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Top Ten First Person Shooter Series

First Person Shooters have always been my favorite game genre. By public opinion and personal interest I have devised this list.

#10 - Wolfenstein Series

#9 - The Star Wars Series

#8 - Tom Clancy`s Rainbor Six Series

#7 - The Perfect Dark Series

#6 - The Quake Series

#5 - The Unreal Tournament Series

#4 - The Half-Life Series

#3 - The James Bond Series


#2 - The Halo Series

#1 - The Doom Series

Each of these works of art deserve more recognition then the next. Some of these games were the first, and still remain strong. Some have died off until later years. Either way, people will not remember this rebelious genre, without thinking of these titles. Feel free to comment on the list, and add any additions you would like.

Two New Emblems

I just got two new emblems. I`m pretty happy, the emblems are special to me and have earned a place in my heart. lol I`m just happy I finaly finished the first row. :)

 "Good Taste"

 I`ve been waiting for this one for a while, and I finally have it. I just made some additions from my collection, and behold, the emblem stands before me. Glad its in my collection.

"Gamecube Aficionado"

 Gamecube Aficionado, pretty cool. I have to admit, in the beggining years of the Gamecube, I fell in love with its games and graphics. But in recent years, their production of good games has abrubtly ceased, unfortunately for me. But I`m still proud to where the colors of Nintendo.

New Year in Music

I can`t wait for this year in music. NEw and exciting releases are coming in the spring and summer. With music from artisits such as Pearl Jam (Spring 2006), The Offspring (Summer 2006), Pharrell (February 2006), Linkin Park (2006), Elvis Costello (2006), Velvet Revolver (Spring 2006), and Prince (2006), this year is sure to pack a pumch. I`m dieing with anticipation. I hope you like the list, and join in the waiting.