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Plans on doing research to develop my own game!

:cool: Hello my fellow gamers,

just writing this blog to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking in my GS profile. I been away on holidays from work, while I been away I have decided to conduct my own research in creating a AAA rated game for the near future. The challenge has proven to be a very complex and interesting tast at hand. The good news to this, is that so far I have actually managed to come up with a few art work, story lines and game design software intel.

I am currently looking for people who are also interested in doing the same task or is looking to just join me in obtaining more information in this topic. All are welcome to send me message in my inbox or continue to blog me on my page with the information they have at hand. I believe together we can create some interesting gaming conversation online about this idea.

Well I guess that is all for now peeps, if anything else pops up I will make sure I keep everyone informed as soon has I get more updates. Peace and hope to get some interesting replies from you all. Thanks!:D

TGS 2009 emblem profile update!

Oh okay! this is strange, I have seen the Tokyo game show 2009 for all the four days and I am not seeing any thing on emblems on people profiles? This is the first time I actually give my all to seeing this show online on gamespot and they are saying they might not have any emblem for the show this year ?, is this real or a joke?

Currently I am still on the look out for more details on this, but I am really hoping to see they come up with some thing for the gamers out there online on the website. But I am sure they just waiting for the Heroes battle thing to finish so they can work on the Tokyo Game Show '09 emblem as soon as posssible! 8)

I guess we all will have to wait and see where they are going with this peeps and hope for the best.

Your dear friend,

The Businessfox!:D

Updated infomation:

So I guess it's comfirmed by a fellow mod and official gamespot staff online on this blog that there will be NO! TGS '09 emblem for anyone this year, just because they didn't have the show live this year around. This is a really big disappointment to be getting this info but I guess that's life. Hopefully next year for the Tokyo Game Show 2010 they will make it live and not disappoint us gamers once again. Please note that the Heroes Battlesare coming to an end and we are most likely to hear who is the winner in the next few days to come,so keep in tune with that!

P.S Thanks once again for the feed backs and hope to hear more from all my fellow gamers out there, peace!

My Tokyo top 20 games list of 2009.

1.) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (I want to get this for my psp in London)

2.) Gran Turismo 5

3.) Lost Planet 2

4.) Assassin Creed 2

5.) James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

6.) Yakuza 4 (sweet!)

7.) Tekken 6 (really good fighter)

8.) Final Fantasy Verus 13

9.) Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultamite All Stars

10.) Final Fantasy 14 online

11.) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

12.) Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer

13.) The Last Guardian

14.) God of War 3

15.) Resonance of Fate

16.) Splinter Cell: Convection

17.) Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2

18.) Left 4 Dead 2

19.) Dante's Inferno

20.) Army of Two: The 40th Day

For now I must admit this is an impressive list, but I guess there will be better stuff out there to see on the Tokyo game show that I will have to see to update my list. :D

Gamespot is doing a great job on the second day in Japan but I find that is providing more quicker updates on thier site. So please come up with more exculsive stuff for us here at Thanks in advance Businessfox a.k.a Loic!

Japan, Tokyo Game Show coming up soon!

The Tokyo Game Show is going to be amazing this year, when gets everything japanese on us.

2009 Theme: " Game, it's so energetic!"

This year around I don't plan on missing a single thing in this event because I am already ahead of time counting the days for the show. The Tokyo Game Show is to be held at the Makuhari Messe ( Mihama-Ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) which is organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and also co- organized with Nikkei Business Publication Inc (Nikkei BP). There will be alot of support shown by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan.

The offical site states that the show will be taking place on Thursday 24 th to Sunday 27 th of September 2009 is open for a 4 days period only, first two days will be open has business days and the last two days will be open for general public respectfully.

Exhibitions may include general areas, game school areas, advance mobile and pc areas which is known to hopefully come with a new look this year. There will also be an introduction in mobile contents, such has games for mobile phones and smartphones alike. People are also expected to see kid areas, sales areas, business solutions areas which are available for all on game show floor.

I am really looking forward to seeing getting more official information on the following things below my list:

1.) A playable version of Final Fantasy Verus 13 on Japanese game floor.

2.) New video content on Parasite Eve: Thrid Birthday for PSP.

3.) Hopefully a new game announcement coming from Capcom on maybe a new Resident Evil 6 title leak.

4.) Definately new details on this new Final Fantasy 14 online game for PS 3 and PC.

Oh man there is so much interesting things going on in my mind about this show :D,That I just really hope that I will not be disappointed in missing out on anything this year at 8) I wish to go to Japan one day in my life time with a group of friends to see the show live in person. Japanese people have a rich culture which is extremely interesting to learn about, they are also known for their wonderful architecture in buildings and game designs. Anime and Magna is also a very well known pop culture form of entertainment shown by them.

Now that I have this off my chest on my blog, I would guess that it would be a nice time to get my hands on one of those Famitsu gaming magazine from Japan ;). Let us all come together has one and start discussing about everything that we might find in this year's Tokyo game show fellow gamers. The time is now or neverrrrrrr lol. Please come share your thoughts, ideas, opinions and rumour mail intel of this wondertful game show here.

Businessfox over and out peeps!8)

Going to the United Kingdom, London

Yes my fellow gamespot friends I will be leaving the carribbean to go to England, I will be studying and working there for the next five years of my life. This was the idea of my British girl friend who misses her home land. I guess I will still be on gamespot but now I will be seeing the U.K version of gamespot, but no need to worry my American friends I will still be on the U.S net working provider to give you all my feed back on my travel to Europe.

I have many great plans for my future in Europe and hope to come up with great ideas for all my fellow friends at the U.S gamespot. It was a great pleasure taking part of a great community such as this one. If there is anyone whois interested in knowing what game events they have here, I am willing to do a research for them for free. All you have to do is explain what you wanna see i.e a Bristish car show, or a British game event and anything you can think of. Then I check it out and keep you updated as soon as possible in a private message in your gamespot account.

Oh and if you are a British national who is willing to share your opinions please do so as well. I would really like to get some advice on different things to see and do in London. This will be my first time going to London and any type of good adviceor information would be useful to me. Thanks and may you have a good one aye.

I want to go check out this M festival LAN party that they have in the U.K, at this festival they say it's U.K's Largest LAN party.8) And everyone knows I am gonna be playing for prizes up in there people.:D

Well I guess that's it for now peeps, let me know how you feel or think about this and I will be blogin it out with y'all. Peace man.

E3 2009 Sony press conference shows PSP GO!

Front view of the PSP Go! pic 01

8) So at E3 09 Sony press conference they announced that they will be a new version of this new portable system but will not replace their psp 3000, when I heard this I was so happy that I didn't go and rush to go and buy a psp 3000. The psp go has 16 gigs of on board memory and is wifi ready. They also made it 40% smaller in size and has a really cool modern look and feel to it.

Sony press conference pic of announcements of new PSP GO! pic 02

:P The new PSP Go is going to be released in North America and Europe October 1, 2009 and will have a price tag of $249 /€249, and in Japan on November 1, 2009 for 26,800 yen. It's looks like it's not going to use UMD because now you can downlaod games via wireless connection on their play station network store. So I wonder what they plan on doing with the UMDs that they have all over for the older models of psps? I guess they will still have them around since they not going to give up on their psp 3000.

Back view of PSP Go! pic 03

I guess when I get to the U.K I have to get me one of these and try it out when it is release in fall 2009. And then compare it with the psp 3000 and see which one is the one for me to go with. I want y'all to share your views on this on with me please thanks in advance gamers.

E3 2009 I finally got my emblems just missing the Sony one from Gamespot.

Gamespot really did a great job at the L.A Convention Center this year at E3 09, they really made the show impressive for us all to wanna join them live online for every second that they were there on the game floor. I am happy with the new emblems that they gave me for watching the show live on the day of E3 that took place a few days ago, but I find that at the same time I was done watching the Nintendo Press Conference on the site. I went right after to see the Sony Press Conference and I didn't see that I have my Sony emblem as well? so I was wondering if there is still a way that I can get it, and if so I still wanna know if I have to check out the sony press conference online again at to get it. I really want my Sony emblem more than anything else so can y'all at gamespot get back to me as soon as possible on a pm, blog comment or something please. Thanks very much and respect is due to you all at

My take on Tales of Pirates online game!!!!

There is alot of cool stuff about this online game from and I find it really nice. I am looking forwarded in making some of my friends from gamespot join me since I just started a few weeks ago and I am looking for some assistance to help me level up and have fun in exploring this interesting game. Everyone is welcome to join me at any time they please. All you have to do is send me a PM on gamespot or look for Leon31 level 15 explorer at the City of Argent and you will know that's me.

So please keep your eyes on the look out for me so that we all can do some missions together and get to know each other, it's always nice to work as a team and get to socialize on an online community. And I know thereare many of you out there that knows about this game wayyy beforeI did so I know some of you can show me the ropes around the game. I have so many questions but I want to ask some of y'all on Don't wanna make myself look like an idiot online while I am playing the game online with the other players lol. Even if there are queit a few of them who always seems to help me out in the end of a mission or something.

This is a picture of the City of Argent in Tales of Pirates

Man everything about this game seems to be so simple but it really catches my eyes when I start playing these beautiful levels and fighting some foes in this game,trust me I throught it was some dumb kids game but actually anyone can play this MMORPG. Oh yeah infact this is my first time playing a MMORPG game :shock:. And I think this is a great one to start out with for newbies like me in this type of genre. Please if anyone has some information to share about this game I would be more than happy to read what you have to share with me online at on a blog here or in a PM 8). Thanks in advance and hope to see some of you gamers on Tales of Pirates online :D.

This is a second picture of Tales of Pirates for the more high end players online.

Gamespot will get the GOLD for the Webbyawards!!!!!

8) Yeahhhhh! I know is going to WIN the gold in this online award we all who voted are going to get our emblems for this when they win, so if you haven't voted as yet you have a chance to win an emblem just by voting on the webbyawards website. All you have to do is sign up on their site and then write a simple comment and then come back on the gamespot site, go to webbyaward thread and let them know that you voted, Simple as that. What you waiting for dude go and vote now > ?

My new hp tx2000 notebook

yeah my fellow gamers, I finally worked hard to buy me one of these for my home use on X mas. So far I am still trying to get the hang of using this baby tech in my hands, I like the fact of how small and light weight it is to carry around. I will be testing this out to see what kind proformance it will give me for the end of the year, then I have plans on selling it at a really cheap price to anyone who is interested in wanting a note book like this. But I will blog it here online so that everyone would know the features and stuff.

Everything I got out of the box will be included in my package for sale in great condition, so keep a eye out for my new blog saying hp tx2000 notebook on sale 2010. So see you later gamers.

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