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So the other day I randomly ask about 10-15 people that I know that have Xbox One's if they were going to get Destiny. I was blown away that all but 2 of them answered me with " Isn't that only for PS4"? I looked at them like they were complete idiots, but then remembered how Sony paid an A$$LOAD of $$$$ to Activision for exclusive marketing rights for Destiny while MS could only sit back and watch.

As an X1 owner I have to say BRAVO to Sony for successfully pulling the wool over everyone's eyes on this one. Weather you Sony fanboys want to admit it or not, this notion of this mega game being PS4 exclusive even though it is not has had a lot to do with the PS4's early sales lead over the X1.

MS really needs to take a page out of Sony's book on this and do the same thing with a game like The Division!

Sony took the page out of M$ handbook last gen. Did you forget COD and various other games marketed to hell and back as Xbox games on TV/Print ads? This is what people wanted. Less games, more money spent on marketing.

Hurray, we are finally getting it.

Both companies last gen marketed a few 3rd party multiplats that way. Nintendo has also done that. It's amazing when someone allegedly unbiased pretends that only MS did it last gen

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Why are cows downplaying 16k of one retailer 2 weeks before launch in an Asian country, insecure much? Xbox One could sell 100-200k first week. Which is pretty good.

They are being overly sarcastic. Looks like China's launch will be better then Japan's though. lol!! M$ sent 100K to Japan. I'm guessing they probably sent 150-200K to China.

Yeah I think Microsoft will sell around 60k in Japan in the first month, maybe 100k which would be pretty good.

Sell 60K what?

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but i thought china sales do not count

Sales only count when your platform suddenly starts outselling something. See last gen for reference ...

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Arguing which version of Madden looks better is like arguing over whose dog can take a bigger dump....

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Because it's an american game for an american console.

No,thats not Racist at all.

Xenophobic, not racist...just saying

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I love NFL football games, but yeah, without any competition for EA, the series will never evolve graphically and gameplay wise enough for me.

I've been saying this for years. Tiburion is lazy because there is no competition so they regurgitate the same crap over and over again....

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is this attack in thr states or world wide, i have no problem with my PSN at all so i'm wondering if its affecting some people, not everyone :S

It was affecting everyone worldwide. They have now moved on to services like twitch.

A bit off topic, but do you know of any other services? I had trouble watching movies on VUDU this afternoon....