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omg wow

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i have been away for a long time, i kinda lost intrest in this whole updating my profile but im back now...well at least i'll try to keep it updated. hi!


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yeah! Xenosaga is out 2/15/05 and i couldn't be happier, i don't know about you guys but i thought the first xenosaga was awsome and so the second one will be awsome as well, the story line is very interesting. yay! only 18 more days.


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yay im back from my vacation....and just in time to see the ball drop in times square :)

yeah canada! and new years eve party!

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since the break from high school has finally come for christmas its time for a little R&R. I will be going snowboarding in canada after christmas and return back to new york in time for the new years eve party and the ball drop in times square. the best part of all will be the ball drop because i'll be able to be alone with monica and away from her and my family while we have some alone time together with a million other people in times square lol. its almost time for all of us to meet and stuff our face with food for the holidays :P i'll try not to eat alot, I don't want to go to the gym everyday to work of holiday weight. I hope you guys have a happy holiday and a awsome new year :)

the best girlfriend

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_____To monica_____@ @ @
________________@ @\@/@ @
Thanks for the date _\@|@|@|@/
Here's some flowers__\ \ \ | / / /
______From_________\ \ | / /
____lin(cabbose)______\ | /
___________________ =&=

:) i had the best date ever, my girlfriend said that she loved me and wanted to be more closer in the relationship :D

I am such a awsome boyfriend, w00t :)


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w00t, my best friend got a job at a starbucks coffee cafe near my school and she gives me free coffee everyday! :) woooooooooo, i am soooo hyped up on coffee!!! right know wooooo! yeah!
:D :D :D

Three hundred!

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wow, I had no idea that i have 300 friends on my list, even wile i was gone it still grew little by little, w00t! :)