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hello every one, it's been a while since i don't write anything here. well I'm not completely back to the site, not that you missed me, but i will come every once in a while now to resume mi gaming habits, too much work and no fun.

well short and simple, go ahead and play and remember the most important is to .............. HAVE FUN:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three rings of death strikes back. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:DOk as you all know there was the GDC (Games Developers Conference), so as you might have heard one of Microsoft X360 had the three light of death on the middle of it's presentation:x, which means that this console is not reliable, ohh if I would have known earlier I wouldn't have the same problem as they did, because my X360 had also the three lights problem:cry:.

But the problem is: if Microsoft has this kind of problems in the middle of a GAME SHOW:o what will it be of us gamers who boy their products, and I'm not saying it is not worth it, no totally the contrary, I'm saying that this Microsoft division should think more of the damage they are making to themselves with this kind of publicity for a great game console which ends to be totally unpredictable:shock:.

My X360 will be returning home some day within the middle of April, but I'm thinking very very much about buying a PS3, so if you have heard about a problem with the PS3 please tell me, I don't what to be thru this mess again.

here is the link to the page where they say the problem :roll: of the X360 on GDC: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=33248

and people remember what gaming is all about, and have fun:lol:.

Merry Xmas

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ho ho ho, merry Xmas to you all, I wish you all a merry Christmas.

ok good let´s see, here, i had checked on a friend blog and clicked on a link to a page that tell you how many 5 year old kids you could beat all together, this is my score 31, great huh check it out and tell me yours. and the booze test will work two, I got 55% lightweight.

five year old: 31

booze test: 55%LIGHTWEIGHT

Check them out the quiz are great, and have fun:D.

HERE or not

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Hey every one, long time no blog, well I´m not the blogger type but here are the latest news about my life.

To start lets congratulate my friend GMRfor his birthday on the 24 Nobember which is this Saturday, and I will take this blog also to say, buddy don´t ever ever put another blog again if it is gonna be like that.

then, my life has been a roller-coaster after my computer broke down, yes lots of work but no entertainment. ok who cares, I don´t have anything else to say about my life at the time being, only that I´m going back to college on January the 14 -2007. yea good news back to finish my career, if you want to know it is CE. yea talk about codes.

so lately I´ve been having to fix a lot of computer issues from my customers, but what makes me feel bad is that they do have a PC but I still need to buy another one, so for those who cares, you already know I´m not gonna write a lot on this page.

well you all have a good one now, and if you like to leave a opinion, and remember Have Fun:lol:.

new images

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People I would like to thank ........ for these images I´m having on my profile, this images are great, even if they don´t match they are really cool.

In other words, GMR vt al dmn, mmgaso, tu sabes que es chelchando papa yo te quiero, tu me quiere, en tonces porque no vienes si sabes que por ti me muero. baboso, ha lo dije y que. na to eso e coro manito.

to all of you who are looking at this blog take some time to check davidrulez profile he has a good link to a great funny web page called homestadrunner.com david thanks for your time to say to the world this page must be seen, and it should because it is really funny.

That´s all people have fun and don´t drive and *k it is very distracting.

baby bye bye Halo

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:DHi Y´ll, bad news people my Computer just blow out like two days ago:cry:, s it means i´m not gonna be around in Internet as much as I want to (who cares), OK, the point is I´m sad, now I have to buy a new one or just keep coming to the cafe, so that one thing, another one: Gears of War for PC, people lets all hope that by that time i have a PC otherwise i might just go crazy, or as my brudda "ludda" would say "act a fool":evil:.

Any way i just wanted to let you all know that Halo III is a great game (yes I know), yes people it has done what no other game could do in all this time, it became one of the most soled games since day one, (yeah big news):shock:, but I´m telling you this because a friend of mine told me that a game he is playing is better than Halo:lol:, I told him that he does not know what he was talking about, so I had to show him halo 2 on my 360 (yes don´t have halo 3 yet ,hahahahahaha) and he said¨"if that is number 2 I would like to see number 3" and I told him not to speak about something sacred like halo, so to you halo lovers unite and say "halo is the greatest game of all times" (for 360 please do not make confusions)8).


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Ok people have you see te TGS, its hillarious, it is a great coverage of one of the greatest game convention ever,I hope thatfor the next one I can be able to go to it.

In other words i recently got two teeth extracted, discusting right, but any way it hurt like hell, and a word of advice if you ever hat a teeh extracted please do as follows; do not eat hotstuffs it will make it hurt more, dink a lot of cold stuffs, try not to eat for at least 72 hours, and drink your pills as indicated by the doctor.

then take it with ease and lets hope for the gratest game to come Halo 3, hope you have pre-order it, i have not, but I will tell you more abut this later.

ok people have fun, if you are gonna drink don´t drive.

AMD's New Phenom Triple-core Processor

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You where not waiting for it but here they come, AMD is now going to deliver a multi-core processor with tree processors on a single die of silicon which is supposed to improve performance and bring better performance when running state-of-the-art applications.

This as you may know is a response to Intel's dual-core processors, but since amd is to bring out this year the quad-core processor it is a marketing improvement, because when you go to buy a computer and you have to decide between a dual-core and a triple-core processor that has almost the same price but will bring you more power you as a buyer are going to choose what tastes better.

"With our advanced multi-core architecture, AMD is in a unique position to enable a wider range of premium desktop solutions, providing a smarter choice for customers and end users," said Greg White, vice president and general manager, Desktop Division, AMD.

Which means that this new line of multi-core processor will bring more choices when you wish to get a new computer.

Also Microsoft is really digging in this new idea as said Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president of the Windows Hardware Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp."We see potential for power and performance improvements through triple-core processing in the industry and are exploring with AMD the possibility of taking advantage of this in the Microsoft family of products.".

So you PC Gamers you better save your money because this new technology will not be in stores until Q1 2008, which means that you have enough time to think whether you want an Intel dual-core or an AMD triple-core.