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Adding Fuel to the Hellfire

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I have been a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series since I first played the original on my PS2; so much so that I bought Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the sole purpose of playing as Vergil, Dante's twin. That being said, I was more than a little upset at Ninja Theory's take on Dante's design in the latest installment. I also feel that it should be said, I had minimal expectations for the installment. I eventually swallowed my "fanboy pride" and bought the game (new, $60, etc.). I figured I may as well take a leap of faith and give it a chance. I can attest after playing through it twice as of this posting that it was rather enjoyable. There were some things I did not care for, but I will address them in a proper review. Regardless of what the naysayers might say, a game is best reviewed by the actual gamer. So try it for yourself before you pass final judgement.

[ATTENTION] Resigning from Unions

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I would just like to bring to the attention of those who had invited me into their unions that I'll be resigning from all of them for now. I just don't see a need to be in them since I am rarely on and do not contribute anything. It is nothing against the unions themselves or those who created them, more so on my inactivity. Thank you.