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Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower

I have ordered the Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower and I can't wait to get in my hands. Then I have to save for the rest of the PC. I had to sell the first one, but I got a another one. Now, what shall I put inside of this beast of a case?

My new iMac 27

I have a new iMac 27 and I think is great. But I will build me a windows pc for gaming later. But I do have windows 7 Home Premium on my iMac and it's working great.

htpc case

I'm thinking about building me an htpc for media and games, connected to my 42" Phillips LCD TV. But I'm not sure what case I'm gonna buy. Any idea? :)

Windows 7 Ultimate X64

I have Windows Ultimate X64 version and it's great. But the IE8 stops sometimes, it freezes when i'm clicking on a new address. Don't now why.

Windows 7

I now have windows 7 on my pc and is working great. I think i will buy it when it hit the marked in October.:D

But i need a better pc, so i will build me a better later.

New motherboard

I just got a new motherboard today, it's a asus m3a78-cm, and it's ok. But i need a better graphics card. The one that i had is broken. I'm not sure what to buy. If someone have a good idea what i should buy, I'll be happy.

Ubuntu linux

I have now installed ubuntu v7.10 and it's working alright. I have never used Linux before. It's stable and I will test this for awhile.

New pc


I've build a new pc. It's a ecs motherboard, amd athlon 64 x2 cpu, 2 gb ram, dvd-burner and a 320 gb samsung hdd. I have vista ultimate x64 installed and it's working allright.

I plan to build a new pc case, a htpc case, I have a few ideas about the design of it. I hope to have that case completed next year. :D

Halo 3

I've pre-ordered Halo 3 and I'm looking to get the game in my hand.

E3 starts soon

E3 starts in 15 hours. I hope they will show some MGS4 and HALO3. What are you hoping for?