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Continued! Some random thoughts about the PS4 reveal!

I have a feeling the PS4 is going to surpass the PS2 in popularity! The PS4 is going to be huge! You can just feel that vibe in the air! I kid you not, After watching Sony reveal the awesome PS4, and how great everything went, all I could think was....Microsoft who?! And i know many others who felt the same way! Microsoft seems to be irrelavant to gamers right about now! I only intend to focus on the PS4, and I know many who have said the same! The PS4 is the GAMING console I want and need! I say no thank you to a casual Kinect box 720 Its like I now have this urge to go smash my xbox 360 with a hammer now lol j/k No but really, Im tired of inferior Micro$oft products which come packaged with nothing but Micro$oft extortion fees on top of fees! So I will not buy another product from M$ again....ever again....FU Microsoft...I am staying away from the Kinect box 720 with a ten foot pool, no matter what... I cant wait for the PS4! Day one buy son! *part 2* The PS4 reveal really did hit on all cyclinders! Another thing coming to mind was this! Its funny, Through out this whole current generation, xbots would go on and on about how Micro$oft has had most of the third party support... Well well well xbots.... The PS4 reveal pretty much proved that the PS4 will have a majority of the third party support this time (while on top of having all those awesome playstation exclusives to boot) Sooo how do you like them apples xbots lol? Haha i love it:) Sony pretty much one upped Microsoft in every possible way, and in every regard with the PS4! Xbots are going to be missing out on a whole lot of gaming for the next gen if they dont get a PS4....and thats the way it should be.... Xbots am cry! Microsoft and their xbots got out of control this gen, but they will finally be put back in their place by Sony!

Thank You Sony! PS4 is amazing!

The PS4 reveal by Sony was awesome! (and there's still more for E3 too) It was one of the greatest console reveals of all time IMO Im still giddy with left over excitement from it all! After watching it, all I could say was how happy I am to be a playstation fan. You really get the feeling that Sony, and their stellar first party studios cares about gaming - that they just want to put out the best products posible for gamers! You can see how passionate Sony really is about the PS4, gaming, and about core gamers. It was all very genuine! Now I dont care if this comes across as fanboyish, but I just want to say, thank you Sony! We do appreciate what you do for us gamers! It really does feel good to know that there can be a good will'd company like Sony who really cares about gaming, who gets gaming, and who is just trying to give us the best gaming possible! It seems like Sony are gamers themselfes, so they just want to put out a product that they would love themselfes, would play themselfes, and would ultimately be proud of! Now on to the specifis! I loved the 8gb of unified ggdr5 ram announcement. That was a real bombshell, and it will have enormous benfits for the PS4 and for PS4 games! Also loved all the innovative gaming specific features FOR GAMING that Sony announced! All the gaming share features are awesome and being able to play demos while you are downloading them sounds like a small but huge addition that will be very appreciated! I loved it all really! Oh and just as I was writing, this also came to mind - I loved the "we won the battle" trailer they opened up the event with too! It was so badass, and set the tone! And of course, I loved the games! Games are what ultimately matters the most! Sony showed that they know that better then any one, and delivered the core games! Killzone Shadow wall and Infamous Second Son are the games that got me the most excited! Knack looked very interesting too! Killzone Shadow Fall looked friggen amazing! Seems like Sony+their first parties are putting a lot of love into the PS4 and its exclusive games! Im feeling it all as a fan! The PS4 is a GAMING console with a lot of passion and excitement behind it, and its being built by game makers for gamers! The PS4 is what a real gaming console is! Sony just gets gaming-period, and more then anything,Sony is for the core gamer! Ive already touched on this before, probably many times by now lol, but its so true, Sony and all their stellar first party studios are core gamers themselfes, so they are motivated to make great games that they themselfes would want to play....and it probably brings them immense joy to see others enjoying their games, so that motivates them even more so, ten fold more! Over all, I love everything Sony is doing with the PS4, and the direction they are going in! As a true gamer, I have to say, I love you back Sony! Thank you for everything Sony:) I love you naughty dog too! I also love Sucker Punch and Guerrila Games! Im supporting the PS4 all the way! Sony supports us so its only right we support them back! PS4 is going to be a day one buy for me son, and even just for killzone shadow fall alone! Man oh man, the next 8 months are going to be such a long wait lol! I wish I could freeze myself until the PS4 launches! I really do mean this when I say that I couldn't be happier to be a playstation fan! Im happy Sony is the one putting out the GAMING console I have always wanted! ....ok now I feel like smashing my 360 to pieces as a big FU to M$... p.s That would be amazing if they showed a demo for a PS4 Uncharted at E3 I hope its being built with the now increased specs of the PS4 in mind (8gb of unified gddr5 ram) too I really cant wait to see what the brilliant minds at Naught Dog have in store for the next gen! Imagine if the whole theather at E3 went pitch black, and there was a pause.....then all the sudden... the Uncharted theme starts playing out of no where? Then Sony says, you have all been waiting for it, and here it is.....a next generation Uncharted from the brilliant Naughty Dog! Booom! Then a demo is shown! I would lose my mind, but in a good way! That would be a megaton announcement

Reminiscing: Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3! *Part 3*

Anyway, sorry for veering soo off topic there hahaa. The ice cave level was like one big multi dimensional puzzel level lol. I mean, dude!.....the platforming on the giant turning mechanisms was just crazy lol. I enjoyed it thorougly, and felt that it was a smooth flowing section that was exquisitely well done. Now of course, it was definitely NOT one of the best parts of the game(and that's just a testament to how amazing the game was) but it was definitely a great part all in itself. Also, As you were going through the cave, You were also teased of something dangerous coming along, The dead dogs, blood trails, the camera would zoom out from behind you on something watching you, then it would quickly go back to a normal view before you could see what it was ect ...And then all culminates into you finally meeting the "yetti" or the blue man guardians in disguise(that was a reveal for later) And sh*t hit the fan! The battle was pretty F'n awesome too, I thought the story elements, and story techniques employed there, and through out that whole sequence were awesome. Very subtle, but very powerful. (Uncharted 3 also contained a lot of these subtle, but very powerful moments, were a lot of emotion was conveyed, through such subtle moments, actions, events or ques. It could have been something so simple as the way Elena looked at Drake during a scene. But that one look would convey such a strong feeling, that not even a thousand words could describe. Its like that,"a picture is worth a thousand words" saying. Or it could have even been Drake's different aninations durring gameplay, which added a sense of realism that many games lack. And it was also many more things then that. Like in the desert sequence, All though the sequence could have been longer and could have been fleshed out more (It was kind of short and it could have transitioned into something truly special) But as it is, it was a sequence that still puts other games to shame in emotion and performance! You could feel the same emotions of being lost and abandonment that drake was feeling. Through out Uncharted, You are along for the ride with Drake, feeling everything he feels, and sharing in an awesome experience. Feeling as hopless durring one moment, but as happy as him in another etc To continue on, Nothing in the game industry compares to Naughty Dog's technique (Really, no body can compare to Naughty Dog!) Uncharted 3 hit a grand slam in more ways then not over Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 hit a lot of grand slams itself. And in fact, Uncharted 2 hit grand slams over Unchartrd 3 in its own right and respects. Anyyway, I enjoyed the little things like that, that Naughty Dog absolutely nailed throughout the game, and in other places of the game would nail it even better. They are called Naughty Gods for a reason. Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 are some of the finest games of this generation, Hell, are some of the finest games of all time IMO And I cant wait for Naughty Dog's next game, Last of Us! Which i have no doubt will be another patented Naughty Dog master piece (along side Crash, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted) Yeah, you read that right, Naughty Dog is responsible for all of those classic gaming franchises. Unreal uh? Naughty Dog is a team full of incredible people, very talented and creative people who are gaming geniuses! More then that though, the team chemistry they all have really sets them apart. Naughty Dog is like the 1990s Chicago bulls. Naughty Dog is the reason why I love my PS3, Naughty Dog is the reason why I love gaming in the first place! Thank you Naughty Dog for everything you have done for gaming and for all of us as fans! You put love into your games and we show you that love right back! I really cant wait for the Last of Us! Its going to blow everything away

Reminiscing: Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3! *Part 2*

Although, Upon returning back to the village, Ya' know, the village you had just walked through with Tenzon before entering the cave, When you first arrived at the village, after being rescused, how you had woken up, and were now walking along...seeing the villagers just going about their lifes. You were left wondering where you were just as much as Drake was. Every body was just happy, kids were playing ect...people laughing ect.... It was a great sequence, albiet it was for a little amount of time. But upon your return from the ice caves, to now see the village destroyed, and the people in ruin, it was kind of powerful lol, very powerful in fact! And although they probably could have made it alot more dramatic,but then again,to be fair,too much could have made it seem forced or "cheesy,"so i thought Naughty Dog did a great enough job, and made it just right.That balance is key.Naughty Dog struck it as close to perfect as possible IMO. I still felt real emotion, because of my walk across the village, before all of that had happened. Yes, many things could have been done to make it all better, but it still turned out great, in fact superb for a video game. It kind of reminded me of the begining of Apocalypto in a way lol. In Apocalypto, You see how they lived, how happy they were. You see relationships built up, Than all the sudden, the village gets invaded and ransacked. Everything erupts into chaos. And you feel almost depressed for the people. You see the relationships that were built on earlier, and now they are trying to save each other instead of loving each other before. Obviously Apocalypto did it much better, FLESHED IT OUT FAR MORE, and conveyed FAR more raw emotion. BUT for a video game, Naughty Dog did a fine damn job, and that whole sequence of events across multiple chapters kind of reminded me of the opening of Apocalypto. (Apocalypto is one of my favorite movies ever, along with Gladiator, while Uncharted 3 is one of my all time favorite video games ever, along with of course Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War 3, Heavy Rain...But Apocalypto and Uncharted 3 and 2 remain my favorites, so i obviously have great tastes in things lol )

Reminiscing: Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3! *Part 1*

So here's an old post, about Uncharted 2, that was in response to another poster. It captures my feelings well, and yes..I do go off on many tangets lol, But I promise its interesting, and all worth it. I guess, you will have to read it all, and see for yourself! *evil laugh* muhaha *ok that was a little corny lol* No but seriously, anyway. Somebody asked me if I really thought the tenzon ice-cave level was good or fun to play. My response was: *and its broken into 5-7 main parts, all spaced a lot before one another to make it easier to digest IMO* I agreed with that poster that the ice-cave level could have been better integrated into the game. Naughty Dog has only improved since then, so that's a good thing. But to be fair, and in all honesty, almost 90% of games out there today, just have randomly connected levels. At least, in an Uncharted game, levels are more intricately done, flow more nicely, and make more sense in the context of the game, in an Naughty Dog/Uncharted game, then in most other least, right? But that's something I'd like to see improved upon within the whole industry. Naughty Dog is putting their superb work in though, and they(ND) are looking to make strides not just in that area, but in all areas of design. So I respect that passion, and determination. To answer the question more specifically though lol, Hell yes, I thought the ice cave level was fun. It was an interesting environment. It was BIG, and atmospheric. It had a sense of mystery to it. If the level were explained, that could have been cool, but as is, it was fine. An explanation was not needed. The big environment had multi-dimentional levels to it. The whole sequence contained a lot of smooth platforming, gun play , and traversal mechanics. The mixture of mechanics were exquisite .....and you were unlocking differenent parts of the area, as you were going along, and pulling levers, and discovering ect. I also loved the partner aspect of it all with tenzon. They had a great relationship brewing(that was occuring durring gameplay) And it was something I hadn't seen all that much emphasized on in a lot of other games before. It was a nice touch, and I thought Naughy Dog would go on to capitalize even further on that relationship before Uncharted 2 ended, but then it kind of stopped after that level.

Uncharted 3 Graveyard map: The greatest Multi Player Map Ever! PART 3 (final)

Oh and check this out. As I was swiming in the ocean last night.....something passed me by unexpectedly.... I was like, "woah wtf" hahaha. So I turned around to check things out, and see what it was...and bam! There it was... I SAW A GREAT WHITE SHARK HAHAHA. Its little things like that, that Naughty Dog does...really throughout all their games in an abundance, THAT ARE THE PERFECT EXAMPLES OF REALISM IN VIDEO GAMES. What can you say, Naughty Dog are master craftsman of the gaming trade. Just talking about everything they(ND) do, They as a whole, are like a bunch of the Michael Angelos of game development haha Anyway, to get back on topic! Hey, its my blog, so I'm going to go off on.random tangets every now and then lol So anyway lol, Its funny, My buddies and I were tripping out on the shark. I mean we must have spent a good 5 minutes messing around with the shark i.e trying to kill ir or get it to eat us haha. So I was thinking, It would be pretty great, IF Naughty Dog created a patch, like where - IF you get too close, the shark attacks you or something lol. Or maybe if you jump into the water while bleeding, it hunts you down haha. ? It would probably be difficult to work out with all the possible players on the map possibly jumping into the ocean while bleeding ect. But I dont know though...something like that would be cool, I guess? How do you guys feel about that? I think it could add for another little crazy, and fun element to the matches. And it would make for some more awesome "haha" moments with buddies. But in all honesty, its not really needed..... At the same time though, im not going to lie, it would be a little nice haha. Doing something like that would probably be impossible over current net code, and with only current hardware to boot as well. BUT IF ANY ONE COULD DO IT, and make it a fun little aspect, it would be Naughty Dog for sure. So anyway, This map has quickly become, not just my favorite map in the game, but my favorite multi player map ever. A lot of players are already saying its one of their favorite maps, along with old quarters. I cant wait to play this map with some of you guys:) Hit me up!

Uncharted 3 Graveyard map: The greatest Multi Player Map Ever! PART 2 of 3

*ok, picking up where I last left off guys lol* By the way, did I mention that, You can shoot your gun IN THE WATER, You can melee IN THE WATER, *edit* I also just realised that you can throw gernades while in the water too lol And that you can dive into the water? There's even a separate , and might i add...awesome looking animation for th diving too, that just further adds to the realism. So anyway, that is a part of the reason why I can see so many great moments playing out during matches on this map lol. What I loved also, is that the scale of the water feels so appropriately right. Its vast! It does not feel like the water-level in Gears 3, where you feel like you are on a toy submarine going under water in a toddlers swimming pool. And just to talk about Gears of War 3 for a moment, It wasnt only that, but the water in Gears of War 3 didn't look a fraction as beautiful as the water in this Uncharted graveyard map, Nor did the water or does the water in Gears EVER look even 10% as beautful as the gorgoues water in the Uncharted 3 single player portions of the campagin, PERIOD. The best water graphics I've ever seen in my life go to Uncharted(by ND). The fact there were no life-like physics to water in Gears 3 further ruined the immersion as well. Not only does water in U3 look beautiful, it behaves and reacts in a beautiful and convincing manner. In this U3 map, you actually FEEL like you are out in the ocean, even the surface beneath it all is beautifuly decorated with objects. I mean the water is so beautiful, as the waves gently ripples about, while there lays a surface beneath all of the water, and a vast body of ocean, that you can explore ect that feels real. And that's what separates Naughty Dog from the pact. Naughty Dog DOES THINGS RIGHT. In what ever it is they are doing, they(ND)make sure to NAIL IT as perfect as possible. They(ND) can also make something so simple, so interesting, and so immersive, and so engaging ect.... That's all that can really be said. The fully interactive, and beautfiful looking ocean really adds an incredible sense to this map, And makes the map something so much more then your typical Gears/Halo/Call of Duty multi player experience

Uncharted 3 Graveyard map: The greatest Multi Player Map Ever! PART 1 of 3

Not ony is this map beautiful, and exquisitely detailed! The parts of the map itself are surrendoud by GORGEOUSLY rendered water(with waves and all)... THAT you can actually take a dive into, and go swimming in! There are other parts of the map that you can swim to as well! The level is intricately designed. There are passage ways under water, and within the map there are places to hide or wait in ambush lol But then you still have to be careful, because you can just as easily get flanked as well lol. The way everything is connected, and the way everything works in this map, It makes for a great multi player experience. I can see a lot of, "haha oh snaps, did you just see that," moments happening throughout matches on this map (especially in the ocean as players are trying to swim to other parts of the map while under fire, as such, and or as battles break out in the ocean between players lol) Oh and there's a boat that comes by every once in a while to launch bombs at unsucpecting players too haha. So you can only just imagine how fun this map is going to be once it starts getting more rotation time, and with more players playing it ect. This map has left me speechless on many occasions already haha. I've NEVER experienced anything quite like this on consoles in a multiplayer setting before hahaha. Naughty Dog is known wordwide for their industry best - roller coaster ride of your life - esque single player campagins. To simply put it, They(ND) are known for creating magical campagins with that patented Naughty Dog touch of gold applied to every aspect of the game / ..that patented Naughty Dog layer of awesome-sauce so passionatly glazed over every aspect of the game by ND lol. BUT my goodness, NOW that Naughty Dog is getting the hang of multi player, they are starting to DESTROY all the multi player competition out there as well, And they(ND) are injecting a freshness and creativity (the Naughty Dog way) into a multi player gaming scene that was much needed. JUST like how Naughty Dog has already been destroying ALL the single player competition out there for years, They(ND) have already been doing all the same things to single player gaming, on a much grander, and more epic and magnificent scale. i.e injecting awesome (the Naughty Dog way) into single player gaming. BUT like I said, now that Naughty Dog is getting the hang of multi player, well other multi player developers better watch out now lol! Not to veer too off topic here, again lol, but is my blog just to talk about random things afterall, right lol, so here it goes.... I hope that for the Last of Us, Naughty Dog can focus soley on what they absoltely do best, and on what they do better then any other developer in the industry bar none. On making a campagin as awesome as humanly possible lol. Some adjectives to desribe a Naughty Dog campagin would be... Immersive, engaging, stunning, beautiful, interesting characters, memorable set piece action, intimate interactions between characters, unparalleled video game story telling ect And many more.... Instead of working on multi player, I want Naughty Dog to put all of their talent, passion, conviction, and creativity into making the campagin of the Last of Us as mother F'n awesome as humanly possible haha. I don't really want multi player in Last of Us either way. More then anything, I wouldn't want work on a multi player aspect to possibly get in the way of work on single player. Ok, sorry for going off topic there guys lol. So to continue.... (Dont worry, part 2 will be up right away guys:))

Uncharted 3 new map, Oasis! Looks drop dead gorgeous!

.................. *clears throat, ahem* .................. ? Sorry guys, I tried speaking there^ but no words were able to come out..... Becasue my jaw is still on the floor after playing this map hahah. OK, let me pick up my jaw from the floor to tell you how I feel my fellow system wars warriors! And before I continue ... Id just like to say... pshhhhh....thank you for detaching my jaw yet again Naughty Dog lol..... p.s. My jaw must have it the floor over 25+ times while playing that maginificent Uncharted 3; roller coaster ride of your life esque - single player. It wasn't just a game. It was an awesome, and long lasting experience for me, that I couldn't forget about ever! So yeah, THANK you Naughty Dog for permanently destroying my jaw with your amazing looking & amazing playing games pshhhh.....damn amazingly talented Naughty Dog with your beautiful, and passionate works of stellar games/entertainment hahahaha But seriously, All i can really DAYUMN..... (for consoles) It looks breath taking, in every sense of the expression. The animations ARE INCREDIBLE too. The lighting is unreal, and gives the environment a nice warm feeling (Its hard to desribe lol) It lools so good, I feel like pulling up a lawn chair, and relaxing to the calming soothness, and warm beauty of the map right now lol. Awesome job ND. I have been away from playing this map for too long already lol. So *ahem*.....excuse me, while I go back to playing all of the new maps made of awesome-ness! (and yes, I know that awesome-ness is not a word...Fun fact: A Naughty Dog game is so awesome, they have you bugging out creating new words lol ) p.s.s Uncharted TV is SICK. It really adds something to the multiplayer, that other multiplayer games really don't have. Its all feels like a tight, and real community. I love it. So anyway here's the map: And here it is for phone users: