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Yay... more... Call of Duty... ... ...

Yup,that's what the gaming world needs.....Another Call of Duty.I would be alot more interested in an image of maybe Battlefield 5 or Halo 5 gameplay.Getting sick of Call of Duty.

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I'm going with the new Halo,and eventually Battlefield 5.

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I only played three games this year.

1.Call of Duty:Ghosts

2.Battlefield 4


So I pick Titanfall.

I hav'ent played enough games to really pick game of the year.I think if everyone was to be honest,he/she can't either.Know what I mean jellybean.By the way,all three were on the Xbox One.

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@ brimmul777

You mean America Junior ? Sure, thats a Big Achievement too ! ;) it was also slightly ahead in the UK. Its still behind the rest of the world because the Rest of The World just isn't American :p, Ironically, I have an Xbox 360 and hate every moment of it.

lol.Funny post.

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Yep, The Xbox is the PC Wanabe console. Ironically now PC Gaming has alot of Diversity. Things have changed haven't they. Plus The US is The Xbox's only major Territory and you know how Americans are about their Guns. :D

To be honest,Xbox 360 has sold very well in Canada and Quebec as well.The U.S. ain't the only country,sorry.

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I'm 39,and I can still get laid.Plus on top of that,I'm ugly.

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I know Forza:Horizon landscapes were influenced from Colorado,has anyone heard where Forza:Horizon 2 landscapes going to be from where?Sorry to get off topic.

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I'm hoping for Microsoft,but probably not.

It's going to probably be Sony.

Lol @ Nintendo,definitly not.

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I'm sorry to say,but I got to say it.I'm really tired of these "my PC is better then your console","my console is better then your PC".Bullshit threads.

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Does it count digital versions,because I don't have CD copy.