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Fallout Love, Gosh Dang it!

The guy who does the voice over for the EFMS videos was right. He said that people watching the video are probably thinking about returning to play Fallout again and gosh dang it he's right. Time to dust off New Vegas!

Semester Send Off

Win with the Rebels a victory today.

Win with the Rebels, the scarlet and gray.

From the mountains that surround you

to far across the sea

We'll win with the Rebels of U-NLV

U - N - L - V


We'll win with the Rebels of U-NLV.

End of the Semester

Well, May 7th is officially my last test of the semester and after that it's full time work. With any luck I'll pass my math class and move forward in my academic career. It's amazing what one can do if they study (77 out of 75 on my math test (not the final)). Good luck to anyone else taking finals and remember to study study study.

StarCraft 2

I just realized that almost two years ago I was getting ready for starcraft 2. By now I'm just going to give up on it. Blizzard please hurry up with this game, I want to play or at least don't flippin' tell people your going to release something 50 years before you actually intend to.

If Any One Is Looking

If anyone is looking i have a question

How do you make a forums signature thingy after everything you type?

I've seen and i like it and i have a good saying but i dont know how

When i ask on the forums they just call me a noob, squint their eyes and straighten their glasses.


Star Craft proves games don't have to look good to be good. While it did look good back when it was made it is still played today by believe it or not a lot of people.