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2009 gaming

Arma 2: what a sweet game. Finally, a true shooter simulation. Massive map, dynamic AI, easy to use mission editor, and epic battles.

Fight Night Round 4, any good?

Let's game!

You can find me and my friends gaming while using the Xfire instant messenger chat. My user id is chazflyz.

Currently I'm quite active in a simracing league, Race2play.com, using GTR 2, rFactor, and RACE 07. I also have FS X w/ Acceleration, Falcon 4.0 AF, IL-2 1946, Crysis, and World in Conflict.

I have an XBOX 360 with mostly sports titles. My wife and I just picked up Guitar Hero 3 and we've been having fun, jammin' to some old and new rock tunes.