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Now Carl's thoughts on cats.

Hey Carl here

After making a blog about dogs Carl has decided to make a blog about cats. Carl isn't too sure about cats, they eat, sleep, poop, and they have a bad tude even though you care for them. Also cats aren't as good of defenders as dogs although they have sharp claws which may give intruders cat scratch fever. An upside of cats is that they are very independent and they may prevent rodent infestation. As you can see cats have upside to. Thanks, Carl out.

Carl's thoughts on dogs.

Hey Carl here

Carl has owned different types of dogs over his life and Carl favortie types of dogs are big dogs. Carl thinks dogs should be big andmean toward the forces of evilto keep out intruders. Intruders areCarl's greatest fear becausewhen Carl is asleep it is when he is able to be defeated in combat. With a big mean dog Carl has a body guard to stop orhelp him stop intruders. Carl isn't sure about little dogs althoughpetite dogs can be quite feisty andmay seriously injure aman'sfeet if theyget a good bite, that gives Carl a good bodypart to focus on in combat. Also petite dogs are known for their pesky barking and that mayalert Carl that danger is near.Thanks, Carl out.

Umadbro? Gets Carl mad.

Hey Carl here

Carl touched on this in OT once, the phrase umadbro? gets Carl mad everytime... Carl just feels like they are egging him on or challenging him. Believe me Carl is not a man you want to egg on or challenge. Carl doesn't back down from a challenge.

My username.

Hey Carl here

Hey it's Carl, just wanted to talk about Carl's username. As mostof you probably have already figured out Carl spelled Carl wrong and that's why Carl's username is Calr. Thanks, peace.

Carl's explaination for G4's not being good.

This ismy post on a thread in OT, Carl just wanted to share his thoughts on why G4 sucks.

Hey Carl here

No that isn't possible. The men and women at G4 seem to suffer from a diesease I and my fellow coherts like to call... stupidy, their stupidy makes their shows stupid so therefore they rely of the ignorance of 1-10 year old children to believe everything they say about videogames because they dont know any better.

100 Posts !!!


YES YES YES Carl has already gone over 100 posts! I am no longer a novice of gamespot and Carl believes he has earned his respect back ! Thank you all for supporting me, Carl !

Times when I don't post Hey Carl here.

Hey Carl here

Often times when posting Carl will forget to post hey Carl here and pointing it is good because Carl likes it.It is likeCarl's signiture. Others ask may ask " Carl why do I post hey Carl here before every post?" Carl likes this because it is welcoming and Carl want people to know it is Carl's message. Since it is welcoming people are more likely to respond and Carl enjoys responses to see what other think of his post. Just clearing that up.

Carl's social disorder test results

Paranoid:Moderatemore info | forumSchizoid:Highmore info | forumSchizotypal:Moderatemore info | forumAntisocial:Moderatemore info | forumBorderline:Lowmore info | forumHistrionic:Moderatemore info | forumNarcissistic:Highmore info | forumAvoidant:Lowmore info | forumDependent:Lowmore info | forumObsessive-Compulsive:Moderatemore info | forum

Hey Carl here

This is from a test Carl recently took on the forums, there was a link in the thread containing this test.Carl thinks from the results my disorders are strengths, such as narcissitic, Carl considers it a strength in many situtions. As for schizoid, Carl realizes he thinks differently and sometimes we must think differently and many of the great thinkers were different.