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Because men do too

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read it about it, they were too old and they did not give the atraction as a small Giraffe so they killed it, the worst part is the kids saw it happening

The zoo participated in a breeding thing and breeding with this one would've been bad for the offspring. And it's not like kids were forced to see it, they made a bunch of announcements about it - the parents got to decide.

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Not sure why she is so emotional about this. I mean, she isn't the first and gay is normal in entertainment industry. It is not like she works for conservative office.

It's an emotional event coming out regardless of how accepting the people you're telling are being.

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There's dumb pokemon in every generation. I think gen 6 had some pretty cool pokemon and the legendaries are awesome. And the gen 1 pokemon games are pretty bad. Insanely unbalanced. And anything pre gen 4 is bad if you ask me because moves being physical/special are based on type. Oh and the show has always been terrible.

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Both my mom's parents are alive. My dad's mom died a couple years ago. My dad's dad died like 15 years ago.

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I didn't like it much but I was never a big fan of the show. The writing and acting of Carl was pretty bad in some parts.

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Northwestern Ohio is pretty cheap. You can get a studio apartment for less than $400 a month in a decent area.

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Girl #2 is the man.

It's pretty rude to call a transgender woman a man.

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