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Back form Italy + top 50 characters : nr. 45

Hey all

I'm back from my holiday in Italy. It was freakin hot but still fun :) I shall continue my top 50 today with nr 45

Spyro the dragon ( the Spyro series)

Who hasn't heard of the adorable Spyro , the purple dragon who has stole my heart from the first game. Although the recent spyro games aren't as good as the first , spyro is still one of the most famous game characters and deserves his spot in this list.

That's all for today , cya later for nr 44

top 50 game characters: nr.46

hey all

today it's time for another character in the list , as I said in my previous post , it is a well known Nintendo Character and it's not mario. So here's nr 46

Bowser ( mario series , smash bros brawl and more )

okay so it's Bowser , Nintendo's über villain and he sure deserves his spot in this list. How many times did he kidnap Princes Peach and giving Mario a hard time trying to rescue the princess. He is also know as the king of the Koopa's. Always trying to get his hands on Mushroom Kingdom , Bowser is a greatantogonist and deserves his place in this list on nr 46

So that's all for today , join me next time for nr 45 in this list and cya all later :)

top 50 game characters : nr 47

hey all

today I unveal number 47 in my list , in other news I have finally bought DBZ Burst limit friday and it's quite good. I haven't got the chance to play it much , because of my exams but I'm finishing today and I suspect I will play the living hell out of it ;). But for now here's number 47 :

Siegfried ( Soul Calibur series)

So Siegfried it is , how can you not say that this guy is awesome , look at his armor and the gigantic sword ;) I was not so familiar to Soul Calibur but since I've seen screens from SC IV from Siegfried , I had a woow feeling when I saw him. He's one of the coolest characters in fighter games that's why he's listed as nr. 47 in my list.

Next time I will continue with nr 46 and I shall give a hint : It's a well known Nintendo Character ( no it's not mario ;)

cya all later and thanx for reading my blog.

top 50 characters : nr 48

hey all

it's altready time for a new character in this list , this time it is :

kirby ( kirby games and super smash bros)

well yeah kirby , I played some kirby games and there good. Also Kirby is a character which you can't adore if you see him for the first time , he's just so cute :) So Kirby take your rightful 48th place in this countdown.

so that's all for today , next time we have nr 47 so cya then

top 50 game characters : nr 49

hey all

So today , we start with nr 49 in this ,if I may say , great list ;) so let's get started

Big Daddy ( bioshock )

bioshock_01.jpg image by thexboxdomain

you gotta admit that the first time you see a big daddy in the already legendary FPS bioshock , you have this " oohh damn" feeling. I haven't played that much bioshock but this looks like one of the coolest characters in recent game history , so that's why big daddy get's nr 49 in my list.

well that's all for today , cya guys later

top 50 game characters ever : nr 50

hey all

today I'm starting a new project : the top 50 game characters. From now on , I will try to post a blog every 2 days or so with the game character and his place in the top 50. So let's get started

Angeal ( Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII)

File:Angeal Hewley.jpg

Angeal is the mentor of Zack Fair in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and I just think that he's a great character and you gotta admit that he's damn cool. Zack gets the "Buster Sword" from him and he's been a damn good ally trough the entire game. Because he has white angel whings , he sees himself as a monster and that's also a interesting side of his character. Although he has his Buster Sword , he rarely uses it. So in short a good and interesting character.

So that's all for today guys , feel free to comment or make suggestions on who should be in the list ( I would appreciate it ;) )


youtube activity

Hey all

I'm currently busy on youtube with a few new projects . I started a playtrough for dragonball advance adventure for the GBA and in time the movie reviews will also be on youtube if i have a decent video recorder. I you want to check out the playtrough , my account is brunele ;)

And my exams are over :). Although it was only 3 days , i'm exhausted ;p.

That's all for now

cya guys

most dissapointing game(s) of 2008 - present

hey all

today i'm going to talk about the most dissapointing game(s) that has come out last year and the 3 months of this year, so hear goes.

First off all , I have chosen LOTR: conquest. I had the chance to play it and I was really dissapointed. I first saw this game in gamespot's E3 coverage and I was really excited about it. But then I played it. The graphics are very mediocre and the gameplay is most of the time very frustrating. I only like played it for an hour and a half but that was enough to put me off from buying the game.

Then ofcourse , we have Haze. Haze was also a game I really looked forward to but the ongoing delays made me fear the worst. And that fear has come true. I had heared from several other gamers that Haze was really dissapointing but ofcourse I had to see and play it for myself. It was so bad that i quitted the game in less than an hour.

And last I had Need For Speed undercover. I had played some of the previous NFS games and I really enjoyed it, which was really odd because I'm not the racing game type. Prostreet was a step backwards for me and I was relieved to hear that Undercover was going to be free roaming again like the old games. But I expected to see a game like Burnout Paradise , but Undercover wasn't anything like that. The free roaming isn't really free roaming and tha AI was really awfull. Shift will maybe bring a better game , bu I doubt that sincerely.

So that's all for now , if you have something to add or you just want to react , you're free to do that ;)

cya later

movie review : 300

Hey all

after a long stop I'm back with my next movie review. I decided to take a break from the batman series and focus on other films. That is the reason why today i'm reviewing 300. So sit back and enjoy :)

300 is a movie from 2007 and is directed by Zack Snyder, who is also known as the director of Watchmen. This movie is inspired by a graphic novel by Frank Miller. I haven't actually read the graphic novel so I can't really compare the movie with it. But enough background , let's talk about the movie itself.

In the main role we have Gerard Butler as King Leonidas. And the rest of the cast are mainly unknown actors for me , but they all do a very good job and I can't complain about the acting. The action scenes are just amazing. The slowmotion effects are well done and just plain awesome. I must say that the violence is really bloody. Another good thing about the movie is its story. It never gets boring and the ending is good but its to open in my eyes. You can see that they are going to make a sequel by the ending and that I don't really like in movies but htis is just a minor downside in this good movie.

So the story is about 300 spartan soldiers who are going to stop King Xerxes from invading ancient Greece. The extremely buffed Spartans against an army of millions persians. The good thing about the story is that it is based on real events. King Xerxes really existed and has invaded Greece. The only minor thiong about this movie that some people wont like is the dialogue. The dialogue has its share of macho talk and if you don't like that , it may bother you.

But in general , this movie is good. The story is good , the acting is good and the action is incredible. So I would say , if you missed this movie , go watch it.

score 8.1/10

That's all for this review. If you have any requests, feel free to post them in the reactions and I hoped you liked the review. Cya all later for another movie review ;)

bought some new stuff and progress on the film reviews

Hey all

I've been off for a while ,but the reason for that is I have bought new dvd's and a couple of new games.

I bought secret agent clank and it's a great game so far and yesterday I watched 300 so the review will be up in a couple of days .

If you have any requests for some movies yhat you think I should review , feel free to post them in the commen,t section.

That all for now , cya later for the review of 300 ;)