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You're a few months too late there, sparky.

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If they knew that allowing players to go beyond level 50 would ruin the game balance, then they shouldn't have called the reach level 50 achievement Capped Out...For Now, they knew that we'd be expecting a level cap increase after the first game.

So yeah, small kudos for being honest, but they could have saved a lot of dashed hopes by explaining that a lot sooner, before the first DLC, maybe even before the first game came out, but what do we know? We're only the customers, we don't know anything.

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I don't understand why people come HERE to ask about STORE policies, use your heads, the people at the STORE will be able to help answer your question, people on this site aren't likely to be able to give a definite answer.

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The latest update for it is 25MB, so it needs to be stored on a Memory Unit or Hard Drive, if you have neither, then I assume it can't download. Also, playing it off of the disc doesn't make a difference.

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Yep, they were very dumb to drop it, but maybe now that Disney is in the picture, MAYBE they might pick it back up, do some bug fixing, tighten up the graphics and release it.

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I very much doubt that MicroSoft's next console will have backwards compatibility, I mean come on, look at the lacklustre list they did of Original Xbox games they did for the 360, that's a pretty weak list of games for 3/4 years of work.

I know it took time, effort and resources, which is exactly why after that much time of working on emulation, the list should have been far more comprehensive, but instead we got short changed, like they maybe had a small team when they really should of had a department set up for it.

So no, I honestly feel that the next generation of consoles will forego all pretense of backwards compatibility, call me cynical, but that's where I stand.

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YES!!! Hitman: Blood Money is awesome, but if you don't mind waiting a little while, it's being re-released along with HD versions of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman: Contracts (not to be confused with the Contracts mode for Hitman: Absolution).

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Who knows?