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this is ridiculous. this doesnt just block used games, it blocks new games, it blocks all games. so you buy a new game but it will only register as new one time, from then on your game being played on a different console or gamertag your new game is now registered a used. this means that all games new or used will be labled as used .imagine not being able to play our retro games because theyre not playable on our retro consoles anymore. with this implemented we wont be able to play the games we own in the future. thats insane .     

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Recently some gamers have taken to vilifying game franchises for move along with the times to bring in a wider audience. I think this is very unhealthy for the growth of games because if games can't continue to evolve gameplay while maintaining a consistant story line won't we be stuck in an endless cycle of rehash after rehash?


These games arent evolving. They're devolving into generic action games. You mention Splinter Cell for example. I can name 40 features that have been stripped out of the series for their new generic action direction. Thats not evolutioon, thats called De-evolution.

A great example of a series that changing, evolving while still remaining the same would be Assassins Creed 3. Same AC we love, just a massive improvement ( evolution ). If you change the core direction or appeal of a franchise, thats not moving along with the times, thats called destroying the property...... & then having the nerve to put that properties name on the box & expecting the fans to buy it.

Most franchises that change just devolve into more generic, dumb down games. Thats not healthy for games or the growth of games if you drop everything unique about each property, dumb it down, & make everything game the same generic, action game. Games can still be quality, can still improve & be unique. That is much more beneficial for the industry.

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Puzzle/Platformers. An example would be Tomb Raider

Spy, sneak, stealth, stalking, or assassination games. Examples:


Assassins Creed 3

Hitman Absotuion

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[QUOTE="Legolas_Katarn"]I want Spies vs Mercs back more than anything else. Metamania

Since I have yet to play the originals, what is spies vs mercs? What is the objective for that mode and why do people want that mode back so much?

Heres Chaos Theory S vs M

Double Agent has a Spies vs Mercs mode if you're intertesed as well. Its much faster, dumbed down, but the servers are still up if you want to experience it for your self.

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I want everything Conviction didnt have.

  • Jumping
  • Split Jump
  • Crouch Landing
  • Hanging off pipe ( neck submission, aiming )
  • Defensive & non lethal equipment ( stick shockers, Ring Airfoils, etc )
  • Thermal, Electronic visions
  • Ziplines
  • Vents
  • Ladders
  • Lockpicking
  • Rappeling
  • Knife
  • Alarms
  • Swimming
  • Moving at different speeds
  • Whistling
  • Throw objects
  • Health packs ( instead of regenerating health )
  • Computer terminals
  • Satchels ( off bodies )
  • Search lights
  • Key coded locked doors
  • Hacking
  • Mines
  • Cutting throug material
  • Blowing out candles
  • Hiding bodies
  • Interogating
  • Open door stealthy option
  • Mission Ratings
  • Multiple objectives ( opportunity, optional )
  • Light meter
  • Sound meter ( great emphasis on being slow & quiet, how loud you are )
  • Emphasis on cameras & turrets
  • Penalties for killing, being seen, not hiding bodies, mission fail, etc
  • Are vulnertable & can die in one shot
  • Can GHOST through entire levels without killing ever having to kill anybody to get by
  • Melee button, Knock Out
  • Unique & varied level design
  • Levels give many intense spy/espionage moments
  • Have to find extra equpment on your own, in hidden places
  • Environment use ( turning on or off generator to catch attention, etc )

I want a true stealth game with the game based around being a spy & stealth being the focus. Maybe im asking too much.

I want something truer to the original concept on Splinter Cell, & no i dont care about Ironside. It was time to move on to a new character years ago. I care about the gameplay, not Sam Fisher.

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Many of the issues comes down to the consumer. Yes, the gamer is to blame.

Dumbing down of games. Gamers like their things dumbed down.

Most games being devoid of creativity, variety or a difference from one another. Most games being generic action games, or generic shooters. Consumers simply refuse to play anything else, different, or unique, they all just want to shoot sh!t, which is the result of this.

Multiplayer being the focus, whether coop or MP deatmatch. Again its the gamers to blame for this. Multiplayer sells better than Single Player. This is a sad truth.

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  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Uncharted 2 or 3
  • Just Cause 2

I didnt know what else to put as any game could really be called "Action/Adventure" but these were the 1st three to come to my mind

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I've always thought Far Cry was one of the better multiplayer games. I absolutley loved the Farcry Instinct games to death. To this day i still play FC Predator online on the 360, even with its very small but tight community.

Farcry 2 was awesome, what killed it for me was its horrible mechanics. The shooting & movement mehcanics felt so wierd & clunky to me. I hate to say this but if you had took other top shooters mechanics & applied them to Farcrys design it would have been my favorite multiplayer game of this generation.

Its OK though, Far Cry 3 will fix this.

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Hollow shooting games

As an example this year this year all these known games leave me disiniterested: Max Payne 3, Resident Evil ORC, Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, 007 Legends, COD BO2, MOH, Dead Space 3, Splinter Cell Black List, & Borderlands 2. Quite a big list.

Also fighters, Downloadable games & MMOs.

If a game is too highly focused on being a hollow shooting gallery, looks uninspiring, or has lost its true indentity, i am immediately turned off.

I need variety, quality, & something that stands out in the games i purchase.

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Rocksteady = Spiderman

Naughty Dog = Indiana Jones

The original Ubisoft Montreal Splinter Cell team = Splinter Cell

Eidoes Montreal = Theif 4

Rockstar = Saints Row

Infinity Ward = Halo

Bungie = Call Of Duty

Eidoes Montreal = Metal Gear Solid

Bethesda = Red Dead