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So Far for a long time ( maybe )

Dear Gamespotians....

latelly, i don't have time to post in my blog..... i became a very busy people ( ?!? ).... just kidding, i cant post because the work become a hard piece of sh****, i dont have time even for breathe!!!!I'll back soon as a possible... in the mainwhile, i gonna nominated someone to become a Brazilian Gamespot Union Leader! someone have interest????

That's it for now.... who wanna talk to me, please leave a pm...

Thanks for All8)

One of the best cars ever...

bugatti veyron.

Lets talk about number...

16 cilinders in W

4 Turbocompressors

1001 HP...

above 130KGFM of torque..

0-60MPH in 2.3 Sec.

max over 250 mPh (400Km/H)

price not under US$1,000,000.00

only 45 was made/year...

355/40 rear tires an 335/40 front tires..

over 60mph, a rear spoiler get up automatic (Hydraulics)

350mm brake discs (12")...

something more???

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