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Just some random stuff... : )

I stopped by to write blog, I haven't done that by some time... I just do not have enough time, and will... Partying all the time, getting crushed and drunk, having a good time in general! I am not sober this noon, so it's time for blog! And it won't be so so long... : )

I just opened my twitter account (I'm late a bit, but Facebook just bored me, and Google+, naah still not much people out there), it's great social network, so if you would like, you can follow me twitter.com/Fillipp_ .

I read that Marvel is going to substitute Peter Parker, with some new Latino/Black guy... THAT IS NOT A WAY TO DO IT! Instead they should just create new hero, and not destroy some iconic comic guy. I will read these new Spidey comics, only if it is supposed to bring Parker back in game, if not, goodbye Spidey! :( And one more thing is not so clear to me. Why Spider-man never had a good game. I mean web of shadows and shattered dimensions, Ultimate Spider-man game was great, but nothing great as Batman Arkham Asylum... Maybe it's unfair a bit. I like Batman anyway, don't get me wrong! : )

I really onto some Gossip Girl TV show. I saw my younger sis' watching it and was kind like "what another mtv-kinda sh*t". Watched first few episodes, and wow, I can't wait to see new episode, tomorrow... xD And it looks like Doctor House is on its way of ending series... Well everything has to come to an end...

I'm buying new electric guitar, so I just can't wait, I'll post some pics when I but it...

Thank you guys for stopping by and checking my blog, c ya soon! : )

Comeback baby!

I'm finally back from my vacation Greece... 20 days, spent doing nothing, no games, no internet, just fresh air, family, open blue sea and Coca-Cola! It was good, but I'm glad to be back. :)

So I missed few thing here and there. When I got home first web page I opened (you can guess) was GameSpot... :D I had to watch all those missed Syncs and read all these news, took me few hours. :o I was shocked, maybe 1 or 2 games is going to be released during this summer (for PC, and when I said games, I meant games that are in my interest field). It struck me like a lightning...


Needless to say anything... :P

Then, the thing that really got me is FROZEN SYNAPSE! This game is CRAZY! I mean, guys if you haven't heard for it, just run to Steam and check! AMAZING! They should do the review on GS for this indie piece of art! I went to their site while game was downloading on Steam (it didn't take long, game is about 250mb big), and I saw something very interesting, quiet story to tell. Under that big "BUY GAME" banner I saw "Buy Soundtrack" (my thought at that moment) "Hah fools, what are they thinking, selling sountrack just like that, they are treating it like some DLC or Addon, these guys are a bit crazy..." So I started the game run through the tutorial, played few hours... and... I HEADED BACK TO STEAM AND BOUGHT THE SOUNDTRACK!!! Music in that game is agh god, it's great, it matches gameplay perfectly with music, so it looks like some AMV! :D

Today I saw review for game called Bastion... Little piece of art isn't it. I'm just waiting for release date! Cathering, game released on PS3 and Xbox, Aaahhh one of the reasons why I want PS3 or Xbox... :o One more thing, I saw, somewhere, picture on which is content from Special Edition Star Wars The Old Republic, IT IS CRAZY... It includes statue of Darth Malgus, map, steel case for game, and special activation key, which should unlock you 5, or 6 additional in-game things... Yeah It included Sountrack from KOTOR 1 & 2, and I'm not sure, it looks too good to be real, it included KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 games... It will be expensive for sure, but I think it is worth it... :)

I feel great right now... Last night I was on pool (billiards) with my friends, I staid outdoor until late in the night I had a blast! I just love Summer holiday, no school for 2 and half months! :D ^____^ I'm playing PC and FIFA 11 with my best friend on his xbox elite all day, listening to music, getting out, sometimes gettin' drunk, party, girls, girls, girls, music! :D Ahhh! You know when you are living one of the greatest period of your life, and you just want that it can last forever! I'm having a blast! :D

A lot of big concerts are going on here in Belgrade this summer! First there was Sting, then The Cult, then Judas Priest and Whitesnake, and now I'm waitin' for Slash, and later there is Beer Fest in my city, headliners are Simple Minds... A lot of great music here! :D

This summer I tried some new Apple Cider, it's called Somersby, such a great thing! You can drink very much, it's tasty and you won't get drunk! :D I busted my as* with Monster energy drink, in Greece! :D It was great! :)

So I have to go to dinner, my spaghetti are gettin' cold, c ya soon! ;)

Great beginning of this summer for me! :D

So guys, I'm really happy today, and that is the reason why I am posting this blog shortly after the previous one! :D

- LA Noire coming to PC (I got mini heart attack when I read this!)

- PC version of FIFA 12 will be the same as console version, will see that miracle when they release it!

- Rumor! GTA 5 will take place in LA, and it will feature Motley Crue guys! Isn't that awessome!

- Free Team Fortress 2 week on steam, and Uber update!

- I have preordered Battlefield 3 and reserved Fifa 12!

- Deinstalled my Win7, now it is clean, shiney, slim, and fast!

LA Noire, first, so yeah! :D I was afraid that it is not going to be released. Reason for that is Red Dead Redemption... PC gamers are still waiting for it, Rockstar still haven't released it. I thought yeah Rockstar f*cked off from PC. But I was wrong, thanks God! This will be great. Rockstar said that PC version will be improved, it all cool, but I just want normal, and stable game, it doesn't have to be better than console... GTA 4 was let down for PC... Very very bad port... But Vice City was primary PC game. Best GTA 'till date... LA Noire is in top of my must buy list for 2011! Can't wait for 2011s Fall!

la noire

Now's turn for FIFA 12!PC version will finally be equal to the console one, as they say fromEA! Still won't be jumpin 10 feet of the ground, I mean I will be when I play the game and see is it like they promised! :D New Impact engine, better graphics, new physix... Wow dude it will be amazing! :D


And yeah! GTA 5!LA, metal guys, Wooohooo! :D I'm praying, just that these rumors became true! Motley Crue, LA, GTA, Rockstar, og god my dreams are coming true! Vice City is one of my favourite games of all time, It just had "SOUL"! That 80s **** Miami, summer, Rock n' Roll, V-Rock, Lazllow, ah! :D Rockstar won't fail with GTA, I'm sure in that! It's their best selling and most popular series, maybe most popular series in whole gaming industry, period!




I'm horny right now! Just thinking of GTA 5 makes me very very very happy! :D

Team Fortress 2 is free on Steam for whole week! Great!

So this will be it! Please tell me your opinions and comments on GTA 5 and Rockstar! This is Rockstar's day, week, or maybe month! :)

C yaa! :D

Big thing is coming! :D

I'm back on GameSpot! :D Finaly I can continue my bloging thing as I should. But now comes other problem, from where should I start?! :P

So let's start with Battlefield 3... I read somewhere that console version will have double less framerates than PC. So yeah, I'm glad that it will be like that, because we PC gamers have deserved that, after all those years of pain... :P JK. That game looks and feels greate, I just can't wait to play it, because I'm really big fun of FPS games, and I Have been playing them since Medal of Honor Allied Assault... :D Uhh :flashback:... Urgh, back to this topic, yeah, It will be one hell of the game, I'm sure that they won't make it bad, only thing where it could lack, is connection between those breath-taking graphics and online multiplayer sessions... :sigh: We can only wait and see what will happen... Waitin' for open BETA in september anyway... :D


Star Wars: The Old Republic... Hmm, something is going through my spine... :P I just can't wait for that thing to be released!!! It's one of my most anticipated games, ever... The thing that cheers me most, is that BioWare is behind all that, so it gives me some amount of confidence and security that it will be one hell of the game... It doesn't have to surpass WoW, frankly I do not care. I just want to enjoy that game as BIG Star Wars fan! :D I've even decided to buy Master Replicas Lightsaber, these thing are uber cool! :D I'll post some pics and videos when I get them! :)


I think it was enough of games, for this blog, because nothing big happened after E3... Except for MEEGA FAIL DUKE NUKEM... :( I thought I'm gonna cry... But, anyway, I have finished with school, BUT (there is always but -.-) I have to finish my Latin exam tomorrow... :( So yeah no Battlefield sessions till 4AM... :o

Wimbledon started! *o* :D Which tennis player will you cheer, if you watch tennis by the way?! :D I'm going for Novak Djokovic... Yes, he is Serbian as I am, but hey that is ok! :D Such a great guy :D We are proud of his results here in Serbia! :D

Holy shiish, I almost forgot... Amy Winehouse had concert 2 nights ago... Umm, I think it just couldn't be called concert, she was drunk, stoned, dazed, in 3 words SHE WAS CRAHSED... Drugs, alcohol, I don't know, but it was awful, paying 50 euros and watching her spitting mic and dropping halfnaked on the floor... But hey there was one good thing that night... After her Moby got on stage, he was fantastic. It was memorable night, in bad and good point of view!

Summer came, I just hope that it will last forever, but it will pass fast... :o A lot of nice girls here in Belgrade, I'll have to do something about that! :D 8)

Next week in this exact time I'll be on my way to Greece... I'm going with my family -.-. AND WE ARE STAYING THERE FOR 20 DAYS! Arghh... :facepalm:... But there's good side... I'll eat a lot of ice cream, sea, bikinis, gyros, nice food and music, and it Greece people, there can't be bad, except for the crisis that is there, but never mind! :D

I'm thinking of gettin' new nVidia graphic card... You know, my 9800gt is getting old... nVidia GTX560Ti will do the job! :Dgc

O yeah, I saw new Razer Star Wars keyboard... That thing is a killer! But it should be very very Expensive, I mean, guys hellooo, it Razer... :(


I tried few hours ago new Call of duty 4 mode, called, Open Warfare2 1.3 final. You should check it, it is good! :D

I was thinking about getting Counter Strike Source, it looks greate, more hard core approach, how do you advise me!? :D

Oh God, I saw few moments ago how much I wrote, sorry, I just had to compensate, time and space when I was out of the game! :D

See you soon!

P.S. Sorry on bad and sloppy English! :o

Big blog incoming!

This will be quick one, I'm in progress of making one big blog, because I want to catch up everything I missed... I was busy few weeks, and I'll be this week too, but then I'm going to be back into this bloging thing again. I have this last week, and my school is done for this school year, SUMMER CAN BEGIN! :D

Sooo, stay tuned, "let's sync back up, tomorrow"! I might be wrong, but I think that it goes like that! :D


E3 Day 1, recap!

I enjoyed quiet much in E3s first day...

So it began with Microsoft conference fist (that's not surprising :o). Only thing that got my attention was Star Wars Kinect, and a bit MW3, just to see how same it will be as other MWs... It was a bit boring, because of these kinect :love:.... I was not interested that much, but I still watched it...

Next, and best one IMO, is EA conference... It was great! This is EAs year. Star Wars The Old Republic trailer was awesome, too bad that they didn't revealed any gameplay videos, but we will see that in few days in Gamespot corner... Need for Speed Run... Hmmm they destroyed this awesome serial. We do not want to spend 3 hours pushing buttons while jumping of the buildings and fighting with Police, and spent 30 minutes on driving around city... Really disappointing. Fifa 12 will be amazing as always. But the best was left for the end... Battlefield 3. This is the game that will change way of FPS games. I'm so impressed can't wait for Beta in September.

These two I watched Live.

I skipped Live feed of Ubisoft and Sony. I had to quit watching because of school, to bad I couldn't watch Ubi one. But the only reason why I was wanting to see Ubi was Ghost Recon (2 games) and Far Cry 3 (Amazing!)... No Assassin's Creed, you're surprised? Well Brotherhood killed that will and anticipating to play the game. I really enjoyed first two games, and from the it stopped. There is just something wrong with it... I didn't finish it... Far Cry 3 is A M A Z I N G. Look like it would be more real than FC2. Which is in some way better in some is not. Far Cry 2 was solid game, and I think that 3rd game will be better... I like more of a Jungle surround than Desert and sand.

And I have to commend Gamespot for It's alternative/indie Rock playlist, which was played 30 minutes before start of live feed. It was great, I really enjoyed it! I someone remember some of the songs please write in comment, and if there is a way to contact some of the mods or Gamespot employers to release whole set list in their Music blogs!

Short blog, just a recap, thank you for reading and enjoy E3!

Cheers! :D

24 hours until the E3! Can't wait.

Biggest 3 days in year of a gamer are coming. They are just around the corner. So let's talk about it, I think that this years E3 deserves that. :)

So how are you preparing for E3? I bought few Red Bulls and Monster Energy Drinks, to be sure that I will stay awake until late hours. But the problem is that I have to go to school at 7am and I'll be watching E3 until 3am or 4am... (In my time zone) I'm sure that I will be stunned, dazed and confused during school in Thursday and Wednesday. :lol: I always loved that pre-E3 atmosphere in my house. It affected everybody. My mom is always getting mad and nervous because I will be awake in front of monitor during the late night hours, my sister is cool, she thinks that I'm a jerk, "Nobody else stays awake, because of some stupid Expo" - her words... I just flame her and throw her out of my room. And my dad, hmm his like a little kid... When he comes from work he talks with me for one hour (least :S) about consoles and hardware... So I'm really happy right now, and I'm in right mood for E3. Or I suppose I am... :D


So here I will list some of my most anticipated games of this years E3:

Battlefield 3

I put a lot of my hopes into this game. I hope it will change the way of FPS games, just like Call of Duty 4 did in 2007. It will be revolutionary in few ways, not just gameplays, but graphics, mechanics, story, multiplayer etc etc. I'm not sure about preorder, I will wait for E3 to see how will game work for real, and then decide to preorder or not to preorder. I hope that EA will slow Activison down a bit, cause I see that there is real press war between these two! :o


This made me lough! :lol:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This should bring revolution to MMO games. I never paid to play any MMO game, but this looks like that it will be first game for which I'll pay monthly fee... I always liked Star Wars world, and I think that it really deserves big game like this. Graphics, story, dialogs, rpg elements, everything should be great, but thing that worries me a it is combat. Star Wars combat should be fluid, and that is one of the things that is really hard to achieve in MMO where you press 1,2,3,4 (for example) to order attack or cast a spell. But I hope that everything will be alright, and this game has some bright future, if you ask me... :)


I'm gettin' tired of Rock Bands and Guitar Heroes. I have quitted these games since 2009. when I have started playing real electric guitar. RockSmith will do something very different. It will develop your skills, let you have fun, and play game with real guitar. I didn't like Rockband's pro instruments and mode. This should be great!

Batman: Arkham City

As big comicbook fan, I have really enjoyed in Arkham Asylum. Hope that Arkham City will be better. This idea of bringing Batman to the Streets of Gotham is what we needed. You have choice from where to attack, surprise, kill and attack. That is crucial when we are talking about Batman, hmm, or any superhero... :D Catwoman as playable character... Hmmm great, we will see some nice as* in front of us... :D I can bet that almost everybody will bring Catwoman up the wall, than turn the camera back, and just look :shock:... JK, this is serious game, it should be good... :D

I do not have time to write about all these games, but I will just mention their titles:

  • Mass Effect 3
  • Deus Ex
  • Fifa 12
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Max Payne 3
  • The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim
  • The Darkness 2
  • Aaaand XCOM ^^

I hope that you will enjoy E3 as much as I will do... See you soon in a few days when E3 starts!

Enjoy Blog, Bye! :)

Just a quick update, for you guys....

I really do not have enough time to writte some decent blog, so you won't see me until weekend... There is one real hell in school, I have to work hard few weeks more... It's really hard, I have to make just that last push. :x


So E3 is coming, we are all getting ready for it... I bought few Monster, and Red Bull energy drinks, just for E3! :lol:

Oh yeah, 3 of my emblems are back, but I think that they will disappear again... :)

I just can't wait for school to end, and came back on GameSpot! Then I will switch to the 6th gear, pedal to the metal, and get some cool E3 emblems I hope... :D

Rainin' Man...

Well, It's raining here in Belgrade! It's one hell of a rain! :) I really like rain, what's with you?! Well It gave me enough inspiration to write this blog. At the moment, I'm enjoying my lemon/peach tea, some good chill trance music, and rainy view through my windows... I just want to make this moment last for few days, to clear my mind and soul... Well I do not need anything else... My sister is on some trip with school, my parents are at some dinner... I don't know when i was more relaxed... (without weed of course! xD)


This pic is just representing my mood right now! :) Don't know what deal with rain but I really love those summer, big, short, rains! They are makeing me creative, I have finished two of my drawings now! And best thing is that I have finished with homeworks and studying for today... Have to survive 2 more weeks, and I'm done with school...

Here take a look, I had to make one picture! I didn't to stylize it in PhotoShop or anything! It's not that good, it's night so you know... :) It's pretty bad... :roll:


Well It would be stupid If I do not mention any game so let's touch a bit this topic! I have started playing Witcher 2, right now I'm at the beginning of the 2nd chapter. I want to take this game slowly, enjoy it as much as I can! One hell of the game, if I can tell you! :)

This morning I found my old RayMan disk from 1999... Brought some memories back! ^^

So I'm preparing for long summer holiday, which STEAM game will you recommend me!? To me It's just important to have Steam Achievements, because I want one game with these! Do not feel like I need to tell you whole story why I need and so on, just give me some advice (without Portal 1, Team Fortress 2, and Half Life 2 plz)!

So enjoy! ( This one is shorter, I do not feel any need to make it longer :o )


Holy shish! Whole lot of work to do...

So hi guys, I had some big problems with previous blog, some errors with HTML codes, and it was deleted, it just did not go well, so I've decided to write a new one, better one, now I have enough time! Hope that this will be better, I will give my best! :D

Witcher 2

Biggest thing this week is release of Witcher 2 for shure. I was reading some reviews on internet, and i was bashing my head of my table... This game is amazing, they game it 9/10 or 10/10, amazing gameplay, fascinating graphics, deep leveling system, and you know all the other thing! *JUST TO LET YOU KNOW* I'm not writing a review of it, I just want to discuss a bit, exchange our opinions, I'm getting game in friday, and i will probably write the review for a weekend to come. This should be one huge step for RPG games, and PC games generally. Guys at IGN tested game with nVidia GTX580, and they had smaller problems, so they had to turn of SSAO and SS... Does it mean that mine nVidia 9800 GT 1gb (overclocked) will burn? I hope not... I have played Witcher 1 a little, it was really good, nothing revolutionary. I like this new fluid-kind-a fighting system... People say that they have slight performance problems with this game, which, by the way is not suprising!

New Battlefield 3 screens... Huh, I won't have enough money to buy bread, I'm going to trash all my money on upgrading PC... I'm putting all my FPS hopes and wishes into that game! :D

So I saw in GameSpot Calendar, that tonight (in my time zone), will be streaming Game Night - Half Life Source. I'm really glad, Half Life, ah, brings me back good old memories! Will be happy to see it again! Game that changed gaming, yeah, I'm sure it did! :)

So... Duuh... I just cannot remember... There was one intresting thing which I wanted to share with you but... I can't remember... :( Well, guess I will leave it for next blog... I'm going to write things from now...

This morning while I was checking GameSpot, Facebook, E-Mail etc. etc. I ran on some insanely-awesome-mindblowing-superexpensive-blasting headset! :D Have to share it with you right now! Psyko Audio Labs Carbon! This thing is a BEAST! :shock: I was just shocked when I saw that! Sitting in the chair for 10 more minutes just looking at it! Be prepared DO NOT look at this image if you are in hurry! :)


I mean, aren't they beautiful! I have Roccat Kave Real 5.1 headset, they are just amazing, I'm very satisfied with them, but THIS! Hoh, God, shish! These are monstrous! Guy who reviewed it on PC Gamer said that these are maid for Goliath! "After just two hours of using it, my neck ached as if I was wearing a military-grade Kevlar helmet"! It tells you something... This beast kills! Kave isn't light, nor comfortable, but my head got used to them, now I just adore them! These (Psyko) costs 200$... That's bit too much, but I'm sure that they sound amazing! :)

Yeah I made my mind, thing that I was going to say was statement of Fable 3 developer who said that PC piracy is less problem than Xbox second hand games! Which in some point of view is true. I know that PC piracy is insanely big, and it isn't right, but guuuuy, I'm member on one warez, and I can tell you, PC isn't pirated more than Xbox is! You wouldn't believe me if I tell you that Assassins Creed 2 was few days earlier on warez (that's nothing new, It' ok), and hackers were working 1 month to crack whole game! It's just easier for them to break Xbox games! Reason why it is not so popular is that you can't use LIVE with them. But on PC you can't use GFWL or Steam too with pirated games, so what's the fuss? I'm not PC fanboy, nor console fanboy, but I think that everybody who have consoles blame PC for piracy, speak how PC is :love:, etc etc. For example, today while i was in school, I was sitting with my friend in the desk, who is Playstation 3 fanboy, because he only have one ps3 slim... Okey, he told me how PC sucks, PS3 have better games, how future is in consoles... ¬¬ I wish that I had Gravity Gun from Half Life, or some crazy Duke Nuke-skes kind a big gun, and blow him in the atmosphere! I told him that he was wrong, no PC = no Consoles, and PC will always be one step ahead in terms of graphics and capabilities, but the problems are developers, who are lazy to make games for PC specially, than they just port Xbox game to PC. And that concludes, Piracy is NOT the only problem, developers are "developing" (sounds kinda funny) that problem. For example StarCraft 2, everybody buy it, everybody love it. Blizzard satisfied, players satisfied.

So I think that it's time to conclude this blog, I should leave something for next one to come! Hope that you've enjoyed it, leave comments, share opinions and discuss! ;)

Cheers, Filip :)

P.S. Sorry for my bad English!

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