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Angelina Jolie. :)

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@danlevm said:

Added a few things today....Shadows and started the hand, fixed the neck slightly too ...but more to do on the weekend

I have to say,you have real talent.Well done.I think you have what it takes to go real far with this talent of yours.

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Maybe because I might be dense,but I don't know the meaning of this.Please someone explain.

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That's what you Americans need,young children the chance to have firearms for themselves.As if there is not enough school shooting as there already is.Your society is falling to pieces,economy is sh*t,violence beyond violence is on every corner,government is corrupt,school shootings almost every week/month,etc......Americans can be so fvcking Stupid alot of the times.The only country in the civilized world that wants to arm their children.STUPID is to SMALL OF A MEANING.

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I voted hockey because my favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I see you used to be a Minnesota North Stars fan. :)

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Playstation 4.Crap, just crap.

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How about an Canadian city,like Montreal???LOTS of crime there.

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I've seen several videos covering Halo 2 multiplayer in the Master Chief Collection (and it all looks great) but what about Halo CE? This is the first time that they'll be bringing the original multiplayer to xbox live and I'm extremely excited about that. However, I haven't seen any images or videos of it. Is Halo CE multiplayer getting the "Anniversary" graphics upgrade as well?

I think 343 only covered Halo 2.I never saw any other Halo games shown.