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DS; the creativity surpassed the high tech

The DS is one of the best consoles of the story always surprise it us with innovation on games, the capacity of the DS is not the best graphics capacity on the market or a big hard disk or you can't call your firends with it, it show us that the DS is not the biggest high tech console. But the success of this console is the creativity on the development games, exist hundreds fo titles and on teh list you will find excellent innovation games, for example Big brian Academy, Sight training, Curios Village, The worlds ends with you, guitar heroes on tour, and many many games, always the titles for DS try to use at maximun the capabilities of this hardware; for that reason you have clasic games with a complete new gameplay. On conclusion my opinion is that the actual success of the consoles is not the high tech, the real success is create a consoles with big capabilities and development creativity games that explotes all the capabilities of the console, Bendiciones

Ranks of the wii games

I really enjoy my Wii games, but I feel that they are underestimated, I check the rank of the Wii games and they have an average under the 7, the Wii games arent photorealistic like the PS3 or Xbox 360 but the graphics are good enought . I think when you rank the Wii games, you can compare Graphics against the PS3 or the Xbox 360, the gameplay the highest point with the Wii, for that I think the rank of the Wii games should be based on the gameplay I have all the the new generation console and really enjoy the Wii gamesfor the game play, with the PS3 games I wait the Blue ray games to make a coment and with the Xbox 360 except that I only can play 2-3 hours for prevent the Red lights problem is a great console. See ya and God bless you