pi?

good Cole/evil cole


1 - Amp
2 - electic bolt
3 - electric wave (pushes enemy back)
4 - Turn Good/Evil (moveset slightly changes)

Vampire Cole


1 - steak
2 - electric shock
3 - flight
4 - summon electric bats? (lol dunno)



1 - electric bolt
2 - ground tremor
3 - lightning hook
4 - teleportation



1 - cane
2 - smoke bomb
3- super jump
4 - speed



1 - wheelchair spin
2 - crossbow (sleeping darts)
3 - wheelchair smash
4 - bomb



1 - generic punch
2 - ground slam
3 - ball form
4 - thunder flop



1 - melee attack
2 - morph gun
3 - gun staff
4 - eco power

Dark Jak


1 - claw
2 - dark blast
3 - giant dark jak
4 - dark strike



1 - spin attack
2 - spray gun
3 - electric bug swatter
4 - flamethrower

Gabe Logan


1 - CQC
2 - Taser
3 - machine gun (short range)
4 - sniper (long range)



1 - gravity kick
2 - fly (limited time)
3 - gravity strike
4 - throw random objects

Sir Daniel Fortesque


1 - sword attack
2 - throw head
3 - Golden shield
4 - lightning

Parappa the Rapper


1 - Dance?
2 - ??
3 - ??
4 - ??



1 - Pole attack
2 - stomp
3 - belly roll
4 - power up

Ultra-V (war of the monsters)


1 - melee attack
2 - Long range grapple
3 - laser beam
4 - thrust

Congar (War of the Monsters)


1 - Ape smash
2 - Roar
3 - Ground smash
4 - Roll attack

Sorcerer (Sorcery)


1 - ice power?
2 - fire power?
3 - water power?
4 - summon?

Fat princess solder (Changing hat / changes movelist)


1 - generic melee attack
2 - range attack
3 - fat princess cheer (boosts stats)
4 - change hat (changes moveset)

Jen (Primal)


1 - blades
2 - switch demonic form
3 - Scree summon
4 - demonic special

Rudy Roughnight (Wild Arms)


1 - wild punch
2 - prism laser
3 - summon guardian
4 - Hand cannon


3rd Party combatants:


Movelist: (bowser clone)

1 - fire ball (long distance)
2 - flame (short distance)
3 - spin attack
4 - ground stomp


Movelist: same as brawl

Crash bandicoot


1 - spin attack
2 - stomp
3 - tornado spin
4 - aku attack



1 - flames
2 - head ram
3 - fire ball
4 - flight



Not sure?


Assist Trophy:

Gon - shoots a fireball across the screen
Dr Nefarious - Unleashes a laser beam from a robot he is controlling
Captain Qwark - 2 things , either shoots a dud from his laser pistol or will "kung fu" whoever contacts him
Killzone mech - thrusts across screen horizantally shooting rockets
Killzone sentry bots - hovers one spot in the level and shoots machine guns
Colossus - Slams level shaking the screen disorientating players
Drake - Swings onto Opponent "paralyzing" him/her for a short period of time
Chimera - 3 Grim waves , light damage to player
Hale - shoots bullseye tag onto enemy then barrage of shots get fired (dodgeable)
Patapon - throws spear
Wipeout Racer - Quake (Shockwaves across the ground)
The swarm from Resistance
- player must avoid at all cost otherwise instant KO (dodgeable)
Starhawk/mech - swoops level with light machine gun damage then transforms in mech attempting to stomp players
Sweet tooth - hunts down players with motocycle / flaming chainsaw OR has icecream truck mech
Gabe Logan - laser sight moves around screen randomly firing
Demolition derby - Cars come from left and right of screen and collide in each other, causes explosion middle of screen.
Chameleon (resistance) - Invisible (with barely visible outline) , instant KO if player touches
Eyepet - shameful copy of nintendogs assist trophy
Fat princess - rolls across screen (can flatten player making them impossible to jump, move fast)
Dragon (lair) - light flame damage , damages all
Monster truck (motorstorm) - flattens players (same as fat princess)
- slaps ground , shadow is visible to see gap where the ground wont be hit by the hand.



Race Pitstop (GT) - race happening in background...every minute or so a car will drive onto the screen for a pitstop (Causes damage if hits a player)
Great Clock (ratchet) - Has time manipulation switch which favours player who activates it?
warhawk/starhawk (air level) - number of war/starhawks are fighting in the air, players must jump from 1 to another not to get KO from falling
Helghast level - hazardous air (time limit level)
Ape escape level (monkeys in background goofing off)
Ape escape level (hazardous level)
Hades River styx - platforms above ground, avoid ground (which is actually the river)
Mount Olympus - standard level (gods in background cheering/booing)
- must manoever ontop of a titan and must avoid it trying to crush you
Shadow of collosus - similar to titan however it doesnt try and kill you...must manoever to the top
Uncharted train level - levels moves to different areas horizantally
Uncharted level - shambhala bridge (which gets destroyed throughout the level)
MGS level - shadow moses island
MGS level - snake vs liquid location (mgs4)
LBP Level - platforming level, sackbots included?
Motorstorm Apocalypse Level - Terrain transformation
Resistance Level - invisible chameleons lurking the stage
Patapon Level
infamous - Empire city rooftop
Wipeout Level (all neon/techno)
Ratchet level featuring those swarms
Sly level
Twisted Metal stage (Heavy music / hazardous)
Jak and Daxter Level
Syphon Filter Level
Medievil Level
Destruction Derby - hazardous level
Intellegent Cube Level - puzzle level, similar to the game
Singstar level - musical level , music notes flying everywhere
Coolboarders level - slippery level? hazards? snow boarders dodging
Fantavision Level
Fat princess level
Hardware Online Arena - jeeps / tanks driving around shooting everywhere
Lair level - bridge level with dragons flaming the ground
Locoroco level - the level tilts randomly any direction
Zone of the enders level
Primal Level - aetha realm
Siren Level - Horror elements... Possibly need to escape monster or instant kill, safe zones?


Battle Items:

Spikes Stun Club - must like the 'lightsaber' from super smash bros
Spikes hollahoop - spins around player, having a bumper car effect
Pipo helmet
(ape escape helmet) - enhance stats
Nanotech Glass Crate - Health Pick up
Tazer (Syphon filter) - paralyzes opponent leaving a burning effect afterwards..becomes weaker the longer its used.
Buzz Buzzer - random effect
Aku Aku Mask - invincibility for short period of time (20 seconds?)
pandoras box
- Reverses enemy controls OR KO opponent
Hades Helmet
- player becomes invisible
- tag and shoot
hedgehog grenade
splitter (resistance)
- blades rebound around level
- makes enemies move slow
- homing missiles (most likely will KO all opponents)
- turns enemies into chickens for short amount of time
- knocks enemies way back
agents of doom (ratchet)
Plasma whip
Mr zurkon
- follows playing shooting lasers
rift inducer
- shoots intergalactic blackhole into level
nano swarmer

Modern day weapons (assault rifle/pistol) - Socom/uncharted/syphon filter

Got a new 360

Hi guys , i got a 360 (250gig slim) yesterday from my best mate as a 21st bday present with gears 1 + 2 & L4D2. Extremely happy with it and would like to share my thoughts (and compare with the ps3 whicih ive had for 2 years now)

I wont talk about the games ive got as i havnt played much of them (only splitscreen which wouldnt be a fair way to judge them)

Downloads - Ive been happy with the ps3 all these years and even though its slower then the 360 it gets the job done... Boy was i surprised when i was downloading add ons (gears 2 all in 1 pack)... the thing downloaded in like 15-20 minutes (700mb) with a wireless connection that is pretty impressive.. i have no idea why its soooo fast. Also all the patches ive done so far have been extremely quick as well... maybe due to the patches being like 4-8mbs long.. (why are they so short? Usually on psn they are minimum 15mb and take about a minute)

XBL GOLD - so far i havnt played much online..only a match or 2 in the first gears... so far i cant justify paying $50 a year (80 in australia but my friend said u can get them for 50 on ebay).. i havnt bought it yet but i will soon... MS gave me a complimentary 1 free month of GOLD... which was nice.. I cant see myself using any of the features..maybe party chat but still a rip off in my eyes.. Im not that XBOX savvy so i dont know what other features gold 'unlocks' but so far no dice. Ps3 does what 360 does for free (From what ive uncovered so far) (though i will be paying for it to verse my mate and stuff)

Which leads me to my next point.. MY GOD its soo complicated the interface... last night my mate and i spent like 40 minutes trying to work out how to chat with each other (text chat/keyboard) and there are just too many options which are not organised properly like the ps3 (sign in..invite to chat room..thats it)... is the only way really to sign into msn to text chat??

The controller i prefer the ps3 though 360 is fine.. i dont like the analogue sticks.. they feel worse then the ps3 ones (IMO)

Avatars - I didnt realize it was fun to create one lol i actually enjoyed making mine and i think u can create more then one if im not mistaken which is neat... The bad thing is that EVERYTHING u get charged for in regards to clothing and props for ur avatar... i couldnt find one free thing.. i mean come on...nothing?? but ah guys awesome enough as it is

the game marketplace (havnt bothered with video/music as the ps3 is pretty much my movie/music machine as well as games) Is pretty cool... i still have to get used to how much points are worth in real life currency but ill get used to it... i was surprised when i saw heaps of free add on stuff... from what i heard here , nothing was for free. Im extremely happy that most games have demos as well.

Achievements - same as trophies but i prefer trophies and the sound they make... a + is that all games have them.. so pre-2008 (ps3/360 multiplats) will have them unlike the ps3 versions..

Im still going to get all my multiplats probably on my ps3 as its still my console of choice and ive already made heaps of friends and have a good trophy count and all that...but ill probably check out most of the exclusives (and pc/360 games) on the 360 anyways as there are a few i have wanted to try.

A few extra Cons of the system...

-whats with the power brick? lol that thing is huge

-Mic is of low quality though its more comfortable then the ps3 mic (can u use the ps3 mic with the 360? is there bluetooth at all?)

-Unless u install all the games it sound loud like annoyinginly loud...and i thought the new slim was meant to be quieter (and yes i have / am installing all my games to the HDD cause the noise is annoying...)

- disc tray

-batteries for controller

that is all lol..

since ive made this thread i'd like to ask a few questions regarding games.

i would like ur opinion on the following games..
Crackdown 1 + 2? (How does it compare with prototype and infamous? it doesnt look as good as infamous but im willing to give them a shot)
Alan wake
Splinter Cell (never played a SC game b4..should i try and see if i can find the earlier ones or wont it matter) Thanks guys

Also i plan on buying mass effect 2 on the ps3 (cause its got all dlc/looks better/trophies/was planning to b4 i got the 360) Since its coming out with the introduction thingy.. should i skip on playing the 1st mass effect? Cheeers..

My Signatures (2003-2007/8)

Alot of you have probably seen these sigs from the aus forums..just blogging em to show a wider audience :P

Anyways enjoy you new viewers!

I started in 03 when i got my gaming pc..i got photoshop along with other software like flash and i just loved creating stuff.. PS: most of the stuff has bishop in it because that was my online gamer tag for counter strike and call of duty unfortunately i was unable to get that for my psn id -.-

in 03 i was hugely into call of duty and i was in heaps of clans and we participated in the gamearena comps. This is a banner for my old clan 'pub heroes' the e is missing cause thats how our clan tag was. The banner was for our website and i put my hand up to create it.

Again another clan for call of duty.. this was our clans avatar to post on gamearena

Captain America Sig

Call of Duty Sig

Just messing with the photoshop settings , this was the result

Daredevil Sig

Animated Doc Oc sig (red light)

I forgot what you call these kind of sigs but ye...

Iori KoF Sig

King Sig

Black Mage Sig

Some marvel Chick Sig

Failed attempt, the left side doesnt blend as well with the rest.

A clan member of mine in Call of Duty name was Reaper so i made a sig for him

Have absolutely no idea who this guy is

Robot Sig (his from a game i just dont know which one)

Im sure you guys may have seen a similar pose to this..well thats because there is one , i tried to make a similar one but failed miserably

Shadow Sig

Spidey Sig

A failed attempt...tooo bright on the right side.

Standard sig, most ff fans may know this wallpaper.. i did a little cool effect in the next sig :)

Rain Effect

Splinter Cell Sig

Metroid sig

Armored Core Sig

With the help of a tut...matrix sig

Spidey Sig

A very uncreative Natural Selection Sig!