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3 years later.

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Man, this all brings back some good memories - mostly of me sitting on my ass posting dumb stuff at the age of 14 (when I was in my GS prime, I stopped posting when I was 16). My grammar and spelling has improved since then, honest. Even though some of my old posts are cringe-worthy, it brings a tear to my eye and also the sweet sweet reminisence of simpler times.

I wonder if anybody I used to know still posts? I'm thinking mainly about the guys who posted in "The Board/Union Ian Made". Earthking, chazn93, PowerEchidna, GhostHunterUk, DongZhuo26 and 5cott are a few names that spring to mind... kind of weird that I've remembered all those, but hey. Of course there's Ianbone01 himself, who I still talk to from time to time even almost 5 years down the line...

I'm 19 now, still living in the midlands, still living at my desk, and currently doing a degree in music technology... in case you were interested.


Cya in 3 years.

For Jeff

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I know some people may have had there differences with him, some may of hated him, but i dont think anybody can truly deny that Jeff Gerstmann had a massive effect on the personality of this website. The event has hit us all as quite a shock, and from what i can tell, has left the whole office in an emotional state. (Read some off Jeff's fellow employes blogs, sad stuff). I fear that this place will never be the way it once was, and thats upsetting, as i hold my past times of this website very close to me indeed.

I think that one of the first videos i ever watched here was the tour of Jeffs Crib, i was surprised at how funny he actually was. Though he always did his job professionally, and was a inspiration to many people in and outside the office, includig myself in some ways.

Though its not all bad, as other great people such as Alex N and Ryan (and many other) will continue to put in the effort and personality which Gamespot deserves.

Hopefully this will not be the end for Jeff.

Activision *Slaps*

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Just read through the latest setlist of songs for Guitar Hero 3, i got what i expected, a handful of songs ive heard of, and like, and a heeeeella bunch of ones that proberly hit No.50 in the charts during WWI.

Hooray for -

Tenacious D
The Strokes
The Killers

Needs More -

Ten Speed - Coheed And Cambria
A Crow Left To The Murder - Incubus
Radio - Alkaline Trio
Charmer - Kings Of Leon
Thank You For Venom - MCR (Dead? DEAD?! *spits*)
Anthem (We Are The Fire) - Trivium
Icky Thump - White Stripes

They would be epic. The game will still own though, no doubt, its GH after all.

Oh, and that Dragonforce song on expert video, when it was released, you could hear the sound of a 1000 GH veterians, panting, sweating, and trembling.

You will lose. Oh yes, you will lose.

Back From Cyprus, GCSEs and College

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Anybody want a copy of "Knocked Up" with the visual quality of a DVD thats been carried around in a plastic bag filled with glass and gravel?

How about a £6 Rolex which will fill with vapour as soon as it makes contact with a drop of water?

Pornographic playing cards for that long flight home with the parents? No? Well ok, ill keep them for later.

In other news i got my GCSE results today, mostly C's lol...Got a B in Art though, but im more than happy with that, gonna be in the local news paper with a group of my friends, awesome.

Got way more then i need to get into my 4 college A-Level courses, which are:

Media Studies, ICT, Phycology, Socialogy

Cant wait, might be getting a small job at woolworths soon too, tis all good :)

The Simpsons Movie

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Take a pretty good episode prior to series 12.

Add an hour onto it.

Add some laughs to that hour.

Add better animation.

Take away all the secondary charecters.

Only have 2 scenes with Mr.Burns, Moe, And Apu.

Show Barts penis for some reason.

And you have The Simpsons Movie!! Hooray!

Huzzah / Wooters

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Leveling Up:


I am so close to the powerful level 30 i can almost taste it.

Prepare to feel my wrath.

A Simpsons Tale

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Errrrr yeah....

"Superintendent Chalmers!"

"On my recent school searching quota i found 3 child corpses in the ventalation system, A cat in the kitchens fryer, and a crazy man screaming with a shotgun in the toilets!"


"But other then that you seem to be keeping this place in tight shape! Your a great man Skinner, you'll make a great farther, heres a raise, keep up the good service"


E3 Thoughts And "Whats better then cake?"

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Digital cake in the form of a gamespot emblem, thats what.

Ok i lie, nothings better then cake.

Im starting to like gamespots recent creativity with these emblems ya know, food items? Thats genius, there finally getting it. Oh, and i got a silver E3 emblem for watching 2 live shows, but gold is so more blingin. And where the hell is my Sony emblem?! I watched it live god damn it. Madness.

E3 2007

As for my thoughts on E3? I dont like the change all that much, but whatever. Some of the games look awesome. Nintendo are taking this "Its all about familys and old people now!" a bit too serious for my like, Wii Fit? Come on... Thats not a game, they might as well of made a friggin treadmill. Microsoft press conference wasnt half bad either, Rock Band looks crazy, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Assassins Creed, all good stuff. By the way did anyone catch what the hell was going on in that Halo 3 trailer? The scenes change so much that its like strobe lighting.

Not only do i need a 360 now, but i also heeella want to play Super Mario Galaxy and that new Mario Kart, and some others. As soon as as i can afford it im gonna go on a crazy gaming spending spree. Oh god its going to brake me.

As for the PS3? Maybe if i sell my legs to a black market in Russia, ill have the money. Hopefully by the time i recover from the blood loss it will have some good games also.

New Sig

Based on the infamous Youtube user "Daxflame" and one of his best quotes EVAR.

You can find his channel here -

He is an artist.

P.S - I actually like pie more then cake so... i have no idea why i chose cake. Pie ftw.