Holy crap gamestop

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Wow its been a lukewarm minute since i've been surfing the wave known as gamestop. Life kindapunched me in the face and kicked me in the stomachso i had to fight back. For starters i got a degree, lost 50 pounds, joined the army, and ate some badass toast.


Anybody still here?

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Wow talk about nostalgia, its been almost four years since my last post. So much change since then its hard to find a platform on which to segway. For starters I joined the army, lost weight, cut my hair and learned kung fu. Okay that last part was a lie. Anyone still even remember the legendary bxgt?:D

the red rings of death and me

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so today it finnaly happened to me.I got the red rings of death.

For those who don't know yet the red rings is when your xbox 360 stops working at these red lights apppear in the front of your console.I never thought it would happend to me of all people.I treated my xbox as if it were a king.I bought it two fans and an intercooler.It was sideways and i never played it for more than four hours a day.Know i am forced to bring out the dreamcast until microsoft can ship my xbox back,

I have never felt so angry and bitter at the same time.It's like the feeling you get when a person close to you dies, you ask yourself why them?

(update) here is a pic of my new fan

so yea.....college

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Sorry for not posting a new blog guys, i sometimes forgot about the internet in the rush of life.So yea i am back in school, not that anybody knew i left(online i mean).That does not mean i have no friend, i have plenty.What i have neglected to say is........am in college now not high school.Yes many of you said it could not be done."manny in college is like the pope having a poker game with the devil, while getting a lap dance by condoliza rice".Well i wonder who won the game, anyway onto my topic..........."college".There may be lot's of girls no i mean "women" but there as bicthy as ever.I tried to talk to one of them but they shrugged me off like an insect just because i am 18.Either i picked the wrong one or......... i have no charm :shock:.By the way i have noticed that video blogging is becoming a new trend,should i video blog?

liek dood weres my g.e.d

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So i guess i am blogging to you guys today so that you may take heed in the fact that i still live.For those of you that thought i died all i have to say is this...........get a job you communist banana munching freaks.I recently bought a nintendo ds lite and i feel like an idiot for hatin on the ds for so long.My ds and me go almost everywere(5 percent of the time i take it outside my house), resident evil ds is pretty fun and enjoyable for those of us who dont have ADD.Yes you guessed right, i am just ranting on about random things in my life at the moment.None of my sentences have anything to do with the ones above them so you can stop reading now.If your still reading then you deserve a cookie,lets make it two cookies.

w00t i got my liscence

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so yea i finnaly got it, on the test paper it said i made no mistakes(very rare to see some one with no mistake)

and i think i am going to take my dads car and go cruising


so yeah....there is a girl i like but one problem

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i messed up, she tried to kiss me a month ago but i froze(DAHM MEEEEEEEE)

i told her she smelled like beer and we starting laughing(but i think she was laughing to cover up her humiliation)

well i am a junior and she is a freshman. also in school the teacher told us to write a regret that we have in our lives and i wrote about that(then she asked everyone to read it out loud)

all the girls in my class said awwww how cute and i was like wtf (i turned so red)

next time i see her i am going to give her what i wrote wich is basicly what i feel


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i can't take me liscence test because our car doesnt have the emergency brake in the center(its near the gas)

so yea and no one wants to lend me their cars

at the moment life sucks(but i got an ipod mini w00t)

wtf nooooo, i am in the lvl 20 glicth

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i fell for the level 20 glicth, all of you noobs wacth out,the glicth is that when you get to level 20 you can only go up 2 percent every day, it's gonna be a month before i go up a level
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