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Hey hey hey! This is my first time really doing something on the new gamespot. I don't really care for the new site layout, but like I said, I will continue to blog every few months.

So what is new with me? Well I'm currently doing National Novel Writing Month (At 22,000 words), so that's interesting. I've been busy off the internet as well, and haven't had time to play any games. I did play GTAV which was extraordinary.

I do miss a few friends here though, I'm hoping to see some familiar faces in the comments. I just wish things could have been different. The new location for my union is better, but I still miss the old community here.

Oh, I wrote a blog for novel month! Figured I'd paste it here for those who want to read it!

[spoiler]Three years ago I entered National Novel Writing Month, only hoping to finish. What I wrote was disastrous and I was definitely disappointed. I made it to 50,000 words but I was not happy with what I wrote, so I vowed to do it again someday.

So here we are three years later. I decided to do it about a week before it began, I had no ideas, no plans. With three hours to go I finished my idea and awaited the time to write. Immediately I found myself struggling to keep up, and constant interruptions burdened my soul.

But here we are on the thirteenth day, and I'm still going. I've finally broken away at 22,000 words. It's harder than I remember, probably because I'm putting a lot more work into it. But the truth is, three years ago, I didn't finish. I only wanted to reach the end, and that's not how a novel should be. This year, I'm going to finish. I'm going to enjoy the journey and worry about the end when I get there.

I never thought I'd make it this far, but now I'm more determined than ever. If you haven't tried Nanowrimo, it's definitely worth it. Even if you don't finish your novel, it's a lot of fun and can spark creativity and love for writing. I had lost my passion for my dream, but thanks to this month, I'm now working on three different novels.

And that's part of the magic in this event. It pushes you to keep on going, and it encourages you to write. I'm closing in on halfway, and hopefully, I can make it to the end. But this year, I already feel as if I have won; because of how it brought back my passion. If I don't make it to the end, I certainly haven't lost anything. But I've gained a new insight on writing, and how I can put my ideals into novels and share my stories.

Three years ago I failed because I didn't care, but now I do care and will work hard to put my ideas out into the world for others to discover. Even if I don't reach the end, I've already won because I tried my best and put my heart into my story. That's the true meaning to writing, to take the creations from your heart and turn them into words. To care for what you have created, and to push hard to make it the best you can.

-A very tired Bugbag.[/spoiler]


So how has everyone been? :P



Hey man :D I hope you remember me :) Like you, I won't leave, even in the sad situation this site is right now :( Good luck with your novel :D Gotta get used to the new site I guess...