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internet is connected just fine, won't connect to xbl though. could be down to do increase in traffic with new consoles and everything, but idk

I'm in Montreal,Quebec,Canada and Xbox Live is down here too.Where are you from???If you don't mind me asking???

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It's good I think we are getting Halo 3 :ODST,but I would have liked Halo:Reach instead.But I think maybe I'm just being a jerk.Anyway 343,Thank You,it's still a good deal.

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Get it.Well worth the buy.Don't miss out on such a great game.By the way....Merry Christmas to you and everyone else.Have a safe and happy holiday.

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I haven't bought the collection yet, I don't know if it's worth it or not.

To tell you if it's worth it yet,hell no.Don't waste your money on such a broken game.I lost my progress on Halo:CE for the second time since I bought it and I still have multiplayer issues.Gotten f*cking pissed off at 343 Studio's.Paid $80 bucks for a game I can't play most of the time,even tho all the patch's,still not fixed.F*ck Off 343. Just F*ck Off.

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I'm Canadian,and probably the most popular sport overall in North America is NFL/CFL.You Americans know it was a Canadian that invented the sport football{NA version}.

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Call of Duty:AW

Halo:MCC. Even though the multiplayer is broken.

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Into the Storm. 6.5/10

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I did not intend to offend her/him or anyone else.It was more of a joke then anything else.Sorry if I rubbed anybody the wrong way. :(

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My name is Rosalina27 and I'm very New to this Website so please give me a Good Welcome and lets start socializing .

Telling by your name,I'm assuming your a woman/girl gamer.If so,what is your age.Pictures of yourself would be nice. :)

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I don't dislike them, but I can't bring myself to listen to a full Aerosmith album. I like (love) their hits and not much else. Toys In the Attic would be completely forgettable if it wasn't for "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion." Those two songs kick fing ass, and "Sweet Emotion" has one of the best riffs in history.

The only song I like from Aerosmith is Dream On.Not a fan really.

I take it you are not a fan of rock music in general?

Actually,I'm a huge fan of a lot of classic rock/metal.My favorite band being AC/DC.I love Iron Maiden,Ramones,Ozzy Osbourne just to name a few.Also love The Beatles,Elvis Presley,Buddy Holly.I love a lot of the classics, just not Areosmith.

I don't understand, Aerosmith is very similar to AC/DC and songs like "Same Old Song And Dance" and "Back in the Saddle" sound 1:1 like AC/DC.

I'm just not that keen on Aerosmith,sorry.They both have unique sound,but I find Aerosmith a bit on the glam image.Maybe not their music,but I'm still not big on them.By the way,AC/DC is by far a better band then Aerosmith,and have a lot more fan base.AC/DC is a much bigger band.

Aerosmith isn't a shitty band so it's hard for me to call them glam...

In all seriousness I don't like calling Aerosmith glam, they led to the development of the movement sure, but I only care about their first four albums, and they weren't glam on any of those.

And to hell with AC/DC being better. Aerosmith's got better riffs (Joe Perry FTW) and Steven Tyler is a much better singer than Scott or Johnson.

You have a right to your opinion,and I respect that,so I'll stop it here.