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U missed Killzone Shadow Fall.

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Will these problems go away by the end of next year? I never bought any console on launch becz of all these problems they have at the start.........

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The only reason ps vita is worth buying is becuz of its Remote play feature with the ps4 imo.......

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KillZone 3 main OST is also very cool.............sad actually...... Assasins Creed 3 music is also amazing.

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U guys also need to listen to Glasgow Mega Snake track from Spec Ops the Line

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I am also listening to : SOLOMON's THEME BF3 THUNDER RUN BF3 SIEGE MW2 Chain of Command MW2 Coup de Grace : MW2 ( this music plays when sheperd betrays our protagonist and his partner "Ghost" and kills them. Made my eyes water.Plays at start of Wolverines mission )
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God of War and COD

HAHA thanks man!! :D
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[QUOTE="Netret0120"]Any Final fantasy easily. FFX has some of the best songs and themes in gaming.

I havent played any Final Fantasy.But everybody in this thread is praising its soundtrack so i will listen to it too!
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I got a long list of video game music that I like, so I'll just post a few of them here for you:

Tales of Xillia's Clenched Fist

Dangan Ronpa's Mr. Monobear/Monokuma-sensei's Extracurricular Lesson

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver's Kanto Gym Leader Battle

Fire Emblem Awakening's Id: Purpose

Fire Emblem Awakening's Mastermind

Disgaea 4's Noble Marble

And I'll leave it at that for now.

THanks ! i liked the Clenched Fist and Mastermind.. U should really listen to Crysis 3 Memories theme ....its really epic...!!! :D
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So i wanted to ask all of u which video game music scores and themes u liked best.Then maybe i would listen to them and even try the game.I kind of like those themes which give u a nice epic feel with a bit of sadness.Some of my favourite themes are Crysis 3 NewYork Memories Silent Hill 2 (all of 'em) Most prefered:theme of laura Battlefield 3 (main theme) KillZone 3 (main menu theme) Wolfenstein The New Order :e3 trailer theme (in the background) + All along the Watch tower Assasins Creed Some non-ps3 games : C&C Generals American Battle Theme.....( dude , it blew me away.With all the rock blended with the epic-ness and desperation ) Deadlight (OST on the main menu screen) Please dont consider this a forum invasion.I just want some views and suggestions.BTW Crysis 3 theme is really good........u guys need to listen to it !!!!!!!
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