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Science Links! Can Gaming Change the Way You Dream? - Reality Check

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Great Article on the Verge:

Original Research Links:

Why Are Dreams So Weird? -

The Seat of Consciousness -

Reality Check - The Future of Game Control

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Links for further info - Reality Check - The Future of Game Control - Episode 23

1) Cuttable, Printable Multitouch Sensors.

Video guide :

Science Daily Article:

Materials -

From the University of Sarlaand -

2) Tactical Haptics

Here’s a good article about that controller and the tech behind it -

And straight from the source - the University of Utah research page -

3) Omni Treadmil

4) Microsoft D.I.G.I.T.S

Reality Check-in 1

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So Reality Check is a thing now. The What if Machine is dead, albeit only in name as the show lives on in Reality check. If you haven't watched it yet the show is all about the science of video games. So this could be taking a look at the psychology of video game society, analysing some fascinating item of Sci-Fi tech in a game, or even just fun thought experiments - See episode 5 when it goes live for an example of this.

Anyway, i wanted to start blogging about the process of producing the show as it turns out making these episodes is both hard work and a hell of a lot of fun. I imagine not many people will care, but for those that do, id love to get your input, hear your thoughts and also questions about the process, and just generally engage with like-minded people who also get excited just thinking about why console wars happen, if a human cordyceps fungus could kill us all, and what the Oculus Rift is actually doing to your brain (episode 4 btw).

Disclaimer - I'm a video producer. Video is the medium I'm best at communicating through i reckon. My writing can be good but it takes me time - and the whole point of these blogs is they are meant to be quick and snappy. Plus my spelling sucks. Thanks a bunch Dyslexia. So yeah, just get ready to ride the storm of written errors every time you read one of my posts.

So generally the process I'm going through at the moment is trying to produce each episode of Reality Check in two days. One day to research and script, one day to shoot and edit. Its a tight turnaround and already I'm noticing I'm struggling with that first day. Researching topics I am not familiar with is a long slog of a process. This weeks episode for example is all about why we collect things. Video games and video game memorabilia to be precise. I am no psychology buff but I'm fairly familiar with certain principles. So getting my head around what is already established regarding Hoarding behaviour has been a really interesting lesson.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that if anyone has any hints and tips for great research resources, or heck, even techniques to improve research practice, I'm all ears.

Oh, I'm also going to include in these blogs other bits of insider info - bloopers, pics of filming, other random science crap I see that inspires me to make an episode on a particular topic. SO to that end, if any of you have any ideas you would like to see Reality Check cover please please let me know. This show is going to be weekly for the foreseeable future so, I'm going to need a tonne of ideas.

Right, so that's blog one. I'm new to this process so go easy. In fact, here's an idea, let me know what you would like to see from these insider blogs. I'm open to all ideas. Except that one. Thanks for watching the show as always, and please share Reality Check with anyone who has even the slightest interest in science or video games.

Ill blog again soon, oh and in the meantime enjoy this

Advice Please

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Well hello there Gamespot community.

I'm in need of your help! Over the last 6 months I've missed out on some fairly big games. The culprit was crazy amounts of work, moving to a new country (technically) and trying to finish a whole load of other games which I'd previously started and not quite finished. Yes I'm one of those silly sausages who insists on playing 5 games at once, muddling up the stories, and then getting infuriated why Ezio doesn't simply cloak, walk up and electrocute the bad guy, and then fly to safety in his chinook helicopter?!

Anyway, so now i need some new games to play all at once and combine into a gooey mush of confusing plot lines in my head. Suggestions please :)

The big games I've missed and am considering are:

Bullet Storm
Red Faction Armageddon
Shadows of the Damned
Super Meat Boy (I know, I know i need to play this)
LA Noire (I rented it and got midway through homicide)
Infamous 2

Thanks, appreciate the help!


Spot the new guy...

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Today is a huge deal for me. I'm stupidly excited and I won't lie, I didn't sleep a wink last night. I've not experienced excitement like this since Christmas Eve 1993, when I eagerly awaited a Lego monorail set the next day.

The reason? Today, I started as Junior Video Producer for Gamespot UK. It's an amazing opportunity and one I've arrived at via a slightly unconventional route. My background is mainly in science, but I've loved games as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is playing Shuffle Puck Cafe with my dad when I was just five years old. Last year, I ran my own business producing videos, motion graphics and podcasts, and participated in a couple of presenting casting calls and competitions for Lucky Dog Films and IGN respectively. So when i saw this position, I jumped at the chance to apply!

So, here I am. Fresh off the train from a previous life in chilly Edinburgh, I'll be spending most of my time capturing game footage, helping with new video franchises and generally working as hard as I can to help produce content that you all want to watch. Other than that, I plan to learn my ass off, and become some sort of sea-sponge in an attempt to absorb as much information, hints, tips and awesomeness as possible from this amazing team.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or through the Gamespot community channels. I'll keep you up to date with what I'm working on, so be sure to follow my blog for more as it happens!

Cam :)

Twitter @camfrazrob