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Spike TV VGA 08

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I posted it on SW and it was a sticky for a while so i thought ill add it to my BLOG as well.
LINK is here is you want to visit it.

Ok we all know that VGA08 is less then hours/minutes away now.

The show willl be hosted by jack Black.


GOTY NOMINEE'Shttp://i.testfreaks.com/images/products/600x400/41/gears-of-war-2.367145.jpg
http://gamesprite.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/gtaiv_cover.jpg http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/metalgear/images/thumb/7/74/Cover_Jap_MGS4.jpg/250px-Cover_Jap_MGS4.jpg http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/object/901/901269/fallout3_ps3_cover_RPboxart_160w.jpg http://gamerdigest.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/little-big-planet.png?w=261&h=300

Here are all the catagories:

VGA Live Pre Show on Sunday
This year's VGA pre-show is coming to you LIVE, December 14th at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST! All you have to do is log onto vga.spike.com and click on Live Pre Show! You won't want to miss a moment as Pre Show host Amanda Mackay interviews all the celebs walking the carpet. Remember anything can happen in this ridiculously awesome LIVE pre show - brought to you by Stride, The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum.

World Premieres

Take a look at some of the amazing world premieres debuting at the 2008 Video Game Awards live on Sunday, December 14th at 9pm.

Immediately following the show you can view the full exclusive world premieres right here!


EA Sports President Peter Moore will unveil the next Fight Night game for the first time, featuring a virtual bout between two legends of the ring!

Click here for a sneak peak!


Nathan Drake could have quit while he was ahead, but instead he embarks upon a new quest for treasure and glory.

Click here for a sneak peak!


2008 VGA host Jack Black and video game designer Tim Schafer team up to tell the story of one roadie who fights off evil demons with the greatest weapon he has - Heavy Metal music.

Click here for a sneak peak!


Kratos returns to battle with the meddling gods to ensure that in the end, there will only be chaos.


Be the first to see what's next for Gears of War 2...


You are John Connor battling the forces of Skynet to save humanity in Terminator Salvation. It's the movie we all have wanted to see, and the game we have always wanted to play.


This prequel to the highly anticipated upcoming film adaptation of the celebrated graphic novel will let gamers scrawl their own design on the morally blank world, co-op **** and fight as key characters Rorschach and Nite Owl.


Different city, different family, but the game remains the same. Rise to the top of the family in this highly anticipated sequel...

Click here for a sneak peak!


Ride through Liberty City with the Lost biker gang in the first new episode of GTA IV.

Click here for a sneak peak!

Sick of getting Modded

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I dont even know what i do any more but i keep getting Msg's from GS about me writing something. And bang point loss or level loss.

Getting sick of all this.

My latest thread on SW

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This was my latest thead on SW and thought i should bog it.

Ok so i was almost convinced that the X360 had better graphics compared to the ps3, because i will go to my friends place and he would be playing x360 in hd and the games looked really good, we'll most of them. And then when i go home to play my ps3 sometimes it would have blurry bits and other graphics errors.....until i brought my ps3 over my dads house cause he got brand new full 1080p plasma 42". The games all looked same or even better on the ps3 plus some of the exclusives like uncharted. Like i knew the game was pretty but when u play it on full hd it awesome.

So yer i just also wan to say to all those x360 owners to not and just look at the pictures of the games on Gs or ign actually play the game and see for your selves.

So yer ...

e3 2008 lin-up

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Monday July 14th
1PM ET – Half-hour pre-show followed by the entire Microsoft Press Conference – live and commercial free on-air and online.
6PM ET – EA Press Conference - Live streaming coverage on G4tv.com
7PM ET – Two-hour E3 Preview Show featuring the following DEMOS:

* Fallout 3
* Fable 2
* Halo Wars
* Ghostbusters : The Videogame
* Silent Hill: Homecoming

Tuesday July 15th

12PM ET – Live on-air and online streaming, commercial free coverage of the Nintendo Press conference
2:30PM ET - Live on-air and online streaming, commercial free coverage of the Sony Press conference
5:30PM ET – Ubisoft Press Conference - Live streaming coverage on G4tv.com
6:00PM ET– Live three hour E308 Special featuring the following DEMOS:

* Gears of War 2
* Resistance 2
* Killzone 2
* Rock Band 2
* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
* Prince of Persia
* Street Fighter IV
* Lord of the Rings: Conquest
* Dark Void

7:30PM ET – CAPCOM Press Conference - Live streaming coverage on G4tv.com
11:30PM ET – ACTIVISION Press Conference - Streaming coverage on G4tv.com

Wednesday July 16th

5:30PM ET - KONAMI Press Conference - Live streaming coverage on G4tv.com
6PM ET – Live three hour E308 Special featuring the following DEMOS:

* Resident Evil 5
* FarCry 2
* LittleBigPlanet
* Dead Space
* Spore
* InFamous
* Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
* Left 4 Dead
* Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
* Crysis: Warhead
* Shaun White Snowboarding
* Deadly Creatures

Thursday, July 17th

6PM ET – Live three hour E308 Special featuring the following DEMOS:

* Mirror's Edge
* Madden NFL '09
* Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
* Tom Clancy's EndWar
* Project Origin
* Banjo Kazooie
* Face Breaker

Friday, July 18th

7PM ET – Attack of the Show E3 Wrap-up Special
8PM ET – X-Play "Best of E3" Special

Keep in mind that the games listed in the coverage below are actual demos, not simple previews or teaser trailers.

I personally can not wait.
LBP, kz2, Resistance 2.


2.4 update!!

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Ok so we all know that this update is coming soon.

But now i have to re-clock my games so i can get those trophy points.

So im going to have to re-clock MGS4, Heavenly Sword, assassins Creed, Cod4, R:fom and some other that i also borrowed.

Why cant they just give us the trophys that we should get by reading the saved data.

But yer atleast we get in game XMB n other cool features.

Games i will like to own by the end of 08

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Ok i havent made a Blog in a long time

This is also my second Blog. I will try to keep the Blogs coming.

Im not sure i will get all of these but hopefully most.

I have a Job plus my brother will also pitch in to buy some of these game.
The ones coloured Green are the ones i will be getting. Yellow maybe. and Normal colour are the ones if i have money left to buy.


Little Big Planet






Devil May Cry 4

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Lost Planet

On my next blog i will be posting about the games that i have and my opinions on them.

System Wars

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im just going to write something short about system wars,

I will be talking about all the annoying fanboys in general.

Do not say that one console is better then the other because they all have there own strengths.

The Ps3 does have better hard-ware then the other two consoles and that is why you dont see many multiplatform games with great graphics on the ps3. The devs are still getting use to it.

The 360 hard-ware is also good but it is similar to the Pc. The Devs are use to creating games on this console thats why you see that most multiplatform games looking better on this console.

The wii doesnt have nothing special in it yet is sells like hot cakes, the reason for this is because they chose to do something different and innovative. Plus it is cheaper then the other two consoles which gives it an even bigger boost in sales and popularity.

All the consoles are grea and dont pay them out by saying its sh*t or something like that.
If someone does pay out the console they just jelouse and are stupid little fanboys who get offended like someone just bagged his mother or religion.

there consoles people! relax and enjoy what you've got.