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Mission Accomplished!

My internship's over. As soon as I submit this blog post (and obsessively check it to make sure it's formatted right) I will turn off my computer, leave the building, and, in a few days, return to life in Michigan.

It's been a pleasure writing up news for you all, and I've had my socks knocked off by your positive comments on my features. I have learned a lot.

I can't say too much about near-future plans, but you haven't seen the last of me in games writing. This summer proved to me that my childhood dream is feasible, and though I've got a lot of growing to do (and hope I always will) I know I have something valuable to contribute to the discussion.

Take care, everybody.

Dawn of A New Day

I'm playing Mage Gauntlet! On my iPhone! A lot!

Right now, there is nothing I would rather play than a game on my iPhone. It's weird.

Before I elaborate, a disclaimer: Since I'm doing a summer internship on the wrong side of the country from my home nestled inside the peninsular mitten, I don't have any of my consoles or my gaming PC. My only gaming apparati are my iPhone, my aging laptop, and a borrowed N64 (for finally playing through Majora's Mask).

But I don't really mind, because I have my phone, and my phone has Mage Gauntlet. It's an action RPG, very much in the vein of Secret of Mana or Terranigma, and I love it. You should play it.

I've been trying to parse out why it has taken so much firmer a hold of my interest than Infinity Blade II, Cut the Rope, or Grand Theft Auto III--titles you're much more likely to see on the App Store front page. I came to a few conclusions. This is a kind of game that simply is not made any more. It's a kind of game which evokes some of my fondest memories of home: playing through Secret of Mana with my brother (in what I now recognize as crazily ahead of its time full-campaign co-op).

Nostalgia only accounts for so much, though. Mage Gauntlet's creators made a game which stirs up those good memories while making them perfectly playable on a little touch screen. Its clever camera and interface make itmore fun to play on a flat panel of glass than on an SNES controller. Its 10-15 minute long levels mix exploration, exposition, and battle, but don't make me miss my BART station to feel like I've accomplished something. Its goofy (in a good way) dialogue and effervescent, non-sexualized heroine also nicely set it apart from its forebears.

Plus, it has hats. Lots and lots of hats.

Writing news about video games

Hey guys! I'm the new News Intern for this summer. I'm originally from Rochester, Michigan and am almost finished with a B.A. in Online Journalism from Central Michigan University. I've loved gaming ever since I could hold a controller, and even if they're "just video games," I still take the responsibility of keeping you informed very seriously. I promise I'll deliver some more updates later, but until then, keep an eye out for my byline on upcoming articles and editorials!