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its been a long time!

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i just realized its been a while since i've blogged or even logged on. well i sold my DSi and got rid of all my games except mario kart which i gave to my sister. i never used my DSi anymore except for the camera so i thought i should sell it. as for the ps3 i now have: NHL10, LBP, Drake's Fortune 1 and 2, Modern Warfare 1(my mom really shocked me by letting me get this), B-Company(waiting for 2 when i get enough money), and Ratchet and Clank. i never use the wii because the PS3 blows the wii away. well thats it. i think ill post again in a few months or so haha. ! :D

waiting for PS3.....

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well its been about 2weeks of waiting and i'm about to explode. my mom sadi she'll get me one more cheap game and i decided battlefield: bad company or uncharted: drake's fortune. i hope b-company becuz i found out i can't get COD(the M stamp) and its the closest thing i'll get. well this is short becuz that all that really worth blogging in my life. boring...

Christmas List

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well i know what i'm getting but still....

1. PS3 slim 120gb

2. NHL10

3. Little Big Planet

4. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

5. Dualshock Controller

i went shopping with my dad so he knew what to get but he hid it until xmas(i know where it is...hehe). I did pay for most of the PS3 and #3 and #4 were free so i'm not spoiled...am i?

what other games should i get for the PS3? I'm thinking COD:Modern warfare 1and2, and Gran Turismo 5 when it comes out.

haven't been on in a while....

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wow! i haven't been on in almost a month. i've been really busy with school, moving, oh and getting a PS3!!!!!

i went to bestbuy at 5 this morning and got the LittlebigPlanet/Ratchet&Clank bundle. i waited 3 hours but it was soooo worth it.

I have to wait until christmas though....

but i still got it(along with NHl10)

Merry Christmas....um... Shopping!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

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well as the topic stated happy halloween!

get lots of candy for me. i can't go trick or treatin becuz of homework...:cry:

i has three hole puch nick (joke from "the office") and mario. i had the hat and everything but ican't wear it tonight. i did get to wear it at the halloween carnival though...

what are you being...if anything...?

Once again

Happy Halloween

football(again) and my life

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well last week we won our game 35-0...i scored the first TD...does that mean i scored the winning touchdown? if you know could you tell me. we won today too. 13-6. i definately scored the winning touchdown that game. i almost had another and an interception but i hav the hands of a snake. (i can't catch well...not terrible but not always)

well i've been really busy lately and can't go on GameSpot much anymore. we're tryin to move into an apartment out here in california so we can move some of our furnature before we move to New Jersey. and i hav homework and team projects and i'm usually the leader so i hav even mor work. and i hav to work on my little sis's project(like help not do it for her. i'm the cameraman and editor) i'm doing good in skool with all A's but i hav this acedemic dethalon which my mom makes me do(she wants me to get like a million scholarships i think..), and track, and football.

oh could people pray for my friend, Ben? he has the swine flu and is like my best friend. ik the odds are that he'll be fine but i'm super freaked out especially since i live near mexico and i hear about all the people dying there...i wish stupid diseases would just leave and die already...

FACT 10: I live in a family of 7.

thats right. 7. 3 sisters(2 older, 1 younger) . 1 older bro. and 2 parents(mom and dad).

my dad's always flying out to NYC for his new job and my bro is in college so i'm like the man of the house! woohoo!

how big is your family? bigger than mine? i bet a ton of people do(my aunt has like 15 kids)...

i'm leaving.... and PS3 and football and the office

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i'm leaving...:shock:not from gamespot. :Pso thats good.

i'm moving to New Jersey, USA!!!!:shock: In july but it's still exciting! back tot the cold and snow.:D my dad got a new job in NYC and we want to live in a more suburban area so NJ was the choice. no house yet...:?

i gave my PS3 idea to my dad and he likes it so far...(YES!!!:lol:)

i hav a football game today! i hope the team isn't big like the last two teams...:? we're not doin so well though...we're 1-2:(

i've been watchin the office more often now. i watched the 1st and 2nd seasons but then never watched it again after i moved to San Diego. but now i'm watchin it a ton. i basically went bac becuz pam and jim got married. i've been watchin old favs and new ones that i missed(4 seasons worth) by the way my icon didn't come out perfect...it says

"i got six numbers...one more and it would have been a complete thelephone number" -kevin

FACT 9: I'm 76% german, 12% irish, 12% french.

like ancestors...

what are you?

football and game systems

by on

Haven't blogged in a while...

well in football i got leveled by a guy 8 inches taller than me and did a back flip and hit my head.:? now my hip hurts and can barely sprint:?...btw we lost our rival game last saturday....:cry:

i decided to get a PS3 becuz it has more for me...bluray, free wifi, more games i'm going to be able to play, my parents might pay for some of it...:D

FACT 8: I've only owned Nintendo Systems in my life.

Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy Advance SP, DS, DS lite, DSi, Gamecube, and Wii. I think the only 2 gameboy/DS models i haven't ownedare the Gameboy Color and Pocket. It would be cool to get a N64 but i don't really need it. that's y getting the PS3 is a big thing for me. I feel like i'm betraying nintendo.

What systems hav you owned? Which is the best?

Xbox360 or PS3

by on

i'm hoping to get one or the other in the near future. basic pros and cons for each(for me)


Pros- Halo3, Great wifi stuff, better graphics, more people i know hav this so it would be more fun on wifi, lower price, plays Xbox games

cons-halo3(Mrated(parents would they let me)), expensive wifi(cards and adapter), noisy, no blu-ray, breaking down more


pros- blu-ray, dad might pay for half of it, free wifi, quiet

cons- no halo3, expensive by itself, doesn't play PS2 games(no sure)

i know it's not a lot but it's the basic ideas going through my head.

comments are welcome for advice, additions, opinions, etc.

football and homework

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:cry:we lost our football game...:cry: something to zero:shock::cry:

but i got the play of the game for our team. hail mary pass but the guy was in front of me so he got me before the touchdown but still8) our QB got off his game becuz they were bigger and only gav him 2 seconds...:|so he threw like 3 interceptions...:?

does anyone hav a whole bunch of homework...

i do and i hate it. i hav 2 projects to do (even though one is a video and was fun to make), 2 essays, and 3 worksheets all due by thursday...:?

FACT 7: I've only played Halo 3 twice. :shock::o

i don't hav a 360 and when i go to friends houses we either play airsoft or football or basetball. i like it even though i'm a total noob! haha:lol:

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