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Abusive DLC's

Its so easy to say something likemore substantial orto be closer to an expansion pack feel. but to follow through these bold statements is another thing entirely. I recently just got Hearthfire for Skyrim and it may be old news already but i wanna voice my thoughts on the matter. I loved it. Its awesome, but i am not going to applaud Bethesda for giving me a feature later on when it was a feature that should have already been integrated to begin with. Sure its awesome to build your own home, get a wife and two brats but is it really worth waiitng for and buying? i dunno. Where was the " to be closer to an expansion pack feel." ? i didnt feel that audacious claim and the bugs in that DLC? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Even when dragonborn came out i was semi into it. Half hearted and unsure i treked where i needed trekking but truly, where was the challenge in it. Skyrim is an awesome game, i live and breathe skyrim, but please dont patronize me and dont capitalize on my desire to keep playing the game by giving me half cocked add ons, add ons that modders themselves can do on the skyrim nexus. There was a guy there who spent 400 hours allowing us players to build a castle and have npc's to command...for free. Bethesda allowed me to create a manor...and asked me to pay for it.

Want me to name an expansion that was awesome? AC:Brotherhood.