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Why don't more people in games/movies/tv freak the hell out when they first see an alien/monster or other unidentifiable creature? I'm sure there are some who wouldn't, but I'm even more sure that most people would at least partially lose their minds and start babbling, pee themselves or something like that. This should happen more, please do this for me videogames industry! Even if it's just for comedy, please, I would thank you in person.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-order bonuses suck! Not all, but damn near all of them. They range from art book or soundtrack to trivial in game collectible. I know plenty of gamers like those kind of things because lots of us are hoarders and collectors of nerd stuff. But most of it is worth nothing now and won't be in the future.

If developers and publishers want to add real value to their games for those brave enough to pre-order they should do it in a more literal way, by giving a discount. I'd be much happier putting down some early money for mass effect 2 if it was $50 instead of $60. I guarantee I'd buy another 5 or so games when they're brand new instead of waiting for them to drop to $40 a few months later.

Girls who game

I love it when I meet girl gamers. Not saying they're super rare or something, but they're kinda rare to me. I don't know awhole lot of them. Just a few. One of them is someone I converted to gaming. I convinced a girl to buy an Xbox 360, mainly because she wanted Guitar Hero of all games. Too bad I haven't been able to convince her to jump with both feet and get on Xbox Live. Oh well, at least I've got her down that path. More recently I turned someone onto the magical experience that is Peggle, on the DS. That made me buy it myself on DS too even though I already own it on my 360.

I don't hear alot of the girl perspective on games. Not that I'm trying to make out that a girls perspective would be that much different from a man, but they could be. I just enjoy it because even if it isn't, it feels more balanced having viewpoints from both sides of the gender fence. Haha, gender fence. PEACE OUT!!


Peggle!! What a word that is Peggle. I love peggle. It's stupid fun. The kinda fun you can just turn on when ya got ten or 15 minutes to kill before you ride picks your up or while you're waiting for your girlfriend to change for the nth time before going out. I only wish there were more levels. I don't imagine it was the hardest game to code so why are there only 11 stages with 5 levels each. Maybe they've saved it for some DLC, but if that's true then maybe I should just resort to being a jerk and call the developers abuncha jews. I hope it's because they wanted to get it out quick and maybe have more levels to be added in later. But really, that's not gonna happen. I just feel like it was over alittle too quickly.

Whatelse have I been playing? Alittle Halo 3, some Lost & Damned and finally Call of Duty World at War. I haven't played much of these 3, combined it's maybe 5-6 hours this week because I've been remodelling my damn kitchen for far too long. The crappy part is that it'll probably be another week till the kitchen is usable. Till then I'm stuck squeezing in what precious little scraps of time I can. PEACE OUT!

Microsoft Points (are they worth it?)

Living in Canada, near a border crossing to the US, I've always had to deal with the exchange rate. I've never really had it impact me in a personal way because I buy most everything here in Canada. But now that I'm regularily buying content on Xbox Live it has. I'm talking about Microsoft points.

Seeing as most of the gaming press comes from San Francisco (yes I'm generalizing) all prices for downloadable content is quoted in USD. For example: GTA IV The Lost and Damned has been pinned at costing 1600 points or $20. For me this costs more than that. 2000 points costs me $29.00 or $32.48 with taxes. So instead of it costing me 1.25 cents per point like it does for all the Yankees on Xbox Live, I'm stuck paying 1.45 cents per point. Why would they need such a price increase? It's not like they have to pay the extra shipping to send the content up here, it's digital content sitting on the microsoft servers. I know full retail games are usually the exact same price up here in The Great White North as they are in America.

I actually have an example of prices on Killzone 2 that favours Canadians. On Killzone 2 costs only $53.99 CDN, while it cost $59.99 USD on I know that being in Canada means I get a small on retail discs most of the time because a $59.99 game in the US is usually the same price here. So it all comes down to points costing more only on Microsofts console. I just bought Flower on PSN which only cost me $9.99 CDN plus taxes of course, which is the same it costs in USD from what I've heard and read on the interwebs. I'd really like an answer from Microsoft in some way so I've actually forwarded a link to this blog to Major Nelson & E. Here's hoping I get an answer, even if they are just gonna give me a broken record response. PEACE OUT!

Wounded by red rings of death.

This wound is very fresh. It's 3:34pm PST and my 360 just red rings all of 20 minutes ago. It's been less than 10 minutes since I spoke with the nice lady from Xbox. This sucks. At least it's not as bad as the 1st time my Xbox died. That time it was just as Halo 3 launched and I was forced to look at that Master Chief head for two weeks.

I wanted to get this down just after it's happened. This is easily the happiest I've been that I own a Wii and now finally, since Christmas, a PS3. Since most of my gaming time this last week has been spent playing Fallout 3 and GTA IV The Lost and Damned I now have more time to play a few unfinished games. On PS3 I've got Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 which I just order from with express shipping because my local stores don't have it. Then on Wii there's William's Pinball Hall of Fame, Super Mario Galaxy, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and Resident Evil 4. Crappy as this is at least I've got something to fall back on. I kinda feel like my cars in the shop and I'm stuck with the rental. But a rental that feels kinda novel for abit, but after a few days I'll start missing my old car, then by the end I'm really stoked by the time I pull in to the repair shop and get my old car back. Alright that's enough, PEACE OUT!


Why should I have to pre-order? I don't want to pay for something so far in advance like that for anything. I also don't want to get stuck with store credit or something similar. I especially hate it when you take the time to pre-order so you'll get a particular game on launch only to find out that the store you order at didn't get enough copies to fill their pre-orders. So remind me what the point of pre-ordering is if a store can't even get it on day 1 anyways. I hate preordering with a passion and try to avoid it as much as I can. The problems are magnified further for me because of this small Canadian town I live it that has all of 3 stores that carry games: Wal-Mart, Zellers and my local movie rental place. I know game companies ship games before the actual release date because they need to have them available to put on shelves for day one. So why can't they just press more copies up front and store them for abit? I don't want another situation like I had with NHL 09 where I'm calling my local store everyday asking if my pre-order has finally come in. If movies don't need pre-orders to work, neither does the games industry, just make more copies for day 1 damnit. Peace out!

Been playin'

I've been putting in a decent amount of time into gaming this past week. I've played Fallout 3, Halo 3 and now I bought the GTA DLC The Lost and Damned. I'm completely loving it so far. I've only played 3 hours or so. It feels like it's own little expansion of the GTA universe. Without spoiling things, the story is pretty flat so far, but I don't expect it to remain that way for long. Riding on bikes is fun again when you join in the new biker races. The game goes all Road Rash on you and gives you a bat to try and edge out your opponents. It's awesome because you can charge up the bat and give a power swing that knocks anyone clean off their bike, rather than just tapping the button to push them off course (hopefully into a wall for more fun). I'm interested in finding out how long it takes to wrap up the story. I'll try an keep track so I can compare it with the 8-12 hours I've heard it takes. I hope this Broth-er-hood ends with Johnny on top and Bill in a body bag. PEACE OUT!

this far

So far this week I've put in about 4 or 5 hours in Fallout 3 and about 5 hours in Halo 3 multiplayer. If I was forced to play only two games this week it would be these two. I'm playing through Fallout for the reasons in my last blog, but for Halo 3 it's different. In Halo 3 I'm playing because I love that damn game and I have a few new people on my friends lists that play regularily. I love Halo 3. With the new map pack coming soon it really time for me to get my skills back up to par. My kill to death ration is in the plus, with a 1.2 in ranked and a 1.4 in social. I like to think I'm a pretty good team player. I pretty much only play Team Slayer in ranked and in unranked, Social Slayer. I've got alot of matches in unranked which makes some people tell me that I'm crap. No one bothers to ask why someone would have so many damn unranked games. For me it's that I play online with my girlfriend and her Dad, who are both less than level 20 ranked, so unfortunatly means they can't play with me (lv 31) without having plenty of mismatches for skill. Anywho, time to get back to my paying job. PEACE OUT!

This week.

Let's see, it's monday (ish) and I'm contemplating what I'll be playing this week. Most of my time will probably be spent exploring the DC wasteland in Fallout 3. After that my time is usually pretty splintered for gaming. I know I'll put in random amounts of time among a few games: Burnout Paradise, Flower & NHL 09. So it'll be an Xbox week with the exception of Flower. I'm addicted to Fallout 3 right now for a few reasons. First just because it's the same kinda virtual crack that Oblivion was. More importantly I'm trying to get ahead of one of my friends in Fallout 3 gamerscore and in total gamerscore. Right now I'm at 9592 total and have 270 in Fallout 3, but my friend is at 10897 total and 390 in Fallout 3. This means I have alot of catching up to do. If I can do this it will also push me past another friend of mine who's just cracked ten thousand gamerscore. Good luck to me. PEACE OUT!