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Fifa 12 Demo Impressions

Just played the new fifa 12 demo with my friend and I like what I play.


First thing I have to say is the player's faces are awesome, a random one I know but Gareth Barry's was life like plus the overall graphics are a bigger step up of that from fifa 10 to 11.

There is this hole new defending mechanics tutuorial but to be honest I ignored it and it felt the same as before in a match. The animations are as good as ever and the gameplay is solid as always.Theres also some nice touches including menu transitions and kit selections where the players are used to model them.


The speed was abit slow but that should be adjustable and the menu was a scrolling horizontal row which isn't as quick as the old one. One negative I noticed though there is still no advantage to be played for offsides. twice in a game I was ready to counter but the ref called it back for the opponents offside :x

Oh and Alan Smith will take some getting used to. He's a top man but not as comfortable as Andy Gray yet at recording his vocals.

Have to wait and see how the online interface works. There was plenty of room for improvement there so lets see on the 30th if they have managed it.

Dead Island Selling Very Well

Despite the mixed reviews Dead Island is selling extremely well in the store which I work in. We've sold out of it a few times on the Xbox and the price has been hiked up to £48. This is a ridiculous price for a game, brand new or not, yet people are willing to pay that price for it.

Is killing zombies really that much fun nowadays? Every game seems to have a zombie mode of some sort; rockstar stated the other day that they had no plans at all to produce a zombie mode in RedDead Redemptionbut hey-ho due to the popularity of the genre one turns up.

Resistance 3 came out the same day and is arguably the better game.Acknowledging the fact it's an exclusive it's sold poorly in comparison which is a shame as insomniac are a great team. Tacking nothing away from the Dead Island Devs it just proves that for now, Zombies are mostdefinitelyin fashion within the gaming world.

Duke Nukem Forever Bad Reviews !?

This game has been slaughtered by reviewers all over the net like really badly. I can't understand why. Gamespot gave the game a 3 / 10 which is ridiculous to be honest. I'm playing it now and sure the graphics aren't great and the loading times seem longer that the development time but playing the game is actually fun. The weapons feel great, the one liners are funny (immature sense of humour is a must) and and the puzzles are amusing. I think the scores have been harsh and it makes me wonder why. Was it the development time or is it because its not a typical army / space marine routine shooter. I urge you to forget about the reviews and check it out.

Jobs in the Gaming Industry - Becoming A Games Tester???

I've been swapping and changing careers for a while now. Trying to find one which I enjoy or have a passion for. I mean you only live once so why should I spend the majority of it doing something that I hate doing. Gaming is my one true love and so if I was going to enjoy any career its a good shout it would have something to do with gaming. I don't have enough imagination or knowledge to be a designer or anything I mean I couldn't even create a level in Little Big Planet let alone create a wasteland, warzone or zombie infested mansion. That leaves me with becoming a games tester. I'm well aware that being is a games tester is far from 'being paid to play games' . Long hours, low pay and playing a game to death is often involved but if I can help create less broken games such as Fallout : New Vegas and more polished games like Uncharted 2 then I'd be satisfied. Thing is, I have no idea about how to get into the business and whether it is a viable career to pay for a mortgage and raise a family. ????????