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Top Games of 2008

2008 was definelty a great year for gaming. Many games were worthy of being the Game of the Year, but for me, 5 games truly stood out as the best of 08'.

5) Super Smash Brothers Brawl This game definetly deserves to be on my list. With the vast number of characters, amazing maps, and the customization that the seris has been known for, Brawl is one of 2008's best party games.

4) Grand Theft Auto IV I had an absolute blast playing GTA IV. I haven't ever experienced a game with so much detail. From hot-wiring cars, to using police databases to hunt down thugs, this game has it all. Hell, you can go get wasted with your friend and try to drive home! All in all, a game that everyone should play through.

3) Call of Duty: World at War I'm sure many of us had our doubts about CoD5, but when I began the campaign, all my wories were blown away. World at War definetly lives up to the standard Cod4 set with immersive firefights and enviroments, and the feeling that your ARE fighting for your life. And the top-notch multiplayer that sucked me in for 4 days playing time returns, making this game a package no shooter fan can resist.

2) Gears of War 2 Such high expectations, and all of them met, even exceeded. Gears 2 returns with a bigger, more baddass story, beefed up multiplayer, and all the chainsawing, curb-stompin, neck-snappin glory that the first game had. Gears 2 is home to some of the years most thrilling firefights, not to mention all the chainsaw duels you can imagine. If you have a 360, make sure this game gets into its disc drive.

1) Left 4 Dead Ididnt know much about this game untill like a month before its release, but knowing Valves track record, I had a feeling that Left 4 Dead would be a stellar game on all fronts. First off, its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play, as well as having only 5 or 6 weapons that all sound and perform well. This definetly makes it simple to jump in and get to tearing apart zombies. But, the greatest element is the focus on teamwork. Nothing beats holding up in an old farmhouse, wating for that military truck to pull up and take you to saftey, all the while you have zombies beating down doors and Hunters poucing on your fellow survivors. Sticking together and making sure that everyone is healed up and protected makes the experience unforgetable, and its really hard to explain to someone who hasnt played it. So for your own sake, pick up Left 4 Dead.


Fable II Ive only rented this game for a few days, but im having a blast so far and cant wait to delve farther into it. Definetly considering purchasing it, cause there are just so many things to do.

Battlefield: Bad Company Blowing the f*** out of everything you saw never got old, and this surprise hit definetly had me hooked. If only the campaign was as fleshed out as the memorable multiplayer, this would be in my top 5 for sure. Heres for hoping that BF BC2 is just as good!!

Far Cry 2 Im about half way into the story, and its a pretty good game. I think that it can get a little stale from time to time, but sneaking into enemy camps, blowing up guard posts, and pretty much doing what you want to do in the 50 square mile map makes for some good times

The Dark Knight. My Thoughts

I saw it this afternoon and let me tell you, this move is amazing. I have never been so excited for a movie, and this movie met all my expectations, and exceeded some.

This movie is the defenition of a summer blockbuster. If the previews excited you, your in luck. This movie delivers on several levels. The Dark Knight is a brutal, action packed movie that will really surprise you.

Heath Ledger is hands-down (in my opinion) the greatest performance ive seen in a movie. Ive seen some really good characters, but this one takes the cake. Heath manages to make one of the most disturbing villans come to life. I mean the Joker is down-right brutal. This may be a spoiler, but when you first meet the Joker, he kills a mobster but slaming his head on a pencil. Wicked.

He is the perfect villian. He brings something new to the meaning "villian." Heath combines a sense of twisted wickedness and humor to create something never before seen. Definetly an Oscar-worthy performance.

Of course that's not all that makes this movie amazing. Intense action, jaw-dropping visuals, and a really interesting and thought-provoking story.

I dont want to give away too much, but go see this movie. Me and my Dad are going to see this tomorow again. I usually dont do repeat-viewings, but this is worth it. GO SEE IT!!

The Dark Knight

I got my advance tickets today. Im so stoked to see this. Of all the days this week, I have Friday off, and its my lucky day. I dont know how early im going though. Maybe 2 hours.

Building a "Crysis-Worthy" Computer

Ok, so I gave in and im building a really nice computer, and it isnt too much money either. All of these prices are from This is it:

Case: NZXT Apollo (49.99)

Motherboard: P35 DS3L (59.99)

RAM: Corsair $gb DDR2800 (44.99)

Video Card: MSI HD4850 (167.99)

Processor: Intell Q6600 Core 2 Duo Quad Duo (194.99)

Power Supply: Corsair 520 HX (99.99)

And then I need Windows Vista 64 Bit. Its $200 Retail, but the price will varry if I get it on Ebay.

Sex-a-palooza (not really)

So ive made some upgrades in my life. I have bought some new things recently and therefore my life has been upgraded.

1. A new phone

2. Battlefield: Bad Company. In my mind, this is up there with Call of Duty 4. This game really never plays the same way twice and I am really glad I bought The Gold Edition!!

3. FEAR: Platinum Collection. For $20, I got FEAR and its 2 Expansions. Great deal, and the games are kick a$$

4. Team Fortress 2. I had to give the Orange Box back to my friend, and I imediatley missed this game, so I bought it for PC. At first I didnt like how it was a little different than the 360, but now I like it more!

5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Honestly, I have absolutley NO IDEA what is going on in this game, but its still fricken fun. I love it.

And thats pretty much it. I saw Hancock and that was pretty good. Better than what I thought it would be. Im so excited for The Dark Knight also. The Joker (Heath Ledger) will win an Oscar or whatever they're called. Haha, Peace.

$350 Bonanza

$450 paycheck. -100 for savings. $350 for my pleasure.

Here are my wants as of now:

- Mario Kart Wii

- Battlefield: Bad Company

- Anti-Noise Headphones for my Drumset

- That 70's Show: Season 2

-MAYBE Guitar Hero 3. I need another guitar for Rock Band.

-Some new movies.

So I need to factor all of those into a reasonable list. Im not buying them all, no way. Just gotta get the essentials.

Empire Update

So just a heads up on what im doing. Ive been playing my DS in my spare time, such as when im too lazy to turn on a console. Thats not a bad things when I have fricken sweet games to play on it. I love Mario Kart DS, and im craving some Mario Kart Wii!! Its like $65 on, but its worth it. I played it at Best Buy and I was even impressed by how cool the stearing wheel was.

Also ive been getting back into Team Fortress 2. Love that game. I think my total play time for it is around 50 hours. Ive pretty much stopped playing COD4 now. I only play when my friends are on it, but I prefer Halo much more. Im getting good at making Forge Maps, so me and my friends fool around on those.

Also, slowy but surely, im working on Mass Effect. I think im level 22? Anyways, its a blast. I dont know if im going to beat it again after I beat it anytime soon. Maybe in a month or so. My friend has already beaten it twice since I started on my first playthrough. Ridiculous.

Anyways thats it for me. Peace.

4 new games in one day!!

So today I got a cobalt DS. With it I got Mario Kart DS (awesome) Pokemon Diamond (so far, so good) and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Havent played yet) I sold my PSP today for $70. Not too bad becuase its the old one and I got it 2 years ago. I still use my brothers PSP because I didnt sell my games for it, so its a win-win. And I got Mass Effect. Definatley a great game. I was playing it like a shooter untill I got the hang of the powers. Its great to order your teamate to send a vortex out the sucks enemies in so you can drop a gernade under their feet. Play the game if you haven't yet.

thats all for me. And i changed my XBL name. Whoo Whoo. Haha Peace.

Dunno bout' DS

I might buy a nintendo ds. next week i get like a $350 paycheck from lifeguarding, and im putting away $50 or so for my car insurrance. So, i have bout $300 for my spending. I was looking into a ds, but if theres something cool or awesome im overlooking, bring it to my attention!!! thanks!!

Traded in for GRiD

So today I took my copies of Burnout: Paradise and FEAR (ill explain) to Gamespot.. After I traded those in, I asked the clerk if they had GRiD, but it comes out tommorow, June 4th. He said if I forked up $5.40 more, I would have it paid off and I could pick it up tomorow. So, I gave him the currency and I got some snazzy shirt for the pre-order.

Anyways, I know I just bought FEAR like 4 days ago, but I really enjoyed it more on the PC. So in the near future, I might get it for my computer. Its like $20 so why not. Also I dont know if I should still get Mario Kart Wii. GRiD might have taken its spot :P