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Stealth vs action, Splinter Cell vs Conviction, the true definition of Stealth

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What's the difference between a stealth game & an action game? The difference between Splinter Cell & Conviction? What is the definition of a stealth game?

The original Splinter Cell games weren't about killing people. The whole objective is to avoid the enemy completely ( stealth ). You kill people in action games, not in stealth games. Remember this quote.

There is simply no challenge in Conviction. You encounter an enemy in your way & you simply pull the trigger & move on, You get spotted, there is no penalties, you simply shoot everything in your way & move on.

There is no fun in that for someone looking for a stealth game.

The fun of Splinter Cell ( or stealth in general ) is trying to sneak through the game without ever being noticed. You had to be smart, patient & strategic, the game was challenging & rewarding. Every time you encountered an enemy you would nearly have a anxiety attack from the tension of trying to sneak by.

That was what made it fun, thats what the game was all about. People play Splinter Cell for that very reason, they play Splinter Cell to get away from action games, they play it to get away from a generic shooter gameplay.

They want that tension, the fear, that vulnerability, the anxiety, the challenge, while trying be a Ghost, never being seen or noticed, the entire way through, with near no evidence of you ever being there. That is something unique, that is called....... a stealth game.

Conviction lacks any real strategy, options, variety, anything remotely interesting, challenging, or stealthly. As i said before you kill people in action games, not stealth games.

A stealth game has a completely unique experience & gameplay. Its not about hostile combat, or killing, its about vulnerability & your ability to be a true ghost. A Ghost has many challenges & the way he solves them is not with a gun, or murder.