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aye gamespot

havent been on in god knows how long i havent had the same intrest in games any more since i had alot of school u know a typical 10th grader i still play games during my free time tho well just a blog havent blogged in a year wow

been busy

i havent been on gamespot alot because i never have time i have school and otther things but i still play video games i got alot of new ones ghost recon max payne 3 dragons dogma prototype 2 resident evil silent hill the darkness 2 and way more so i will try to be one gamespot more

random blog

yo gamespot members how are you lol im tired and board i got neverdead today its pretty good why does it have so much hate its ok i have a youtube by the way its called theomgea87 please give it a look and im very sick right now i been absent form school for the past 2 days hopefully i get better and bye

Christmas waiting

I cant wait for christmas i want a new ipod touch a 4g i also want modern warfre 3 for 2 platforms tha 360 an tha wii i herd i aint the good tho by tha customers reviews also i cant wait to get assassins creed revelations it looksvery interesting but i herd it is hit o miss next a kinect it looks fun ill do alata fooling with that las is gloden eye reloded it looks fun it is a remake of the one for wii with was iight but that was hit o miss

the elder scrolls 5

this game looks great this is a mustgetthe elder scrolls 4 is great and diiffrent the elder scrolls 4 is mybe the only rpg i like 4 was so unique i spent hours on that game i been wating a while for this game to come out and finally it will come in november so i highley recommend to buy the elder scrolls 4 first beat that and then play 5 so you will know where the game will pick up

is rage a go or not

this is a game i pre orderd it looks very good rage is a game show video game were you get paid to play and take out zombies or what ever the heck those things are but this is a game that is my type i will make a review when i get it but it looks awesome i would say get this one


is the new on worth getting it looks great and awesome and im a hardcore selda fan but im not sure ifits worth 50 bucks so im not sure

a gameing update

i want to start a topic asking is the newlegend of zelda going to be good it looks at lot like twilight princess and is the elder scrolls skyrim going to be just like oblivion and is modern warfare 3 going to have huge online because of elite i will make seperate blogs tommorrow to update