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Wii Fit Experiment: Sit on It!

Wii Fit Experiment:

For my first "outside the norm" experiment with Wii Fit, I decided to try and simulate what it may be like for someone with limited or no use of their legs to use the Wii Balance Board. For these tests, I assumed a person to have use of their abdominal muscles and both arms.

These tests are in no way scientific outside of a little creative math use and it should be noted that I am not a medical professional of any kind. Please take caution and be sure to warm up when trying any physical activity mentioned in this article.

The hardest part for me was the initial registration. Obviously, the Balance Board was meant to be stood on during this test. At first I started by telling Wii Fit that I was 2' 10" (87 cm) tall, roughly how tall I am sitting down and a bit more than half my actual height of 5' 6" (168 cm). More...

Re-Mission Video Game Helps Youth Fight Cancer

A study released in the latest issue of Pediatrics Journal finds that a video game focusing on the mechanics of cancer treatment can play a significant role in the remission of teens and young adults. Developed by HopeLab with the assistance of young patients, Re-Mission speaks to the issues that they confront daily in their fight against cancer.

Re-Mission is a free downloadable (PC only) 3D "shooter" with 20 levels that takes the player on a journey through the body of young patients living with different kinds of cancer. Patients play as Roxxi, an intrepid nanobot and blast cancer cells and control side effects. Beating the game requires taking chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics, using relaxation techniques, eating proper foods and keeping up with other types of self-care. More...

Video Game Technology Revolutionizes Radiology

A team of former video game developers have taken their knowledge and skills to create revolutionary medical imaging software. Redmond, WA company FiatLux Imaging, released today a visualizing application set to improve access and speed in the radiology field.

FiatLux Visualize uses a mainstream video game technology, Microsoft's DirectX graphics platform, which allows it to run on all PCs. It lets doctors analyze the 3D MRI or CT Scan images on standard PCs or PDAs. This major change in the field will improve the speed at which results can be analyzed, allowing doctors to work at any place and time, rather than being confined in radiology labs. More...

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes 1

Capcom has sent out the first in a series of behind the scenes videos for the upcoming remake of Bionic Commando, a ****c NES action game.

In this video, members of the development team at GRIN discuss the characters, bosses and series heritage of Bionic Commando. They also talk about what it was like working with Capcom on Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

No exact release date has been set for this multiplatform (360, PC, PS3) title, but 1up's Jeremy Parish claims to be reviewing it, so it can't be too far off. Check out the video...

Blood Bowl Teaser Trailer

Here (FLV, 640*360, 14 MB)

From French developer Cyanide and publisher Focus Home Interactive comes Blood Bowl. This brutal take on American football is based on the table top game by Games Workshop (Warhammer). Players will be able to play in turn-based and real-time modes with teams created from fantasy ****s like Orcs, Elves and Dwarfs. Blood Bowl is in development for DS, PC, PSP and Xbox 360. No release date has been set.

Allone in the Dark (Multi) Making Of Video Part 1

Atari has sent out what appears to be the first in a series of "making of" videos for the soon-to-be released survival horror game Alone in the Dark. This 3 minute video features a few of the game's developers and includes some early prototype footage.

Developed by Eden Games, this re-imagining of Alone in the Dark takes place in New York's Central Park and promises a DVD-****presentation complete with a chapter selection screen. The game will be released on PC, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii in Europe on June 20 and in North America on June 24. A PS3 version is also being developed, but no release date has been set.

Video (FLV, 640*360, 24 MB)

Pop Review

FULL review at The Able Gamer

EDITED review can be found at GameSpot

When I first started playing Pop, I said "Seven dollars? They can't be serious". After putting a fair amount of time into it I feel that the price point is fair. For me, the inclusion of online leaderboards alone justifies the price. Pop is a game that I've enjoyed playing in short bursts and one that has also sucked me in for a few hour plus sessions. If you're in the market for a simple light gun ****shooter, or you've exhausted the fun that can be had in Wii Play target shooting, Pop is probably right up your alley.