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just about 2 days ago i bought a brand new goregeous 30" 1080i hdtv. it is freakin awesome. i still have to get used to seeing that huge beauty when i walk in my room..  The  experince i recieve from games has defiantly been leveled up a notch due to its great size. The tv also makes watching films such as Eurotrip a bit more cool too.  But to be honest the main reason why i bought the hdtv was just so i could see Conan O' Brien even closer.(kidding) . yet there is one negative of having the new tv, it is the fact that it is kinda in way of  the awesome sexy jessica simpson poster that was right in front of my bed. anyway heres a pic of what my tv looks like

(btw this the damn 3rd time i had to write this journal, it got deleted the first time wen i entered the pic, when i submitted it the second time it said the page could not be displayed and the journal got deleted)

Back From Fabulous Las Vegas

Last week I was in the greatest city in America Las Vegas. By the way this was my first time visiting there, and i must say it was a real damn "turn-oner" with all the damn billboards advertising women w/out shirts, and the mexicans standing on the street corners handing out small cards also advertising naked women. I saw a couple shows and a couple of showgirls that shaked their ass faster than I thought possible. I went to an Indian Buffet the size Kate Bosworth's breasts. After that I went to this magic shop where this dude controlled a card, a coin and other people's random stuff in midair, I'm still trying to figure out how he did that. The trip was fun, but it could of been better, especially if I was over 18:D

Sephiroth Defeated!

Just last night at midnight, I finally defeated the most difficult foe ever created by Squaresoft, Sephiroth.  It was probably my 100th try, before i defeated the One-Winged Angel.  At only level 52 with the Fatal Crest Keyblade, and with NO GLIDE ABILITY, i mangaged to take him down.  This was the battle in Kingdom Hearts 2.  This fight was definatly one of the most difficult, stressful, pain in the ass, but at the same time most fun fight i have ever faced.  If any else beat him at a lower level, with even a suckier Keyblade, let me know.  As for now i feel pretty damn good.

A History of Pretzels

Pretzels - crunchy snacks enjoyed for over 1390 years. Their history starts in Europe where a monk using leftover bread dough baked them as treats.

Can't Wait for E3

Just four days until one of the best days of the year!  I am pumped to see

Resident Evil 5

Devil May Cry 4



and i guess whatever the next big secret nintendo is wii ing  up

Spring Break

Well, its spring break which means a crap load of free time. My goal is to finish The Godfather and get a nice mean chunk out of Kingdom Hearts 2. A few days ago i saw The Hills Have Eyes, and I must say that is one hell of a good movie. Its intense with a lot of bloody gore, but hell, after god of war i can take all the bloody gore out there.  Silent Hill looks good, I've never played any of the Silent Hill games, but the trailer did impress me. I've heard there making a Castlevania movie. I swear that movie better kick ass, anyone know whos directing it?

One year

well its been exactly one year since i was a member at gamespot. a lot has changed since then(expecially the site) I just want to say thanks gamespot for being my main source of news on games this past year. 8)