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Wii U game

Just watch the new Nintendo Direct. Holy H***, Zelda Wink Waker HD, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, a new RPG from Monolith Software (we're talking about Xenoblade baby), a brand new zelda title, Yoshi Land. What more can I expect from Nintendo :D

Wii U

People keep telling Wii U graphic doesn't deserve to call the next-gen console, its CPU is outdated. But to me, I'm fine with that. I don't want a crazy strong machine with a too high price, and I think the cost to produce game for that machine won't be low too. So all I need is a current-gen-graphic console with tons of game which have creative game-play and fine-written story

jp game

it is suck that many jp game don't have eng version.

how am i suppose to play fairy tail game:?

fairy tail ds game


Have u ever watched hayate no gotoku,an interesting anime,with fabulous ost .i especially like the song chasse 'n ko no kaze me.u must listen to it then

kingdom heart

Have u ever played kingdom heart 385/2 days?yes,it's a very interesting RGP game i have ever played on ds.gud graphic,gud gameplay,beautiful characters,all u evver wanted from a ds game
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