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God of War 3

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lmfao, this is funny because i havent been on gamespot in a long time and if you look like 3 blog posts down im talking abotu how God of War 2 is coming soon and how excited i am...and here i go again God of War 3 is in production...the only bad thing is that its for the PS3, i mean the PS3 doesn't have that many games of interest...so its be alot better if they made GoW3 for the PS2 but...oh well

Starcraft 2!!

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Starcraft  2 was officially announced on May 19th...This is one of the biggest announcments of the year so far..and when i heard it i was so pumped even though it is gonna take 2 years before the release date.!!! I am so excited and for anyone who would like to talk starcraft PM ME!!:D

Im Very Sorry!!

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To everyone on Gamespot i am in connection with. I am very sorry for being gone for so long...My computer crashed and i had to buy a new one and it took a while...I hope i havent missed anything too important and i promise i will be on regulary to forfill any duties i have missed..I hope you can all forgive me..Thanks

New Banner

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I finally got a good banner, and its advirtising the FFC so i hope everyone likes it

God of War 2 Delayed

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The Release date for God of War 2 has been pushed to March 13 2007:(:evil: which sucks, i was looking forward to it later this month, but i guess not, oh well its definately worth the wait

Toronto Maple Leafs Union

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I know that the toronto maple leafs have almost nothing to do with GS but i wanna make a TML union and i wanna know if anyone else is interested??

God of War 2 almost here

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This Feburary the gfame of the century is coming, and its called God of War 2, i have played and beaten God of War atleast 36 times, not a word of a lie and i still can't get enough, so now the wait begins until God of War 2 im gonna be at the store camping out if i have to in order to garuntee that i get this game!!!!

God of War 2 GET IT!!

Diablo Union

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i wanna know if anyone would be interested in creating a diablo union with me, i have been thinking about it for sometime now but i dont know if anyone would join so i didn't waste my time, so now im asking. anybody who is interested just PM me

Diablo lll

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So i was recently surfing through a diablo 2 website and i found a link to a diablo 3 page, and i found a huge petition for blizzard to start making diablo 3, i am a huge diablo fan so i signed right away and this petition was about 36 pages long, it was incredible. so what i want to know is this. What do you people think about making a Diablo 3?? give me any thoughts you have!!!!!

Final Fantasy Confederation Union

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Attention Attention, There is a new union Called the Final Fantasy Confederation and we are looking for new members, if you would like to join go to the Unions page, or if you need more info first, just PM me as i am an officer in the union so i will know the info you will need.

Thanks in Advance

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